Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review - Subtitles Disolve - Garage Rock Released July 17th on Good Times Recordings

Leicester, UK 2 piece garage rock act Subtitles are back with a new release titled "Dissolve". Johnny Buck, vocals/guitar (Preacher & The Kings, Wild Strawberries) and Chris Smith, drums (ex-Different Fish) are the dynamic duo behind this vox/guitar/drum beast of a band. Dissolve introduces Danielle Jeffery & Janice Raw as their backing vocal group The Kitchenettes. Johnny really puts a hurt on his guitar on this one but I get the impression the guitar doesn't mind at all and I'm pretty sure Chris' drum kit is really just a naughty girl begging for a good spanking.

These cats have such an infectious big energy and sound on their albums and the introduction of the girls on backing vocals really brings the Subtitles game a step forward.

If you dig a raw rock sound that you can just get lost in Dissolve is a musty have album for your collection and at just ₤3 GBP  there's no real excuse to not have it in your collection.

Stream it (as i am sure you already are) and buy it. Support Independent artists!

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