Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And now News from Tank Crimes Records

Here's what's up. Thanks for tuning in. Cheers! Scotty
In celebration of the one year anniversary of the greatest split in the world, I'm happy to announce it is now available in T-SHIRT format!
Full color front, SPEED METAL PUNX logo on the back! I'm running a pre-order on these because it's a huge job and I want to make sure we have the right sizes for everyone.
Available in SM, MED, LG, XL, XXL, XXXL !!
pre-order here and NOW!!!
**store is stocked with the current 4th pressing of the 12" on ORANGE vinyl PLUS the final copies (less than 10 each) of Slime, PP Spill and Xtra Wild Party Blue.
FREE download of this crucial split right here...



GHOUL "Maniaxe" LP 
order here and NOW!!!
***All copies of the first press (1000) on color vinyl and include download card plus 16 page comic book!
Less than 40 copies remain in our webstore. Future pressings will NOT include comic.
plus 2 new shirts!!!
and an extremely limited amount of the extremely limited "Intermediate Level Hard-Core" 12" 

TC68 - YELLOWGOAT "Pentagrammaton" SLAP BRACELET w/ download + square badge.
exclusive download of new track "Pentagrammaton"
order here and NOW!!!



Right in time for SUMMER!
the ZIP hoodies are Americal Apparel "California Fleece" - nice, thin + super comfy and fresh.
***plus a bunch of new wacky shit like bottle openers, big buttons, square buttons, stickers, coozies and restocked INEPSY cd's and IRON REAGAN demo 12"ers.

TC70 - GHOUL "Intermediate Level Hard-Core" CDEP / digital - covers of Fearless Iranians From Hell, N.O.T.A., Willful Neglect, Dayglo Abortions and GWAR (featuring Oderus Urungus) - August 2013
up next :
GHOUL "Intermediate Level Hard-Core" CDEP
OBSESSOR "Obsession" collection LP
CONQUEST FOR DEATH "Many Nations, One Underground" LP
+ more ill shit.


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July 27 - Jerry's Pizza
VITAMIN X – East Coast USA + MDF tour
MAY 2013

21 Tu. Chicago, IL 
22 We. Now that’s class, Cleveland, OH 
23 Th. Buffalo, NY 
24 Fr. Boston, MA
25 S.a MDF (Maryland Death Fest)
July 10 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's
July 11 Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog 
July 12 Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon Room
July 13 Dallas, TX @ Trees
July 14 Santa Fe, NM @ Sol
July 15 Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum Theater
July 16 W. Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
July 17 San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
July 19 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
July 20 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
July 21 Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
July 22 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
July 23 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater
July 24 St Louis, MO @ Firebird
July 25 Fayetteville, AR @ Rogue
July 26 Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
July 27 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
June 11: San Francisco, CA - The Knockout
June 12: Portland, OR - Punx Haus
June 13: Olympia, WA - The Family House
June 14: Oakland, CA  - The Swamp 
June 15 (EARLY): Santa Barbara, CA - Hard To Find Show Space
June 15 (LATE): Ventura, CA - Billy O's Pub
June 16: Los Angeles, CA - East 7th Warehouse
June 17: San Diego, CA - The Tower
June 18: Phoenix, AZ - The Spot
June 19: Austin, TX - Beerland
June 20: Fort Worth, TX - 1919 Hemphill 
June 21: Denton, TX - Taqueria El Picante 
June 22: Dallas, TX - Three Links 
Wed July 3rd Santa Ana Ca- The Observatory w/Whiplash, Witchhaven
Thur July 4th San Diego Ca- The Yard w/Raldo FF, PSO
Fri July 5th L.A. Ca- Whiskey A Go Go w/Whiplash, Witchhaven
Sat July 6th Oakland Ca- Oakland Metro w/Whiplash, Witchhaven
Sun July 7th Oakland Ca- Eli’s Mile High Club
with Valient Thorr & Gypsyhawk

6/12        Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall %
6/13        Richmond, VA – Kingdom %
6/14        Baltimore, MD – Wind-up %
6/15        West Chester, PA – The Note %
6/16        Boston, MA – Great Scott %
6/17        New York, NY – The Studio at Webster Hall %
6/18        Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus %
6/19        Rochester, NY – Bugjar %
6/20        Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups %
6/21        Detroit, MI – The Shelter %
6/22        Chicago, IL – Reggies %
6/24        Minneapolis, MN – 7th St Entry %
6/25        Kansas City, MO – Riot Room %
6/26        Tulsa, OK – Downtown Lounge %
6/27        Dallas, TX – Three Links %
6/28        Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s %
6/29        Austin, TX – Red 7 %
6/30        New Orleans – Siberia %
7/1          Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall %
7/2          Gainesville, FL – High Dive %
7/3          Tampa, FL – The Orpheum %
7/4          Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub  %
7/5          Atlanta, GA – The Earl %
7/6          Raleigh, NC – King’s Barcade %
MUNICIPAL WASTE on ENDLESS WORLD TOUR ----------> www.facethewaste.com

Meet NO! Punk Rock from San Antonio Texas

The name of the band is NO. Just N and O capitalized. We have a facebook page.  Me (Mike) and the drummer (Roland) started jamming together in July 2012 with no particular sound in mind. The only thing I did want a certain way was the lyrics and that was to keep it simple and to the point similar to Minor Threat. Anyway, he comes from a more traditional punk background (Drink, Fight Thugs, The Deceased, Filthy And The Muff Divers) and I come from a mostly hardcore punk background (Squalor, Life Ends, Reisswolf, Kill The Peace) so it was sure to be hard and fast. We started looking for a singer and a bassist. We ended up getting my old bassist (Pepe) from a band I used to play drums in called the Good Tippers. Then, we finally decided on a singer that I used to have a project with Nick (Kruds, Discretions, Scumacide). Our first show was with Negative Approach which was both nice to play with such a big crowd and weird because we didn't feel like we earned it yet. We come from a background of working our way up and didn't want to use the draw from our old bands to get an advantage, but the promoter was a good friend of ours and everything went pretty good. Anyway, I write the songs and most of the lyrics. I just bring them to practice, we bang them out, and give it our all when we get to play. We recorded the demo at my home studio, Binary Studios, and plan to start recording again really soon. We hope to tour sometime in the future and will just continue putting together songs and building an audience. Thanks for the interest.

Started July 2012
Genre Neo Classical
Members  Michael DeLeon - Guitar, Roland Solis - drums, Pepe Rivera - Bass, and Nicholas Gonzalez - Vocals.
Hometown San Antonio, Texas
Record Label Mean Bean Records/Positive Action! Records
Influences Tons of hardcore punk.
Current Location San Antonio, Texas

ji* - the podunk punk

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Underground Horror Radio 051813

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The Underground Horror Show airs every Saturday evening at 9pm cst - 10pm est. on PoDunkRadio.com.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Knucklehead - West Philly Oi - Untitled EP 2013 - Self Release.

Kyle Grissom

Knucklehead are from Philly. A town that loves to drink and it makes sense so does Knucklehead.
Their EP is 6 songs full of drinking and debauchery. TOTAL debauchery.

Knucklehead are skinheads and from the working class as evident by the chorus in "Perseverance".
The first track is in my opinion totally misleading. Not saying that the track isn't good I'm just saying the tracks get tons better.

In "We're Alright" they bring up the fact skinheads their skinhead roots and declare they will win the fight. (What fight is not clear) However they seem to just want to drink all night in the meantime.

Their song "My Friends" talk about how friends are family and how they stick up for each other.
The song "Paradise" is a typical night out drinking at your favorite bar.
"Tough Shit" is obviously a I don't care if you are pissed get out of my face type of song. 
Finally "Fuck The Pub" is about well the singers distaste for pubs and love of bars.

I know Knucklehead isn't for everybody, hell nothing is but, if you like a good drink (where you end up drunk and wonder what you did last night) this might just be worth a listen or two.

Murdered In A Record Shop - We Will Rise - 2013 - Self Release

Kyle Grissom

Murdered In A Record shop was born out of Tommy Patton's desire one day to do something for himself; not for a label or anyone else. The result is something truly inspiring. 
Murdered In A Record Shop's influences are The Casualties and The Distillers.
Once you hear MARS you'll get the influences REAL quick.

The first track "Juanna" comes roaring out of your speakers or (in my case) headphones.
From the first second to the last MIARS doesn't let up. You are in for a ride and they don't care if you are ready or not.

The stand out track in my opinion is "Coward" it isn't something I expected to hear from them. The growls to the clean singing caught me off guard and I raped that replay button.

The title track "We Will Rise" is awesome as well "We will rise we will fall we will stand forever on our own". Good mantra.

"Show The World" is the best lyrics I've heard in a song of a cd I've reviewed so far. "We'll march through the doors waving our guns showing the world what they have done". But, that's just a sample of the lyrically goodness that lurks inside that song.

Finally "Write Me Off" is a tale of a friendship gone bad.

So if you want something exciting invading your earholes pick up Murdered In A Record Shop We Will Rise.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beer Can'd Festival!!!! Sunday May 19th @Rock Island Public House - Blue Island, IL Punk Rock and Beer damn near all day!

Sunday May 19th 12:30pm
$10 for 12 (possibly 13) great bands

Handcraft Beer and Handcraft Bands

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Punk Aid Announce Boston Strong - A Punk Rock Compilation benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.


(SS Decontrol, Boston 1982)

During the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded, killing 3 people and injuring 264. This compilation is dedicated to the 264 wounded and to the memory of:

  • Krystle Marie Campbell, 29
  • Lü Lingzi, 23
  • Martin William Richard, 8
  • Sean A. Collier, 26 (killed in gunfire with suspects)
This international compilation was put together entirely online. A single post went from an idea to reality within minutes. The first day alone over 40 track submissions were received. DIY is alive and well, and PUNK AID has proven yet again that punk rock is a driving force that can have a positive impact on the world.

This is the punk rock scene’s dedication to one of America’s most beloved cities, and to one of the best cities in the world – Boston. All proceeds of this compilation will be donated to the Boston Marathon victims and their families.


Why is this a digital compilation? Will there be a CD version?
The production costs would be very expensive to produce a CD version with this many bands. The whole idea of this compilation is to maximize proceeds, and donate as much possible to the Boston Marathon victims and their families. In order to keep costs down as much as possible, this compilation will be a digital download only compilation. The compilation comes with a beautiful booklet in .pdf format which can be easily printed if desired. 

BANDS CONFIRMED SO FAR (more to be announced):
·        The Forgotten (USA)
·        The Adicts (UK)
·        Bastards By Choice (Colombia)
·        Vice Squad (UK)
·        The Mercy Case (Boston, USA)
·        Supreme Commander (USA)
·        Askerosamente Repugnante (Chile)
·        The Unseen (Boston, USA)
·        Destruct (USA)
·        Noi!se (USA)
·        Combat Crisis (USA)
·        Violent Society (USA)
·        Mean Streets (USA)
·        Revenants (USA)
·        Scattergun (USA)
·        Imperfex (USA)
·        The Virus (USA/unreleased track)
·        The Woodsmen (USA)
·        Topnovil (Australia)
·        The Threats (UK)
·        Evacuate (USA)
·        The Defects (Ireland)
·        The Bad Engrish (USA)
·        All Out Attak (USA)
·        The Cry (USA)
·        Moral Decline (USA)
·        The Seks (USA)
·        The Scam (Australia)
·        Disaster Stikes (Boston, USA)
·        The Scarred (USA)
·        Subculture(UK)
·        Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 (USA)
·        Tora! Tora Tora! (USA)
·        Underclass UK (UK)
·        Channel 3 (USA)
·        Dead On The Wire (USA)
·        Along The Way (USA)
·        Destruct (USA)
·        Mad Pigs (Czech Republic)
·        Boy (Czech Republic)
·        Total Chaos(USA)
·        Smash 77 (USA)
·        Hostages For Smack (UK)
·        The Heels (USA)
·        The Bondage (Indonesia)
·        Traces of Empire (USA)
·        The Briggs (USA)
·        The Oversuck (Indonesia)
·        Anti-Pasti (UK)
·        Ash Williams and the Horde (USA)
·        The Velisha (USA)
·        Outlaw Bastards (Mexico)
·        Ridzky's Departure (Singapore)
·        Psychotic Numbskulls (Australia)
·        PMA (USA)
·        The Big Problem (USA)
·        Threw (Canada)
·        4 Past Midnight (Scotland)
·        The Howlers (USA)
·        Unfair Fight (USA)
·        The Sculpins (USA)
·        Common Enemy (USA)
·        Child Abduction (USA)
·        The Intensives (Canada)
·        Rottbite (USA)
·        The Straps (UK)
·        The Enders (USA)
·        City Rats (Israel)
·        Brigade of Bridge (Indonesia)
·        The Angst (USA)
·        Bedlam Knives (USA)
·        Milf (Indonesia)
·        Secular Plague (France)
·        Destruction Made Simple (USA)
·        Piss On The Streets (Mexico)
·        The Jetbirds (USA)
·        The Beatdowns (USA)
·        The Heels (USA)
·        The Wheelz (USA)
·        Skangkots (Indonesia)
·        The Line (USA)
·        Doomed To Obscurity(USA)
·        War of Words (USA)
·        Pinkerton Thugs (USA)
·        Government Issue (USA)
·        Drug Shock (USA)
·        Done With You (USA)
·        Vox Populi (Serbia)

For Information on how to add your band to this comp. click this link.

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