Sunday, April 21, 2013

Synicalist Records Releases "JUST ANOTHER PUNK SHOW SERIES #2" - VIOLENCE THERAPY Free Download

Our friends over at Synicalist Records have just dropped the latest  in the Just Another Punk Show series. This one featuring the London, Ontario 3 piece punk band Violence TherapyViolence Therapy formed in a storage facility downtown London, Ontario; these 3 guys play dirty punk rock mixing both the old and the new. The members are  Eric Lien - Vocals and Guitar, Liam "Sextoy" Jarvis - Bass and BG Vocals, Jimmy "The Animal" McLeish - Drums

The "JUST ANOTHER PUNK SHOW SERIES" is a series of releases that have been recorded live on CHRW' 94.9's Just Another Punk Show. Each release will feature a different band. 

released 21 April 2013 
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Forrest 
Artwork by Liam Jarvis

Friday, April 19, 2013

Some changes to the website

First, we apologize that our podcasts have not been feeding properly for the past two weeks. We have that sorted out and fixed now; expect to see them all rolling in within the next few hours. Second we changed our chatroom. You can now log into the chat box using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or Chatwing account. The room we were using kept bugging out on us and frankly we were tired of paying for something that broke 3 to 4 times a week.  Third, over the next couple of wees there will be some site layout updates well,  we will be implementing a cleaner news feed box along with a few other minor tweaks to the over look and feel of the site in general. The station will continue to stream throughout this process and as always we will never ask you for any money to keep this station going. We like you too damn much to do that.

thanks for diggin us, and please, spread the word, share our station with a  friend, co-worker or family member.

thanks for your support, 

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Forsaken Profits - Release new single Politrix Off upcoming Album Blood Money

Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Forsaken Profits are ex-members of Heroin Bomb, Last Hope Down,The Loose Skrews,The Unacceptables and 5 O'Clock Devil. Music that comes from the decaying souls of the ones who are fed up with the mundane and have the will to create a better world out of the ashes

Consisting of Tyler Capehart, Clay Lloyd, Brian Emery, Davis Lloyd, David Kemp; Forsaken Profits deliver a nice dirty punk rock sound with their new single Politrix. These kids picked up a few lessons from good old fashioned thrash punk and put them to good use.

Preview the New Single here and check out their video on YouTube.

These kids are for real and they mean business. A single this solid can only mean that one hell of a full length is around the corner. Keep up the good work guys, and Make Atlanta proud of ya.

Check them out of the facebook and on reverbnation

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Social Trauma - Lies EP - 2013 - Self Release

The Punk Rock Gods are definitely smiling upon Social Trauma! Many attempts have been made at bringing back a genuine 80's Texas punk sound and many failures have resulted from such endeavors and then comes along this 3-piece act out of San Antonio with their debut EP Lies. These fuckers have hit every nail on the head, dotted every fucking "I" and crossed every god-damned "T" and produced what I'm going to go out there and pitch as the BEST PUNK ROCK RELEASE of 2013. 

Donald Shameless-Guitar/Vocals, Patrick "BasedGod" Simmons-Bass/Backup vocals, and  Christian Zukini- Drummer/Backup vocals deliver the kind of punk rock that makes you want to boot up and throw a nice big fit in a pit. 

The raw, energetic intensity, the blistering guitars, bastardized bass, and classic snot in throat vocals spew from this album like beer from a busted keg.  Hardcore thrash is their business and business is fucking good.

Track 3,  No Fucks Given  is by far the best track on the EP - the sad truth is, if more bands would take a genuine approach to this philosophy today's punk rock would not be floundering in the dirt  like a little sissy bitch that's afraid to get it's mohawk dirty.

I honestly can't thank Social Trauma enough for this offering. Stand the Lies EP up next to anything released by Car Bomb, D.R.I., The Dicks, or any other 80's punk act and it will prove itself to be worthy of the company. In the 90's some ass fuck declared punk rock was dead, well, if it's dead Social Trauma are the punk rock zombies hell bent on eating the face off of today's modern music industry.

Grab this EP for FREE -  at Punk Band Promotions
Check the band out on facebook, reverbnation, and  soundcloud, 

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Thirteen Shots - Tales That Start With A Whisper - 2013 - Psycho-A-Go-Go Records

Tales That Start With A Whisper is the second full length offering from UK act Thirteen Shots, the follow up to the well received  debut album Vaudeville. Based out of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; Thirteen Shots are an Horror/Garage Rock band with a touch of Rockabilly flair.

Coming off the trail of two U.K. tours Thirteen Shots quickly settled back into the studio to bring us new songs.
Tales That Start With A Whisper is filled with dark lyrical content occasionally broken up with some sick, twisted humor,  and amazingly big guitar riffs, choppy fills and the kind of bass work that I'd happily give my left testicle to play. I really dig how these kids pull off the Horror Rock theme while still keeping the tempo upbeat and fresh.

Track 6 Nekro Sexual quickly caught my ears as my favorite off the album. Everything seems to come together just right on this one. And who can resists a song with a "Stomp On My Balls" chorus? I can not. Sing it loud, sing it proud!  Stomp On My Balls
The title track (7) Tales That Start with a Whisper is my runner up favorite. I dig the hell out of the basic, easy flow of the guitar work - no need to get fancy and show off all the time, it's just a nice, gritty little ditty with plenty of meat on it's bones. 

Several tracks off this album were recorded live - always nice to have live tracks, especially when the quality is this good. It's also always a good thing to know a band sounds as good live as they do on studio recordings - definitely lets you know that the price of admission to a live show wont be regretted later.

Today's die hard punk rock fans would probably pass on this album and that'd be a terrible mistake to make as I can hear early punk influences MC5, New York Dolls, The Stooges, etc... as well as a good dip or few up and down the blues scales (is someone maybe a Clapton fan?) scattered throughout this album.

This is a fun album worthy of tossing back more than a beer or two while hanging out and listening to it.  
Tales That Start With A Whisper drops for purchase May 11, 2013. I'm not sure what dollar amount they intend to put to this album but I assure you kids it will be so very well worth the money.

Album release party is slated for the 11th of May at The Railway Inn Redditch after which their Acoustic Ep release will be May 13, 2013 at The Adam and Eve. Tour dates will be released soon. Check back here for more news on that or visit Thirteen Shots on facebook, bandcamp, myspace,  twitter, or on 

Overall opinion: This is a great, dun for all album. 

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thick Tread - From The Neck Up - 2013 - Palmwood Music

I've noticing a trend lately. Texas is pumping out a lot of good  Great punk rock. Typically when you think Texas and punk rock you think Austin, Denton, Ft. Worth, or Dallas. 
 Thick Tread now enters the scene and shows us that the kids in San Angelo (Saggy Arms) have what it takes to represent the Lone Star State on the punk front. 

From the Neck Up is their debut release on Palmwood Music. 

15 tracks span a little over 30 minutes of quality musicianship, clearly identifiable vocals, and great punk rock music. 

Thick Tread is Drew (Grundle) Fish - vocals & Guitar, John (Freddy K) Rabb - lead guitar & vocals, Martin (Dude) Delgado - drums & vocals, Chad Harris - bass;  Gang Vocals are courtesy of Drew, Freddy, Martin, & Jeremy Guevara. I've had time to give this CD many  spins to get a real good feel for the album. The guitars are crunchy, beefy and fast, like a 3AM Taco Bell run - very satisfying. Chad and Martin urge the songs along in a quick paced fashion - thank Bob for a great rhythm section.

These songs are fast, aggressive, and fun. There is enough here to keep the mosh pit happy as well as the back of the room lurkers (word of advice - don't be a back room lurker - those dudes are dicks - you don't want to be a dick do you?) 

This album borrows sounds from bands like NOFX, MXPX, The Bouncing Souls and the guitars are very heavily influenced by Bad Religion. 

Loud, Fast, Rock & Roll is what you get on this album kids, very well worth the 12 bucks. Grab a copy today and check them out for yourself. - 

You're going to really dig track 8,  Rotten Stipulation.

Interpunk, &  CD Baby. Facebook.Pure Volume

Notes from the official press release for Thick Tread:

Palmwood Music is proud to release the new Thick Tread record From The Neck Up. Thick Tread is a bludgeoning assault of Punk . It goes right for the throat. The songs are relentless, intelligent, blunt and catchy hardcore music raging at the speed of boiling oil. If you are looking for something loud, hardcore and fast, you have found it with Thick Tread.  Thick Tread is co-produced and engineered by Gary Laney. The record was recorded at Lakeside Recording in San Angelo, Tx. Gary was manager and chief engineer at Sound Emporium Recording Studios in Nashville, Tn. for 18 years. He did records with Trisha Yearwood, Keith Whitley, REM, Al Kooper, Green on Red, Jason & The Scorchers, Alan Jackson, New Grass Revival and Don Williams to name a few.

I dig the hell out of this album and hope these guys can get a show close enough to my shitstain town so i can see them live. 


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