Friday, July 19, 2013

Rebel Sound Music announce Abrasive Wheels SKUM - to be released on Limited Edition Vinyl!

'In 1983, Jeff Bale of Maximum Rock n Roll reviewed Abrasive Wheels’ fourth release, their first LP. Bale utilized adjectives “fast, powerful, and well-produced”.  Legions of punks and skins happen to agree with those qualities. Abrasive Wheels started turning heads in 1981 with two EP’s, "Army Song" and "Vicious Circle". The band kept charging into 1982 with the 7” EP, "Burn ‘em Down". The previous two were released on the iconic Riot City Records, known for releases by punk’s top tier bands like Vice Squad, Chaos UK, The Varukers, The Ejected, Chaotic Dischord and Resistance 77. At the end of 1982, Abrasive Wheels and Riot City released "When the Punks Go Marching In"; a classic and mandatory piece of any punk collection. 

These lads from Leeds, England continued to release four 7” EPs, two in 1983, two in 1984; on another legendary label, known most for releasing Discharge and GBH. "Black Leather Girl" being quite a notable release. So here we have a band that left a big boot print in the annals of the spikes and leather, boots and braces musical brigade. They could be content to be remembered for those contributions to this subculture.

Vocalist Shonna Rzonca, restless while watching an apathetic yet horrifying world, wanted to inject some punk rock and roll back into the scene in 2002. Eventually, in 2009, 25 years later after their last release, Shonna released a new Abrasive Wheels album, "SKUM", on Crashed Out Records. Unfortunately, this was only released on compact disc.

"SKUM" will now get a proper nod by seeing its debut vinyl release from Rebel Sound Music this July. It will be limited to 300 copies: 100 black, 100 florescent pink and 100 florescent green. The sounds emitted from this still possess a fury, heard in tracks like “Survivors”, “Out of Control” and the infectious “Jonny Law”. Some songs harness the captivating rock and roll sound on more mid tempo tunes like “Born Loser”, “Breadline” and “Heroes”. Shonna focuses on a thicker Oi! sound as he rallies all the outsiders and scum to band together. In the title track, the push is clear for the audience to grab that stranger beside them and raise a pint to the rebellious chorus.

As SKUM is celebrated with the wax slab it so richly deserves, Abrasive Wheels fan salivate at the news of a pending release of new material.

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