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Animal Train - Commercial Suicide Album Review by Music Scene Promotions and Management

Band Name: Animal Train
Album Name: Commercial Suicide
Overall Rating (out of 5 stars): 5 stars *****
Production sounding (out of 5 stars): 5 *****
Favorite Song: Thin Thread          

The Overall Art of Album
The overall art of this album is definitely unique. I found it really interesting to see a different cover then what you normally would find on an album cover. Overall, the cover has a very unique cover and something that really catches the eye.

The Music
The music overall was really good. The vocals and instruments didn’t tune each other out. This album has clear passion from the band members. It also has hard work put into it, and room to grow as a band that can always create even more music that has truly developed from the current place. 

This album definitely has originality in it. The band is one of a kind

Words of Wisdom
Keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are good. There is always room for improvement from where you currently are. You guys can go far for sure. 

Thank you, 

Lynnea Quintana
Music Scene Promotions and Management

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

6th annual Skate Til You Die Punk and Skateboard mini tour.

 6th annual Skate Til You Die Punk 

and Skateboard Mini Tour

May 17-18-19 2013

This year we will be raising awareness about the indigenous people of Hawaii and their struggle for independence and raising money for the Music Cares Foundation. 

On May 17-18-19 skaters will skateboard 66 miles from Richmond Ca. To San Jose Ca to raise money and awareness and also to have a great time. 

Skate Til You die is a skate-a-thon where skaters get people to make donation pledges based on how many miles he or she skates. For example if someone pledges .10 cents a mile and the skater skates the whole 66 miles then the person owes $6.66. Skaters can collect the money after the event or can get one time donations and bring donations at the start of the event. The skater that raises the most money will win the Grand Prize. 

Donations can be made starting today via

Heres are links toThis years causes:

Music Cares Foundation

Indigenous People of Hawaii

Here are the venues and bands. (Bands Subject to change)

May 17 

Burnt Ramen Richmond 
7pm all ages $5

Cheap Skate 
Black Market Prophets
Spite Fuck

May 18 

Oakland Metro
7pm all ages $5

(Special surprise headliner) 
Follow blindly
Under 15 Seconds

May 19

San Jose House
4pm all ages $5

Las Malas pulgas
Protest authority
Vulgar nuns 

Our sponsors include. 
Powell Peralta
Alternative Tentacles
Spector Bass and Guitars
Bones Wheels and Bearings
Tankcrimes Records
Hartman Pedals
510 Skateshop 
Plus many other record labels, skate shops, bands, and businesses 

Thanks. Lets have another great year ! 
John the Baker

Thursday, March 21, 2013

World War IX - Off The Wagon - 2013 - Megaplatinum Records

World War IX pretty much keeps Brooklyn on it's toes with their antics and punchy hardcore punk rock - (they call it trash punk).-  I gotta admit, I was ecstatic to get a box in the mail from them last week or so containing their two latest EPs and some comics penned by guitarist Justin Melkmann himself. (beautiful work man, just beautiful)

WWIX is Filthy Phill - Vox, Justin Melkmann -Guitar, Brian 'Chinatown'Jackson - Bass, & Jon Kleinman -Drums

Off The Wagon was released on Megaplatinum Records earlier this year - Jan. 29th (2013 for those of you that haven't noticed yet) .
I'll never get the chance to catch these kids live unless I can talk them into stopping by my place on their way to Dallas or Austin, but I've seen enough live video footage to know these guys have an incredible amount of energy and love involving the crowd at their shows. 

The EP starts off with an instant assault to the ears in a language that I can not speak nor understand and then this jack called The Kleve bust out some trumpet work that makes me want to raise the flag on my table and get some more sopaipillas. At just under a buck and a quarter Carrera Con El Diablo (Race with the Devil)  gives you enough time to throw back a beer. The video for this track is pretty funny and makes it seem more like the title should be Carrera Hacia El Inodoro (Race to the Toilet). These guys clearly had a good time making the video and I admit that I was saddened that in the end no one had shit in the sombrero. 

WWIX has never been a band to get fancy with the effects pedals and I fucking love them for that. In my opinion if you can't just turn up the gain all the way and play a quick few chords you should probably just get out of the punk scene and put a bullet in your eye. No, really, I'll sit back and wait.............

There are 5 tracks on this EP and one 36 second [voice-mail?] of a dude professing to bust out a barrage of burgers on an unsuspecting  group of diners; here's the catch  - he did it all using his mind! Hey, I believe him; I'm pretty sure I killed a cricket with my mind late one night. - Shit Happens - Prove me wrong. Anyway, back to this EP; These five tracks are quick, fast paced, punchy and fuck and bound to keep the pit hopping and kids freaking the fuck out.  It's great for the trip to work or the return trip home - I can burn off a lot of road rage with an EP like this. 

I Fucking LOVE this EP and hope it comes out on a 7" soon. Many thanks to the guys in WWIX for sending these out - it has been a real pleasure reviewing.

Track 5, Bath Salt Zombies is the theme song for the recently released movie by the same title - Bath Salt Zombies is a new horror film directed and co-written by Dustin Wayde Mills and produced and co-written by Clint Weiler of Aggronautix. The movie sensationalizes the recent bath salt epidemic and the attacks surrounding them. The first trailer and poster for this topical horror flick that is sure to make your skin crawl.

Bath Salt Zombies Movie Poster

Movie Poster and Trailer from

ji* - Jacks Insanity
The PoDunk Punk

Creative Commons License
World War IX - Off The Wagon - 2013 - Megaplatinum Records by Jacks Insanity is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FREE COMP!! Selfwar Presents Freedom Punk Vol.1




1.zabrah,2.balatak,3.haraks,.4.desire,5.macet total,6.protest crush.7.puppy.8.ugd,9.chaos radical.10.madu dan racun (jkt/brebes),11.disax,12,grind collony.13.gedebak gedebuk(medan),14.dislaw.15.spit sixtynine,16.little chaos,17.digy digy crazy.18.bruten(malang).19.strength enemy(malang).20.paranoia x .21.hantam satan.

Healthy Junkies - Sick Note - Self Released - 2012

The Healthy Junkies are a female fronted 4 piece act out of London. They have a pop/glam/alternative sound.

Their LP Sick Note has earned them quite a bit well deserved of attention in the UK as well as here in the US. 

Guitar - Phil Honey Jones, Sing - Nina Courson (I think I'm in love), Bass - Tjay Tarantino, Drums - Steve Nightmare, Drums on Copycat and Trash My Love Adam Lewis

They played their first gig together at an all day punk festival in Brighton in September 2010. Since then the band have played many gigs all over the U.K.including headlining the new band stage at Rebellion Punk Festival in August 2012. 

Healthy Junkies will be supporting the legendary Walter Lure (Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers) at The Underworld, London in August 2013 and they started up 2013 with a great news as they signed to STP Records for the release of their second album "Forbidden to Forbid".

Track one, Copycat, of Sick Note kicks off with a powerful guitar line and heavy bassline - the soft voiced French singer Nina Courson has a voice that does not need to be loud to be appreciated, it's simply angelic.

You can hear influences from bands such as Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Hole, Killing Joke, Sex Pistols, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Iggy and the Stooges, David Bowie, T-Rex, The Pixies, and Tanya Donelly fronted Belly  practically bleed out these tracks. These kids know their way around their instruments and the resulting sound is easy on the ears and kind on the soul. Manifesto, to me, is easily the best track on this album, Nina's vocals have a haunting Amy Mann quality to them on this song. The guitar solo here is soulful and understanding of loss and the pain and frustration that comes along with loss. 

Sick Note is a 13 track album that shouldn't be overlooked, especially if you you enjoy throwing the windows open and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. The tracks are the perfect tempo to an easy afternoon with beer and friends

While they are not a punk [per se] band I dig this album and look forward to hearing the next. 

Hometown: London
Record Label: STP Records / Banana Castle Records
General Manager: Philip Allen
Gender Plural (mixed)


Press Contact:
Booking Agent:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

SSA - Unleash Basement Recordings on ReverbNation

!SSA performing live

Mike Wontor (NJ Mike) is back and rarely has New Jersey rocked this hard! SSA just released some demo tracks on ReverbNation. 

SSA is Mike Wontor - Vocals, Ryan Thompson - Guitar (both former WWIX rejects) Steve Wanchow on drums, and Vic Laube on Bass.

These demo tracks are raw and aggressive! Early 80's hardcore with a dash of thrash thrown in for good measure. If these demo tracks are this good, the studio tracks should blow you the fuck away. SSA are currently hitting the studio to polish these out. No release date has been set, as of yet. 

Their first live show had the kids singing and dancing until the cops showed up, but they are booking new gigs now. Keep your eyes and ears peeled open for show date announcements and stay tuned to PoDunk Radio and NoSale Radio for EP drop dates!

ji*- Jacks Insanity
the PoDunk Punk

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Punk Rock invades South Fl


South Florida what can i say we got beaches the sun and palm trees. We have a scene ok a few different  scenes really. But this March we get two awesome things. Two old school and of course depends what you call old school. Being that 1990 is 23 years old now and some of that music is on the classic rock say anything 20 years and above is in that category. Now before i go in to waves and shit of generations lets just quickly say this. Misfits,Social Distortion ,The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash etc.. are part of first wave. Now punk didn't die off or anything it more or less went back underground still playing shows and kicking ass. Then the late 80s  early 90s and so on came about and we got Op Ivy/ Rancid/ Greenday / Pennywise/ Shit ton of ska/ Nofx so on so on. where am i going with this. Green Jelly (Pronounced Jello) and The Casualties are both over the 20 year mark. Esp Green Jello during the MTV music playing years. And The Casualties have been rocking the underground for over 20 years. So if you are in the mood for a hell of a stage show and some history of putting on a messy ass show The Green Jelly is gonna be a fantastic event. They opened for The Ramones in 1984 and Joey later said Green Jelly was the messiest and worst band to open for them. And besides being Grammy nominated they also did the sound track for Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis based on the hit comic book Series. Now for straight Street punk The Casualties is you're cup of tea. Coming out of the NYC and kicking ass when the warped tour didn't suck ass. These Veterans of the underground are coming to Respectable Street with a passion and Respectables is ready  a local favorite hosting a lot of sweet shows in the past including Dick Dale ,The Misfits , The Toasters and Peter Murphy to name a few. So the month of March will rock and St Pattys day thrown helps to. If you're in the South Florida area in Later March here's how you can attend these shows.

Green Jelly" Saturday, March 23, 2013 

The Casualties Sunday March 24 , 2013

And The Casualties show will feature Treasure Coast Band Gargantua Taranchula who can be heard on Not For Air Underground Radio
Justin Mcpatches

Sunday, March 3, 2013

HellBastard - Sons of Bitches - 12/20/12 - Patac Records

The band that gave us the term Crust Punk, HellBastard are back and all over the musical map on their latest release Sons of Bitches. The five tracks on this album are a hodge-podge of hardcore punk, skate-style thrash, low down gritty grunge, and just enough melodic/prog guitar & (is that a fucking) keyboard work to make you wonder what in god’s green fuck is going on here.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig this album (to an extent)  but some of the tracks tend to adventure off into another world here and there. This album is a long, long way away from their ‘86 demo Ripper Crust. Swinging wildly from trash metal to hardcore punk, to 80’s style glam guitar rock, to well, I just don't fucking know...

Wolfsong/Arcadia begins with wolves howling in the night and quickly bursts into a primal drumbeat behind quick little guitar attacks the echoey vocals bringing mid-career
Pantera’s Phil Anselmo to mind. This track is a dark piece with a really relaxed and easy pace up until the final 57 seconds where the band threw in a faster paced punch to lead into the next track.

Sons of Bitches hits hard right off the bat pounding drums fast guitars, this is a trash song with melodic fills, this track reminds me of Hell Bastards earlier work and is spot on a pretty decent tune.

System Whore again gives us a brutal ear drum pounding and then the guitar rolls off into some eighties-ish speed metal licks. Tracking in at five minutes and forty-four minutes this one splits from a fast paced beast into a calm, creepily tranquil keyboard solo worthy of any horror flick.

We Had Evidence (Re-Release) This new recording of the 1988 version off  Heading for Internal Darkness brings us an airy keyboard intro with acoustic guitar overlay that leads into a crisp clean electric guitar lead. Think big bleached hair and tight spandex/leather pants in early glam metal era. About a minute and a half in we get to some beefier guitars, more dynamic drumming, and a megaphone mic effect vocal mix in. 

Throw The Petrol Bomb
is hands down my favorite track on this album and oddly enough is NOTHING like what you’d expect to hear from Hell Bastard at all. It’s a nice crisp little early brit ska sound to it. Damn shame it had no horns though.

Overall opinion of this record is that it’s OK. I’m not really sure where I stand on it. I understand that a band can’t keep rolling the same exact sound for 20+ years, but this album was more like an experiment in genres and styles to me as opposed to a polished solid release. One thing that I can say for sure about Sons of Bitches is that it really shows the range and ability of each musician in HellBastard.

Give it a listen, grab it if ya dig it. 


HellBastard is: Malcolm Lewty – Guitars / Vocals, Tom McCombe - Guitars, Paul O'Shea - Bass, Josh Harris - Drums

punk thrash metal crust crustpunk hardcore metal Boston

Fistula - Northern Aggression - LP 0/22/12 - Patac Records

Fistula is (on this record): Corey Bing-Guitar, Bahb Branca-vocals, Nate Linehan-Drums, Sean Linehan-bass


I hate to admit - the intro sampling to this album sounds like something that could have been recorded in my house. 

Feedback, glorious feedback; any album that leads in with as much feedback as Northern Aggression is already a  winner in my book then to shift into a that deep southern doom riff -
Fistula, you just stole my heart. Again.

Hailing from the Cleveland, OH area; Fistula are currently an active heavy punk, sludge, hardcore band. Having experienced a number of lineup changes throughout the years. They are a filthy class-act in the sludge arena indeed, heralding former - as well as ex- members and current members - affiliated with bands such as Morbid Wizard, Disease Concept, Ultralord, Sollubi, King Travolta, Rue, 16, Trenchant,Anal Cunt, Adolf Satan, Insult, Scumchrist, Accept Death and Sloth (US).

Fistula have a long track record of putting out amazingly brutal releases and Northern Aggression does not disappoint one bit.

Bahb Branca chokes out his vocal duties. As I listen to this, I get the notion this is what Al Jourgensen could sound like if he had a real pair of balls. Corey’s  guitar riffs are heavy as a lunch ladies tits and filled with grit, a good dirty sound coming out of them and Sean’s bass lines seem to be driven by hell. I just don’t think Nate can beat those drums any harder than he is here on Northern Aggression.

This album will have you packing your bong for the sludge and sloshing the water out when they pick up the pace. There is nothing about this album that I can not like except for the bong water all over the floor, but it looks like the dog is taking care of that and might get a nice long nap in for the afternoon.

Sobriety is Overrated is a minute and half audible DT fit, I’ve been there and if put to music - this is what a hard withdrawal would sound like, the early low, sick feeling bleeding into the caged rage of a violent fit and just right there at the peak of the fit, the last drop of tainted sweat oozes from your pores and the song is over.

Fang takes on a similar style with the deceptive intro lulling you back into a state of calm mellow before flipping you over onto your belly and dry humping like a homeless wino for the next 3 minutes.

Black Sunday just gets under your skin from the get-go. Fistula really blended the angry punk sound with the doom riff feel on this one. Kids will bleed in the pits on this one for sure.

Harmful Situation keeps the anxiety level high I’m now determined that Fistula actually want me to rip shit off my walls, kick holes in my doors, and throw handfuls of shit at my neighbors.

Kanker Noise erupts into an all out frenzy. If I turn this up anymore the cops will show up, scary part is; I don’t fucking care if they do - let them come - I’ll throw this handful of shit at them!

Thankfully Lightbulb Smoker steers my new found aggression back to a slightly safer arena. Well, fuck I honestly have no clue what the fuck to do with myself during this song - it is an epic masterpiece of ass rape to the emotional core. Somebody needs to get these kids back on their Bi-Polar Disorder pills before my head fucking explodes. This is by far the standout track off of this album. It makes me miss heroin. It makes me miss cocaine and yet reminds me that I still need to stay the fuck away.

The Spider screeches into play and forces itself into the brain establishing a rapid rate of cellular decay and like the fly in the web, I stop struggling shortly after the initial bite and suddenly am OK with having my life sucked from me.

Big Props to the boys in Fistula for this release, you kids are some serious fucking talent with some seriously fucked up music and I wouldn't love you if you weren't.


punk hardcore metal 

ji* - Jacks Insanity
The Podunk Punk