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Review - Subtitles Disolve - Garage Rock Released July 17th on Good Times Recordings

Leicester, UK 2 piece garage rock act Subtitles are back with a new release titled "Dissolve". Johnny Buck, vocals/guitar (Preacher & The Kings, Wild Strawberries) and Chris Smith, drums (ex-Different Fish) are the dynamic duo behind this vox/guitar/drum beast of a band. Dissolve introduces Danielle Jeffery & Janice Raw as their backing vocal group The Kitchenettes. Johnny really puts a hurt on his guitar on this one but I get the impression the guitar doesn't mind at all and I'm pretty sure Chris' drum kit is really just a naughty girl begging for a good spanking.

These cats have such an infectious big energy and sound on their albums and the introduction of the girls on backing vocals really brings the Subtitles game a step forward.

If you dig a raw rock sound that you can just get lost in Dissolve is a musty have album for your collection and at just ₤3 GBP  there's no real excuse to not have it in your collection.

Stream it (as i am sure you already are) and buy it. Support Independent artists!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Rebel Sound Music announce Abrasive Wheels SKUM - to be released on Limited Edition Vinyl!

'In 1983, Jeff Bale of Maximum Rock n Roll reviewed Abrasive Wheels’ fourth release, their first LP. Bale utilized adjectives “fast, powerful, and well-produced”.  Legions of punks and skins happen to agree with those qualities. Abrasive Wheels started turning heads in 1981 with two EP’s, "Army Song" and "Vicious Circle". The band kept charging into 1982 with the 7” EP, "Burn ‘em Down". The previous two were released on the iconic Riot City Records, known for releases by punk’s top tier bands like Vice Squad, Chaos UK, The Varukers, The Ejected, Chaotic Dischord and Resistance 77. At the end of 1982, Abrasive Wheels and Riot City released "When the Punks Go Marching In"; a classic and mandatory piece of any punk collection. 

These lads from Leeds, England continued to release four 7” EPs, two in 1983, two in 1984; on another legendary label, known most for releasing Discharge and GBH. "Black Leather Girl" being quite a notable release. So here we have a band that left a big boot print in the annals of the spikes and leather, boots and braces musical brigade. They could be content to be remembered for those contributions to this subculture.

Vocalist Shonna Rzonca, restless while watching an apathetic yet horrifying world, wanted to inject some punk rock and roll back into the scene in 2002. Eventually, in 2009, 25 years later after their last release, Shonna released a new Abrasive Wheels album, "SKUM", on Crashed Out Records. Unfortunately, this was only released on compact disc.

"SKUM" will now get a proper nod by seeing its debut vinyl release from Rebel Sound Music this July. It will be limited to 300 copies: 100 black, 100 florescent pink and 100 florescent green. The sounds emitted from this still possess a fury, heard in tracks like “Survivors”, “Out of Control” and the infectious “Jonny Law”. Some songs harness the captivating rock and roll sound on more mid tempo tunes like “Born Loser”, “Breadline” and “Heroes”. Shonna focuses on a thicker Oi! sound as he rallies all the outsiders and scum to band together. In the title track, the push is clear for the audience to grab that stranger beside them and raise a pint to the rebellious chorus.

As SKUM is celebrated with the wax slab it so richly deserves, Abrasive Wheels fan salivate at the news of a pending release of new material.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

BREAKING NEWS!! Buddha Stole My Turntable to return to PoDunk Radio!

Buddha Stole My Turntable will be coming back to PoDunk Radio 

Thursday July 18th at 7pm cst

Interview with The Aristokoks

TIP Rich: So start by telling us about your band and how you came up with that crazy name.

AK: We like to consider ourselves an old-school punk rock band and at the same time almost an “anti-punk” band at the same time.  Don’t try to follow me on that, you’ll probably trip on something.  
We started in 1998 with just Judge Kok and Eddie Sex writing songs in Eddie’s small bedroom.  Once we had a few we asked some friends, Craig Pfeiffer and Chris Post, the original drummer and bassist to join along.  Played garages and had some fun then we split about a year later.  12 years later another friend, Eric, told us to put the band back together….so we did.  The rest is history.

The name came when Eddie Sex said “The Aristocrats”…Judge Kok thought for a second and then said “Aristokoks”…that was the extent of that.
What are some of the bands influences?

The bands that you can hear in our music at times that influenced us are:
The Dead Kennedy’s
The Meatmen
GG Allin
The Germs
The Sex Pistols
Black Flag

The bands that have influenced us that you probably won’t hear are:
The Screamers
Pink Floyd
Iggy Pop
Richard Hell
The Rolling Stones

TIP Rich: How do you find the Philly punk scene?

AK:When I do find it, I’ll let you know.

TIP Rich: What are some of your favorite bands to play with?

AK:Make U Suffer, Tine Tine, Animal Train, Bunny Savage, Autocracy East, Valacar, Ganto Barn, The KMX Band, The Fetals

TIP Rich: You guys got any upcoming shows or releases?

AK:Working on our second album right now that is (so far) called “Party” and our next show will be at the M-Room in Philly on June 22nd.

TIP Rich: So I hear yall put on a crazy show. What all goes in to getting ready for the insanity? What is your favorite stage prop?

AK:Lots of drinking and then some practice…my favorite prop is by far a crushed Pabst tall can.

TIP Rich: Have you ever done a tour or have plans to do a tour?

AK:Nah…if we get enough requests we will, but right now just having fun playing and making music

TIP Rich: If you could play with anyone dead or alive who the hell would it be?

AK:It’s actually 2 people from 2 different bands.  GG Allin and Darby Crash

TIP Rich: What do yall do for fun when not rocking out with each other?

AK:Drink, argue politics and poop

TIP Rich: How can people get at ya to hear and get a hold of your music?

AK:You can search us on Facebook “The Aristokoks” and we’ll be the only thing that comes up.  I tried to get the actual page address but it’s not really working…
or email us at
Keep Punk Rock alive…not with your Mohawk….but with your attitude!

Fight Plan Interview

TIP Rich: So who is who in Fight Plan? How long have yall been a band and how did ya come up with the band name?

FP: Rob is our thrasher guitarist; Aaron is our magical low-end with the unicorn mane.
Andrew is that guy that screams all the time; April is that blur behind the kit, who is also screaming all the time.

We’ve all been in various bands before we formed Fight Plan, but this is definitely the most rewarding band for any of us.

As for the name;man, we came up with a long list of crazy stuff before we came up with ‘Fight Plan’. It didn’t take long for that one to get to the top of the list. We feel it conveys our aggressive style, and our methodical work ethic.

TIP Rich: What do ya think of the Austin Punk scene? Has Austin always been home to the band? Are there any favorite venues ya enjoy playing or bands ya enjoy playing with?

FP: The Austin Punk scene is a very encouraging dysfunctional family, and we love it.  FP started here at the start of 2012, and we’ve consistently played at least 2 shows a month with some really great bands. The guys in Threes Away have always treated us well and invited us to play Red7 with them a couple times. The inside stage over there has some of the best sound in the scene right now.

TIP Rich: So who are some of the bands influences and how do they inspire your music? Also tell us about your songwriting process.

FP: Well definitely the fast skatepunk bands of the 90’s: Lagwagon, Pennywise, No Use For A Name, Bigwig and (the obligatory) NOFX; and of course Descendents! Who doesn’t love them?!
;but we’re also into that good ol’ hard rock & roll a la The Bronx. That stuff makes us want to Get Drunk & Break Stuff, which incidentally is the title of one of our songs. ;)

We usually start out jamming a random riff, and if everyone is into it, it blossoms into a beautiful song butterfly. Sometimes we’ll accidentally write the main skeleton of a song in just a couple hours. Otherwise, a good song can take a few months to run its course. We’ve been so busy playing shows and recording lately that we’ve got some almost finished songs in the books just waiting for us to come back around to them! Lyrics are usually secondary, but Andrew always has a good story or theme running throughout the whole song. Ask him about any of them and he’ll enlighten you. Some of our songs are about work rage, getting drunk with your friends, and not letting people get the best of you.

TIP Rich: Tell us about any upcoming shows or releases.

FP: We’ve got a HUGE show coming up on Friday, July 5th at Holy Mountain (next to Red7), at which we’ll get to play with Lower Class Brats, MOD, Say Hello To The Angels, Two Fisted Law (CT), and a few other great bands. It’s the ‘Altercation Records Mid-Summer Night Scream!’ and it’s definitely the biggest show of our lives so far!
In August, we’ll be back down in San Antonio opening for Darrow Chemical Company (NY) at Fitzgerald’s on Friday the 23rd.
There are a few more in the works, so keep up with any of our interwebz pages.

TIP Rich: Do you have any plans to tour? If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why?

FP: Lately we’ve been trying to get outside Austin at least once a month to build up fanbases. We hope to be finished with our full length album by the end of the year so we’ll most likely tour soon after to promote it.
If we could tour with anyone, it would be all of our friends in a huge Deadhead style shaggin wagon. Our diehard fans are honorary members of The Wrecking Crew (another song of ours), and they always make a lot of noise and push each other around in the pit; even when the ‘pit’ is just a sparsely occupied floor in front of the stage.

TIP Rich: Tell us about your live shows. What all goes into getting ready for one?

FP: We practice pretty diligently for all of our shows. If we can theme a cover song to the show, we’ll make a list, pick one out, and practice the crap out of it. We also like tying certain songs together in the set to make it a cohesive experience for the crowd. We try not to have too many awkward moments of silence between songs, but hey, ya gotta drink sometime, right?!

TIP Rich: Lone Star or PBR?
FP: Lone Star all the way! Even though it often results in the bubble-guts, it beats the hell out of that nasty hipster crude, which brings me to your next question-

TIP Rich: What are your thoughts on hipsters?

FP: Anyone that has seen us probably knows our stance on hipsters, as one of the first songs we wrote is called Hipster Kill. Those pretentious bastards are trying to ruin this fine city, but we’ve got a tight knit punk rock family to show em up. Their fad is due to expire soon anyway;so we don’t lose any sleep over them, that’s for sure.

TIP Rich: Labels? D.I.Y. or a major what are your thoughts?

FP: Every band should start out doing everything themselves. That way you can figure who has your best interests in mind (that’s usually only you and your bandmates). Once you get big enough that you feel managing your band is taking you away from songwriting and having fun with it, then I guess you should pitch to a major. We’re nowhere near that point yet, and we’re not sure we ever will.

TIP RichOk time to pimp out your stuff. Do yall have a website? Where can others hear your stuff or buy your merch?

FP: is up, but it’s under a bit of is our main hub. Fans can check upcoming shows, listen to a few songs, laugh at us and the stupid shit we post, and contact us directly. We love hearing from anyone! - we’ve been using this a little more lately for exclusives that we don’t post on FB is where you can check out a bunch of videos, mostly live shows

At our show at Holy Mountain on July 5th, we will be debuting a new shirt! Designed by the super-freakin-awesome-and-ultra-nice-guy Chris Shary, artist for Descendents & ALL, as well as Teenage Bottlerocket and others! We couldn’t be more stoked about him helping us out.

We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish since we started this band, all thanks to the love from the Austin punkers!
It can only get radder!!!
CHEERS EVERYONE! See you at the punk rock show!
- Fight Plan

Interview with Chris Crash of Blest Mess

TIP Rich: So tell us how you got into this crazy game and how you ended up where you are now.

CC: Been playing music my whole life in various bands. In 2011 I decided to take my own catalog of music and start my own band Blest Mess. I sing, play guitar, write the music and manage the band. Blest Mess is My Baby ... my very own Demon Spawn ... LOL

TIP Rich:Tell us about the name Blest Mess.

CC: A Blest Mess is how I define myself and my music.

blest - highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace)
mess - a person whose life or affairs are in a state of confusion (esp. a person with a confused or disorganized moral or psychological outlook)

TIP Rich:So what's it like being a girl in a punk rock band?

CC: I don't consider myself the typical chick in a Punk Band. I do more then just look pretty like most. I am more concerned with how we sound and presenting ourselves as professional as possible. I feel I can never stop learning or growing as a player.

I am a Musician and my Bandmates are my brothers and equals.

TIP Rich: Influences? Who inspires you and your music?

CC: British Punk & American Hardcore

TIP Rich:What do you think of the east coast punk scene?

CC: What scene ? Unless I have been hiding under a rock it is very weak. We all need to work more collectively as bands to keep our scene alive and strong.

TIP Rich: What are your live shows like and who are some bands you have played with?

CC: Our live shows are Real and Raw - No Smoke & Mirrors and No Rabble-Rousing - Old School Punk/Hardcore - Honest. We are just concerned with the music. We are Not Poseurs And It Ain't A Fuckin' Fashion Show. Sure I wear a dress sometimes but I don't wear a ton of makeup on my face and my bandmates are NOT PUSSIES. We Are Very Concerned About Our Sound.

Even though me and my bandmates have played for years, Blest Mess has only been in existence since 2011. Some of the bands we have had the pleasure so far of sharing the stage with have included but are not limited to The Nihilistics, Iconicide, Dis-Con, Reagan Youth, Dust Angel, The Blame, Rejuvenate, Zombie Fight, Social Decay, Graveyard School and more.
We were supposed to play a Halloween Show last year with Murphys Law and Chesty Malone and The Slice'em Ups but THANKS TO HURRICANE SANDY, Lynch Pigs, Sexual Suicide, Haunted Hacienda, Slut Junkies, Lady Clorinda, Agitator, Done With You, No Control, The Accelerators, The Choices. ... We couldn't get there ... oh well, next time. More shows in the Future With More Great Bands

TIP Rich:Got any upcoming shows or releases coming soon?

CC: UK Tour July 25 - August 11, 2013

Blest Mess - The Album (Release Date March 29,2014)

TIP Rich:How do you go about song writing? Are you the main song writer or is it a collaborative effort with others?

CC: I am the Founding Member And Songwriter Of Blest Mess but on The Album in 2014 you will see collaborations with Bert Reynolds and Randi Stokes.

TIP Rich: What do you do when not rocking out with the band?

CC: I try to go to the gym and stay out of trouble because I am a Blest Mess ... LOL

TIP Rich: Tell us where we can find your stuff online.

CC: If you go here you will have links to CD Baby , Facebook, etc.

check us out on Reverbnation

Thank You Very Much Rich !!!

Interview with Stevie Bastard of Rex 84, Coffin Flag, and Stevie Bastard.

TIP Rich: So tell us about the Rex 84 lineup. How long have you been a band and how did you come up with the name?

SB: There's Stevie bastard on guitar and lead vocals, token (aka Johnny smash) on drums and bongs, and spooky on bass, backing vox, and stunt beard on duck dynasty..we are from Princeton Kentucky, sa---lute!
Rex has been around for about 3 years now, Stevie came up wit it. Its about a proposed program that would be put into place so times of civil disobedience to track, gather , house , and ultimately neutralize imagined threats to welfare of America and its corporate masters..

TIP Rich: how would you describe your sound? What are some of the bands influences?

SB: It varies from song to song.punk is there, metal is there too, hell even some blues if you look real closely. I'm much more influenced by early hardcore punk, new wave, early metal (black Sabbath, ect) , and thrash metal than the other guys . They are from pantera, and slayer on up , more nu metal influences..but it generally gels. But everyone has their preferences..

TIP Rich:What is the scene like where you are from?

SB: Small, but getting stronger and unified every show. There's Lots of metal here. And now with us and our influence more punk bands are coming along too. I'm proud what part I (Stevie) has been able to play in its infancy..
Not a lot of clubs here, but the places that have opened their doors to us like the warehouse , terrapin station, and jj lounge have been super cool..

TIP Rich:Who are some of your favorite bands you have played with?

SB: Wow, man that's a tough one..We hate em all!.. no no ,Im kidding. Ok . well the ones we've played most with recently has been akotjumang also we are doing more with my disdain, but the folks in teenage rehab , shark week, and the kids in Memphis like SVU had been nothing but cool to us as well.

TIP Rich:Is there a favorite venue you enjoy playing?

SB: The warehouse was cool, played there recently; hell it was like 1992 last time I was through there! Bars are good for making some dough to eat, but as for the feel I like. it's always been hall shows, or house shows. Feeling the heat off people and smelling the big mac they just ate before the set. That's something special..

TIP Rich:Tell us about your other music and side projects.

SB: Well we also do a project called coffin flag with our friend romie singing. It's more metal for sure. I got my one man industrial thing I do called Stevie bastard. A one off kinda deal I (Stevie) did the fat Charlie mansons. And he's in the middle of a secret little deal but I can't talk about it but rest assured it will rock your tits off.

TIP Rich:Got any upcoming shows or releases dropping soon?

SB: June 30th  at the warehouse. July 20th at jj lounge, some other tba .
And i am working feverishly to knock out a rex,a coffin flag, and a Stevie bastard set of EPs for our new home Podunk records!

TIP Rich:So tell us about the move from B.H.J. Records to PoDunk Records.

SB: it was like any relationship, it ran its course. Im not gonna dish dirt, but I wont stay in anything that comes off toxic or less than above board. As for Podunk ive know chris Griffith ( jacks) and rich a-train for years now. If they'd had the label up in going when I was helping get bhj started id released on excited to see where things go from here.

TIP Rich:Recording? At home or in a studio what do you prefer?

SB: We try to be as diy as we can. We record at home. We aren't above a studio, but we just got the money to float that stuff. Not to mention.. THIS IS PUNK ROCK!..Most misfits, and samhain recordings quality wise sounded rough , but it gave it character..and it kicked ass. We rather have balls that gloss!

TIP Rich:Have you ever toured or have plans to do a tour? If you could go and play anywhere in the world where would it be?

SB:  We got a few plans for a south west tour out toward vegas. Most of our shows run several shows a month as work allows. Yeah I'm certainly down with a tour though. As for a place to play as of a country, Germany..My people are from there so it feels right. As of a certain club or event.. I’d love to do a show somewhere that's never heard punk..that would be killer.

TIP Rich:I know you're a fellow night owl. What keeps ya going? Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks? What is your poison?

SB: Coffee runs the bastard..that and its when my juices flow most readily..

TIP Rich: Now it's time to whore your stuff. Tell everyone where they can get their hands on your music, merch, and other goodies.

SB: With us doing the change over from bhj well, there's that, also we are coming up with new shirts as we speak, though I loath messing with merch. If I wanted to be a retailer I’d work at snot topic..also contact Stevie at we will hook you up , I also do old school homemade t shirts too.. gotta keep the spirit alive..
Thank for asking to rap with us. And thanks for all you guys have done for punk and independent music..

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