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Bones.com Free video download BONES II: NEW GROUND!

Download the digital version for free in high or low def or get the hard copy for free when you buy a set of 


Click here to visit bones.com

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Violent Affair Release Track from upcoming full length album The Cockroach Theory

Watch the video or stream the track below

Violent Affair will be releasing a limited edition CD EP in anticipation of their July 9th full length. “The Pressure Is Rising E.P”. This will be available at all of the Violent Affair tour dates in May (which will be posted this upcoming week), as well as a limited amount available directly from us and at retail stores across the world. Pick this up as soon as it comes out, only 500 are available on tour, with only 300 available at retail and 200 available direct!

 The May tour is not a small one! We will  be announcing the package tour in the coming weeks, as well as all festival dates planned.

Check out their cover of Blitz’s: “Someone’s Gonna Die” available on the E.P release.

Bomb City, 2013… Fighting Red State prejudice and championing free speech, Violent Affair has been stoking the flames of rebellion since 2008. These Oklahoma Street Punks prove that real, unadulterated punk rock is still thriving in the heartland. This 5 piece faction of seasoned musicians consists of former members of The Rippers, The Violence, The Costellos and many more. Violent Affair is Dave on lead vocals, Jesse on 1st guitar, Domenic on 2nd guitar, Zach on bass, and Ryan on drums.

The band debuted their self released E.P entitled Armageddon in 2009, and were quickly scooped up by German label Razorblade, who subsequently released the bands debut full length “Stand Trial” in 2010. At a time when spiky jacketed, mohawked punk rock was becoming a dying breed, Violent Affair stepped up to the challenge of carrying on the torch and sold over 3000 copies of “Stand Trial” (mostly in Germany alone).

Violent Affair has toured the states numerous times, and has shared stages with the likes of Pinkerton Thugs, The Scarred, SS Kalliert, Street Dogs, Krum Bums and way too many more to mention. 2012 brought the band to Jailhouse Records attention after pulling out an old copy of Stand Trial we were sent years before and for some reason never bothered to open. Immediately upon listening, we contacted the band  for a 3 album deal. Within months the well received and first new V/A material in 2 years, “Call To Arms”. was released.

Violent Affair has finished recording for their first full length on Jailhouse Records (scheduled for a July 19 release date), and will be touring throughout spring/summer both domestically and abroad in support.

Cockroach Theory”: LP/CD (July 9 2013)
The Pressure Is Rising”: E.P (May 2013)
A Call To Arms” (2012)
…Stand Trial” (2010)
Armageddon” (2009)

Stream More tracks here
Obstruction Of Justice

Sealing Your Fate


Obstruction of Justice

Contact Jailhouse Records for ALL Press Inquiries

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Alan Milman Sect - New " EP Coming this winter!

The Alan Milman Sect plan to release a new 7" EP during the winter of 2013 (their first actual release since 1978) You can Pre-Order the  7" EP ON 180 GRAM Vinyl titled Cocksuckers And Motherfuckers from Scrabbly Bottom Records by clicking here.

This will also be available for download on I-Tunes through No Count Records!

I talked a bit with Alan this morning about the upcoming 7" EP - Here's what he had to say. 

ji: So, this is your first official release since, what was it, Stitches back in '78 ?

Al Milman: It's the first new Alan Milman Sect release since '78! Stitches In My Head was in '77 and Happy World was '78.

ji: Nice. And my apologies for the confusion on the previous album. I have digital copy of Stitches; hard to believe that came out when I was 8 and still stands up.  A great record that can stand up next to anything that's been released lately.

ji: Where was it recorded and who did the mastering?

Al Milman: It was written and recorded with Evan Foster on guitar who also produced it at his studio. It is being mastered in March.

ji: What was the inspiration to release this new 7"?

Al Milman: The sociological and political climate in America is begging for good punk rock!

ji: Who are you diggin' in the punk scene today?

Al Milman: I dig Ty Segall and always dig The Stooges!

ji: You got that right. Do you have plans to tour any in support of this new one?

Al Milman: Something in Seattle and we'll take it from there.The first video will be for Cocksuckers & Motherfuckers! Just wait for the record because it's coming out very soon.

ji: You got it and thanks for your time man; appreciate it.

Al Milman:  Thanks,take care!

Now that we have some of the low-down - you can listen to the  4 demos right here and you can order Alan Milman Sect 30th Anniversary CDFlotation Records

Suicidal Tendencies Announce New Album/Tour for 2013

Can someone PLEASE get this kid a Pepsi now?

Suicidal Tendencies is very excited to announce the new tour U.S. tour in support of the long awaited new ST cd. The first leg of the "SLAM CITY" tour starts April 11 at the Regency Ballroom in San Franscisco and ends May 12th in San Diego. 
All shows are booked now.


Extra pleased to announce the legendary DRI will be on the bill starting Minneapolis to Charleston. AND our good friends Sick of it All will be joining us in Philly, NY, Worchester, Baltimore, and from ST. Petersburg to the end of the tour.
Also, all ST fans will want to get there early to see 'Wake the Dead" which will be opening the whole tour. Lastly, fingers crossed, we will soon announce another great band which will do the first 4 shows. Just waiting to see if they can clear their schedule, but we know you won't be disappointed. Obviously ST is really excited about this tour, the new record, and hope to see you all shortly. As always, thanks for the support and STay Cyco!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shitty Local Records Release their FIRST comp! Punk From The Gutters of Ohio Vol. 1

13 of the best punk bands from Ohio (well, one's from Detroit) come together on Shitty Local Records first compilation album "Punk From The Gutters of Ohio Vol. 1". With styles ranging from 80's hardcore, to psychobilly, to folk-punk to straight up punk rock and everything in between this album shows you how diverse current punk from Ohio is. With 35 tracks clocking in at over 75 minutes there's something here for every fan of punk or any open minded fan of music. 

Download the tracks by clicking HERE

Digital Release Date - February 5, 2013
Pressed CD's are coming in March or April.

Punks For A Princess Brass Knuckle Hoodies!!

Punks for a Princess will be doing a run of Hooded Sweatshirts with their Brass Knuckle Logo, they will be available in black only with either pink or white logos in both youth and adult sizes. The pre-order requires a $15.00 deposit, when the hoodies are in and ready to  ship a $20.00 balance will be due, the $35 total price includes shipping. P4P will keep the pre-order link open from tonight February 23rd 2013 until the morning of March 4th, 2013 They anticipate submitting the order the afternoon on March 4th, 2013 and having them in hand around March 18th, 2013. If you wish to pay the total balance, please use the Add to Cart Button on the P4P order site to select your size and pay the deposit, then click the Buy Now button to pay the $20 Balance at the bottom of the page.


Pre-Order Limited Edition Victory, Laced Up Bundle Set from Oi! The Boat Records!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rex 84 Interview and LIVE ON AIR PERFORMANCE!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

REX 84 interview and live performance hosted by W.A.V.J. 104.9 FM

7:00pm until 9:00pm est. 

104.9 fm, Princeton's own, the local music show with Andrew Lane Cummins and Jordan Dunn are hosting the event,they will interview the band, as well as have an on air live performance, and discuss they bands upcoming shows, scene news and much more!and here's where you can watch it online.

The Enders Release new track Ammunition (Methadones Cover)

The Enders - Lafayette, IN, Recently signed to State Line Records, have just released a cover of Ammunition (Methadones) and have gotten a hell of a nod of approval from Dan Vapid in process, You've done a hell of a job here guys PoDunk radio salutes you! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

TKO Records & Bat Skates Announce Pre-Sale for Broken Bottles LTD Edition Gatefold Album!

The Guilford Blackouts - We've Been Sent Here to Destroy You - Self Released Jan 2013

The break-out album from The Guilford Blackouts has approval stamped all over it! From the fuzzed out opening notes of Calling the Shots to the final muted giggle at the closing of Brass Mug this 8 track album is packed full of high energy punk and roll. Self released in January of 2013  We've Been Sent Here to Destroy You is a great ride of an album.
A three-piece act consisting of Jason Firebaugh - guitar & amp; lead vocals, Gary Warren- bass & vocals, Matt Jones - drums & amp; vocals and noticeably influenced by bands like Screeching Weasel, The Queers, NOFX, & Face To Face; The Guilford Blckouts mean to do some serious business in the world of punk rock and have clearly kicked the front door in with this release.

Easy to follow lyrics are spouted from a throat that must have once belonged to a drunken Irishman - maybe Welshman, both celebrated drinkers!

To me personally this is a great kick back and chill out album it's not too busy and not too sedate, perfect for hanging with buds and knocking back a whiskey or eight while doing your social groove thing. 

I dig the hell out of this release and will enjoy it for years to come. 

We've Been Sent Here to Destroy You is a well written, well played album that deserves a good listen.  It's as solid an album as any on the market today.

 You can stream all 8 tracks right here.

I think you'll agree that this is a band worth paying attention to and keeping an eye on for good things to come in the future. 

It was recorded in Indianapolis, IN at a place called Ark Barn Studio,  a small individually owned studio.
 It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Ryan Koch.

So far We've Been Sent Here to Destroy You has only been released digitally, however,  there plans for a potential small run of physical CD's and possibly vinyl too.

The Guilford Blackouts  are playing on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at a place in Indy called the Drink or Die Haus. It's a guys house but they run shows out of the basement. and again  on Friday, March 15 at Birdy's Bar and Grill. It's also in Indianapolis.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

IDFK - Nude, Crude, & Non-Tattooed - Self Released December 2012

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin hasn't rocked this hard since.... well, since the LAST IDFK release, Music To Mow The F​*​#​^​ing Lawn To. 

IDFK are back bitches, and this time they mean business! Nude, Crude, & Non-Tattooed is the second full length release from this 4 piece group of cheese-heads. Coming in at just under 19 minutes with 18 tracks and utilizing partial nudity for album art these kids are definitely showing off their lighter (paler - seriously - get some fucking sun dudes.) side on this album.

The sound is BIG, like Long Duck Dong on the front lawn Big! 

IDFK started in November 2008 with Aaron and some other guys. There is some debate if Opy is an original member or not. Josh was a fan who ended up in the band, and then a few years later they met Scotty somewhere and said, "you'll do."

In case you've been living under a rock, IDFK is Aaron Smash - lead guitar; Josh Oddity - bass, vocals; Opy X - guitar, vocals Scott Stutters - drums. 

However they began, I'm glad they're here - IDFK has been a staple on my android for a couple of years now and their sophomore release is an outstanding accomplishment of their talent, drive, and skill. Each song on this album is just plain fucking fun to listen to - just like pop-punk should be AND it's CHEAP! in the words of the band  "Our stuff is cheap. We're not out to make money, we got jobs for that. We make good music that deserves to be heard whether you can pay for it or not." Which explains why you can stream it for free until you can scrounge up the six measly bucks to buy it.

My personal favorite tracks off this album are 3. Billy's Gonna Blow His Brains Out, 7. Joe Queer II, 8. Crawling Back Under My Bed, and 17. Potty Mouth. That's not meant to discount the other tracks at all, by any means. BUT, if you're in an upstart pop punk band - this is band to take your lead from. 

The boys are currently lining up dates to tour this album here are a few of the upcoming dates: (in case you're fucking stupid click the dates for full details)

Saturday, March 9th @ Reptile Palace, Oshkosh, WI

Thursday, March 14th @ Maritime Tavern, Appleton, WI

Sunday, March 17th @ Finney's Lounge ,Kenosha, WI

Thursday, March 21st @ Frank's Power Plant, Milwaukee, WI

Preview the Album here, then go buy it!!

I think you'll agree with me when i say these kids have a real hit record on their hands here and the Big Label bands just need to go ahead and hang up their instruments and get out of the way so real musicians can step up and show the kids of America how pop-punk is supposed to be done.!

ji* - jacks insanity
The PoDunk Punk

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Perdition Announce Tour Dates!

Felony 4 FREE Sampler at F.Y.M Records!

Grab this bitch for FREE at Fuck Your Mom Records bandcamp page by clicking the title of the track!




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Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Slieone interviews  Jason from the Guilford Blackouts

The bands link

PAIN - Vigilante
IDFK - Joe Queer
IDFK - Potty mouth
Kobanes - kobanes theme
Far From finished - Destination knowhwere
The Queers - Fuck the world
Groovie Ghoulies - running with bigfoot
Chip Punks - Naked
Fuck - You look like i need to yank
The Guilford Blackouts INTERVIEW
The Guilford Blackouts- calling the shots
The Guilford Blackouts - wasted time
The Guilford Blackouts - Brass Mug
Tit Patrol - Her pussy has a Mohawk
The Sheckies - Girls with boyfriends
The Zits - Teenage Fatass
The bumpus hounds -
Give In - Dante's Disco Inferno
Poppa Cap - i miss getting stoned with joey ramone

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Dammit, The Ender's Rolling Party Machine, "The Beast" is down for the count!

The party has halted! BUT! You can help get her rolling again in no time.

For just pennies a day - you can keep this mean machine rolling 

Benny No-Good (of course you trust him) has set up a donation page over at gofundme.com

Click this banner to donate.
Help the boys out - and help keep this sweet ride rollin'

Donations of  $30 or more will  get Custom Stickers and a CD filled with The Ender's ENTIRE discography.
Donations of $15 or more will get stickers and a copy of their original EP!

And remember  - every time you do a good deed, one is returned to you!

October Crisis - Obstacles - Hardcore/Metal - 2012

And out of Toronto, ON, Canada comes this new release from October Crisis titled Obstacles

Here is a little info taken from their facebook "about me" section

Formed after 49 Daze disbanded members Benyamin Smith, Simi Abrams and Yakov Smith decided to form a new, heavier band with guitarist Aaron Biren to make the heaviest music they can possibly make. Formed in summer of 2010 no time was wasted as demos were released on myspace. Following that songs of album quality are released . With the songs off their 2011 release of "Taken From David" The band has been given the thumbs up from reviews sites and the likes of Aryeh Kunstler (who has compared the band to the Jewish Underoath). Knowing that the band can push their boundaries of their ability they released a their single Crop Circles, set the standard of heaviness for the bands sophomore effort. After the release of the song it was quickly spread around the internet it had the band be able to open up for Dimensions and Orillia death metallers Esoteric Doctrine also they were discovered by Epik Productions and had the band produce a song with them.

This was the fuel to help finish their August E.P release "Obstacles" defining what they are now and what fans should expect in the future. This is October Crisis


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Best Table in Hell #147 Playlist - TUNE IN!

Just playing Some Punk Rock this week.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 147 BTiH Podcast

Vampire Lesbos - Zip It - Patch of Blue
Young Republipukes - Bring Yr’ Guns to Church - How To Be a Teenage Republican E.P.
Attentat Senore - Radio Paris - Syndrome de Stockholm

Dead Silence - Insecurities - Stress
Circle One - Social Climbing Leaches - Are You Afraid
Doomwatch - Drunk on Your Blood - Final Hour

American Chaotic - In God You Trust - Let Us Rise
Big Bananas - I Am Spartercus - Banana All the Way
Anti - The Cycle - I Don’t Want to Die in Your War

Blatant Dissent - Painted Women - Hold the Fat
OFF! - Wiped Out - Off!
Jughead’s Revenge - Eliminator - Elimination

Anti Social Degenerates - Future Shock - From Chaos to Whenever
The Radicals - What Happens to Me - Suburban Daydream
Widows - Taste Are Different - Balls N’ Bollocks

Butt Trumpet - Read the Fucking Manual - Board Stiff
Dead Lazlo’s Place - Three Sheets to the Wind - Lonely Street
Antabus - Face of Evil - Hellraiser E.P.

The Clich├ęs - Working Class - No Justice, Just Us
OC45 - G.C.R.P. - Class & Cruelty
Badtown Boys - Rata Tat Tat - Badtown Boys

Defiance - Terrorist Attack - Out Of the Ashes
Furious Styles - Solo Mission - Menace
SCUM - Deathpunkscumfuck - Gospels For the Sick

Bulimia Banquet - Seek Al - Party My Colon
Crosstops - The Great American Rip Off - The Ego That Ate the World

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #53 Playlist - Tune IN NOW!

#53... Being a loser sucks! So raise your glasses to all the losers in your life. Bunch of killer PUNK as usual. An unmastered track from To Live A Lie Records' Last Words from Raleigh, NC. And some fresh off the grill Assbackwards (Sac, CA) that will tear you some new earholes!!

Punkness this week...

DRI- Who Am I?
Nausea- Battened
Last Words- FL
The Queers- Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy

Assbackwards (AKA: SSA)- Beer Break
Disorder- Fast Food
Beartrap- Drop Like Flys
Against All Authority- Pestilent Existence
Glom Da!- D- Takt
Manipulation- Under The Influence
Municipal Waste- Idiot Check

Romantic Gorilla- Get A Chance
Death Rats- Sense Of Entitlement 
Citizens Patrol- Disposable
Heckle- Along For The Ride
Lab Rats- 54 Waiting
Stripmines- Peer Beating
Coke Bust- No One To Impress
Guttermouth- Don Camero Lost His Mind

Groovie Ghoulies- (She's My) Vampire Girl

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Galactic Cannibal - Demo Tape - Self Released - Jan. 2013

What’s better than being in one punk band? Being in two punk bands of course! Punk rock has long been a culture prone to band swapping musicians and Nick Woods gravel throated front man of Direct Hit! fame sees no reason to not jump in on the greasy sweaty pit of an orgy that is the punk rock scene with his new project/band Galactic Cannibal. Nick is on Bass here along with his brother Peter J Woods on vocals, and their friends Andy Slania, Guitar,  Ryan Bollis on Drums, and Steve Maury on Guitar.

If you’re a fan of the Hardcore Thrash sounds of
Direct Hit! you may feel like Nick and company have missed the boat with Galactic Cannibal, well, they’re just on a different boat in this band.

Borrowing more from the Pop Punk guitar stylings of the Ramones, The Queers, and Screeching Weasel. Galactic Cannibal have really done something great here with this Demo Tape. They've produced a great marriage of the intensity of hardcore punk rock and the fun nonsensical attitude of pop punk. The standard four chord progressions have been overhauled with a meatier tone, there’s more to sink your teeth into here while putting the bass lines on a poppier busier role than you typically hear in hardcore music. I think that Nick has hit the nail on the head with his approach to pop punk here and I think you’ll agree. The lyrics for the Demo Tape were written by Peter and he did a real stand up job here as a lyricist. I especially love the track Air Runs Dry, I think it’s the truest example of the talent that each member of the band have.

The Demo Tape is available as a free download (Name Your Own Price) or you can pre-order a copy of the cassette that will be available soon on HEWHOCORRUPTSINC.COM’s website.

I dig the shit out of this album and even though I am not a huge fan of cassettes, I plan to grab one just to show proper support for what these kids are doing.

Have a listen here for yourself and I think you will agree, this is some pretty good punk rock right here and is further proof that Wisconsin is going to be the next big hotbed for American punk rock.

ji* - jacks insanity
the podunk punk

The Fail - Sink or Swim EP - Self Released January 2013

Sink or Swim is the title of the new EP from The Fail. Drinking beer and raising hell seems to be the theme these kids were shooting for on this release and it comes through as thick as the head on a pint of ale. This release definitely Swims all on it’s own; this is classic punk rock here kids - no other genre label can lay claim to it. I grew up with UK punk like this and I fucking love that there are purists out there still cranking it out.

This is a 6 track EP of pure fun and enjoyment. It’ll get you hopping about the room in no time flat that's for damn sure. This EP puts me in mind of tightly packed pits right in the faces of the band. I hope these cats spit and vomit on the crowd - if they don’t I’m gonna be pretty upset. You can actually smell the sloshed beers and sweaty kids while this EP plays out, which only takes 14 minutes for 6 songs  but you could easily lose a good hour or so just replaying this one over and over. I personally feel the first 4 tracks are just a build up to track 5 - FML which is the snottiest, fuck you - I’m doing this shit my way and you can bugger on off if you don’t like it track on the EP.

Track 3, Paid Peanuts, is worth it’s weight as well as a song about getting back what you put in, something I think more kids in punk rock business should pay serious attention to.

20th Dec, the Holy Tree Inn aka The Cave, Addlestone, thanks to GetGigsEasy.co.uk

The Fail, heralding from
Aldershot, Hampshire, UK;  is band spawned of old and new. Former members of Pop punk band
Espionage (Jack, Rustang) Former members of Aldershot's greatest Hardcore Thrash Punk band Children of the Cleg (Jack, Rik, Max). The lineup for The Fail is Rusty: Vocals Jack: 6 Strings, Vocals, Rik: 4 Strings, Vocals,  & Max: Drums. These kids have performed with some pretty big acts which include The Buzzcocks, Vice Squad, Septic Psychos, 2 Sick Monkeys, Slodgeanessabound, Oiz2Men, The Exposed, Monkish, The Fun Die Young, Harrison Wilde, The pUkes, The Flying Alexanders, Archive 45, Wonk Unit, & Trevor's Head. I think its pretty safe to say that these kids are skipping down the broken bottle and trash littered path to punk rock fame.

I’m happy as a pig in shit that this band exists and gives proper respect to the ghosts of punk rock past while shoving the future of punk rock out of the way to take the lead for others to follow. 

Grab this EP while it’s listed at Name Your Own Price and play it loudly, proudly, and most importantly, DRUNKENLY!

Find these kids at these fine locations on the interwebs:

Facebook Twitter SoundCloud YouTube

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No Contest - What's Past is Prologue - 2012 - Self Release

Hailing from the Seaport town of Grimbsy on the Humber Estuary in Lincolnshire, England comes a 4 piece melodic hardcore/skate/punk act named No Contest. They've take influences from bands such as Comeback Kid, No Trigger, and Good Riddance and thrown in an edgier, rockier sound and produced an album titled What’s Past is Prologue. The fact they they know what prologue is tells me that these kids are maybe a touch brighter than your average punk band.

The band's lineup for this album is Sime (which I've misread for SLIME several times now) on drums, Rick on vocals, Pete on bass, and Lee on guitar. 2011 saw them playing quite a few live shows in preparation for release of this album and 2012 saw them off to more venues and live shows to promote it. 

What’s Past is Prologue is a very guitar and drum oriented album with the vocals and the bass sitting the back seat seeming to just kinda go along for the ride which ordinarily would put me off but don’t seem to mind so much here. The guitars are big, expertly executed and the drumming is solid, and well played. Typically when a band puts the vocal tracks on a more subtle layer - they are hiding a bad throat, but Rick has a damn fine set of pipes on him I just find it a damn shame they don’t get a chance to really shine until the final track His Name is Robert Paulson. This final track is a stunningly beautiful piece of music filled with soul and pride, accented (not understated) by acoustic guitar and clean vocals. I’m not certain if I read the bands intent with this song correctly but I see them using Robert Paulson (Fight Club) in the place of the working class. If you've not seen Fight Club, Paulson didn't get name recognition until his death, much in the way that those who stand against governments go mainly unnoticed until their death. That’s how I see the song. You can draw your own conclusions.

The album consists of 10 tracks of which I am personally drawn to tracks 1, 4, and 10 - not that the others aren't any good mind you, I just happen to “feel” these tracks more than the others. Track 6 - 28 Seconds Too Long - kinda sticks out to me as a sore thumb in the group. While a couple of the other tracks have the love lost theme to them, track 6 takes it to a level of anger and aggression that the others convey quite well with less intensity.

photo courtesy Max Laisin
I’ll be honest, I typically stay away from anything with the word “melodic” in it’s name, but
No Contest have pulled this album off rather well and I feel you’d be hard pressed to find a better album for ₤5 GBP (just under 8 bucks American). I am excited to see that they are back in the studio working on a follow up and a bit disappointed to read that they have a new singer in the lineup but I may find myself pleasantly surprised when I hear the new tracks.

As always, don’t take just my word to formulate your own opinion of this album give a proper go for yourself - you can stream it here - click the link and download it (name your own price) or be a stand up kind of fella and buy the physical copy. 

Overall - I dig this album - have it pinned to my Android and listen to it quite often in the car.

Great work and Kudos to No Contest on this album and I look forward to hearing more from you kids in the future. 

Website: http://www.nocontesthc.com More Places to Find No Contest: http://www.facebook.com/NoContest http://nocontesthc.bandcamp.com/ http://nocontest.bigcartel.com/ http://www.myspace.com/nocontesthc http://soundcloud.com/nocontest Press Contact: doughtyroad@hotmail.com Booking Agent: doughtyroad@hotmail.com 

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Song For The Working Class - Free Download From The Enders

The Enders reached their pre-order goal and to celebrate and thank their fans they have offered up a FREE DOWNLOAD of Song For The Working Class. 
Grab it now while it's free and pick up a copy of Ruins of Ambition!

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