Saturday, July 6, 2013

Interview with Chris Crash of Blest Mess

TIP Rich: So tell us how you got into this crazy game and how you ended up where you are now.

CC: Been playing music my whole life in various bands. In 2011 I decided to take my own catalog of music and start my own band Blest Mess. I sing, play guitar, write the music and manage the band. Blest Mess is My Baby ... my very own Demon Spawn ... LOL

TIP Rich:Tell us about the name Blest Mess.

CC: A Blest Mess is how I define myself and my music.

blest - highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace)
mess - a person whose life or affairs are in a state of confusion (esp. a person with a confused or disorganized moral or psychological outlook)

TIP Rich:So what's it like being a girl in a punk rock band?

CC: I don't consider myself the typical chick in a Punk Band. I do more then just look pretty like most. I am more concerned with how we sound and presenting ourselves as professional as possible. I feel I can never stop learning or growing as a player.

I am a Musician and my Bandmates are my brothers and equals.

TIP Rich: Influences? Who inspires you and your music?

CC: British Punk & American Hardcore

TIP Rich:What do you think of the east coast punk scene?

CC: What scene ? Unless I have been hiding under a rock it is very weak. We all need to work more collectively as bands to keep our scene alive and strong.

TIP Rich: What are your live shows like and who are some bands you have played with?

CC: Our live shows are Real and Raw - No Smoke & Mirrors and No Rabble-Rousing - Old School Punk/Hardcore - Honest. We are just concerned with the music. We are Not Poseurs And It Ain't A Fuckin' Fashion Show. Sure I wear a dress sometimes but I don't wear a ton of makeup on my face and my bandmates are NOT PUSSIES. We Are Very Concerned About Our Sound.

Even though me and my bandmates have played for years, Blest Mess has only been in existence since 2011. Some of the bands we have had the pleasure so far of sharing the stage with have included but are not limited to The Nihilistics, Iconicide, Dis-Con, Reagan Youth, Dust Angel, The Blame, Rejuvenate, Zombie Fight, Social Decay, Graveyard School and more.
We were supposed to play a Halloween Show last year with Murphys Law and Chesty Malone and The Slice'em Ups but THANKS TO HURRICANE SANDY, Lynch Pigs, Sexual Suicide, Haunted Hacienda, Slut Junkies, Lady Clorinda, Agitator, Done With You, No Control, The Accelerators, The Choices. ... We couldn't get there ... oh well, next time. More shows in the Future With More Great Bands

TIP Rich:Got any upcoming shows or releases coming soon?

CC: UK Tour July 25 - August 11, 2013

Blest Mess - The Album (Release Date March 29,2014)

TIP Rich:How do you go about song writing? Are you the main song writer or is it a collaborative effort with others?

CC: I am the Founding Member And Songwriter Of Blest Mess but on The Album in 2014 you will see collaborations with Bert Reynolds and Randi Stokes.

TIP Rich: What do you do when not rocking out with the band?

CC: I try to go to the gym and stay out of trouble because I am a Blest Mess ... LOL

TIP Rich: Tell us where we can find your stuff online.

CC: If you go here you will have links to CD Baby , Facebook, etc.

check us out on Reverbnation

Thank You Very Much Rich !!!

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