Saturday, July 6, 2013

Endangered Feces - Insane Brown Posse

By Kyle Grissom

Endangered Feces is a band from Queens, NY inspired by their head nurse who delivered all four of them to form a punk rock band. So too preserve her memory they did. Obviously all four brothers are inspired by the old school punks bands like The Ramones, and The Misfits.  

It's also obvious they are not taking much seriously except having fun and making music.
For instance the song "Fire In The Hole" is talking about diarrhea and a song called "Shart At The Devil" talking about ..... well you get it. Most songs on the album have to do with bowel movements in fact.

The best way to listen to them maybe with a nice beverage just make sure it isn't brown. Brown Ale may work though. Just make sure to fast forward track 8 if you are drinking a brown beverage.  
They are excellent at vivid imagery.

I don't know if anyone shouldn't hear this album it's been in my head for the past 5 days.  
So get your ass to Overdose On Records website and buy Endangered Feces - Insane Brown Posse.

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