Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Koffin Kats New Release Pre-Order - Our Way & the Highway -

The new Koffin Kats CD, "Our Way and The Highway" is avaiable for pre-order. The release and ship date is January 24th. All orders placed here before January 24 are "PRE-ORDERS". All pre-orders come with a 7" vinyl featuring two tracks from the new album, "Way of The Road' and "Locket of Sin". We have pressed 500 blue 7" vinyls and after they are gone.....they are gone.
This package of (CD and 7") are exclusive only to KoffinKatsRock.Com

Flatfoot 56, Gesalt, The Enders, the Lawnmower Incident, & More TBA

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stellar Corpses Tour - A December to Dismember

112211 episode of the PoDunk Punk Show Now Available for Download

Hear stuff from the Enders, Hanson Brothers (by request) Nasty Cats, Stench, Combat 77, Mrs. Howl, Animal Train, False Alarm, Asses of Evil, the Jokers, and much, much more!!!

You can download today's (112211) episode of the PoDunk Punk Show either on iTunes or directly from Mevio.

the FIRST person to email me with the answer to this question [What cures the stench of masticated chicken tits?] wins FREE PoDunk Radio Stickers!

also look for us on YouTube!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Enders are looking to record a Full Length Album

but, like so many other bands, they are bit short on cash. Please take a moment to visit their Kickstarter page and chip 'em a buck or two. I'm sure they'd do the same for your band once they're rolling fat with green stacks from selling this full length of course.

Monday, November 7, 2011

i hate to say it...

but i've resorted to having to moderate the chat here.
i dared to think that i could create a place where like minded individuals could congregate and treat each other with something that could have even remotely been considered respect and i was proven wrong.
so now i have had to resort to moderating the chatbox and removing people that have nothing better to do that reenact their favorite episodes of jerry springer or 9021-trailerpark bullshit. i personally am a HUGE advocate of your freedom of speech - im also a HUGE advocate of you being smart enough to know when to shut the fuck up and quit pissing in everyone else's kool-aid. i built this website to promote bands not your bullshit, ok?
not to fear though loyal listeners, it's not like im walking in here with an iron fist or anything, but to those of you that have continued to run off listeners for the past few weeks, you have been and will continually be shown the way out.

i dont spend my HARD EARNED money and time here with this just so you can shit in my efforts to help the punk scene.

i genuinely do give a flipping fuck about these bands and their efforts to be listened to by a larger audience than the local pub.

eat shit, die, whatever makes you happy just don't try pulling it in here you fucks.



Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Spin, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, and Kerrang!

I commend you for all those fine pictures and glossy pages for bands that I don’t listen to. You have many resources and every issue is filled with the latest information of all the popular bands. I would however wish to make one minor request. I run a small blog and everyday I get to read a Myspace, Facebook or Reverbnation page about a band. Each band has worked 10 times harder everyday to get a chance to play a basement, open a show at a 200 person limit Knight of Columbus hall or the 100 person limit at the corner pub. They have no fancy press kit or glossy photos. They play songs I can relate to. They use their PTO time to have a once a year tour or once in a lifetime chance to get in the studio. They are like me. They do a job and spend their nights and weekends writing and playing songs. Some go to high school and spent their part-time job money to get their equipment. Some go to college and used their credit score to max out their $1000 student line of credit to tour for week to down a coast. These kids and some parents (mostly single moms and dads) just play and record because they love what they do. So I would like to challenge you to give up a half page to cover the real musicians who are the punk scene that you ignore or figure will not sell ad space. Some you have even banned (Joey we all support you!). They don’t live in fancy houses or sleep with movie stars, but they support each other and we are asking for your support. Take a chance and support the punk scene. As a killer band once said ‘the list is thousands long…’. Thank you for your time.

Glendale Punk
Punk Rock '77 Thru Today on Blogger.

Studio 13500 is back online!

You may have notice that there has not been a PoDunk Punk Show for the past few months.
i apologize to you for that. My former ISP had a lot of busted servers and apparently lacked the knowledge to fix them.

Now on a new ISP and will begin rebroadcasting Tuesday, November 15th. (unless something else goes terribly wrong)


Who Doesn't love an all ages show??? North Hollywood - The Scarred Live!

for more information check out the
facebook page for this event.

Support local music!

Saturday, November 5, 2011