Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Check out this Band - Popular Giants from Los Angeles, CA

Popular Giants
Webpage: http://www.populargiantsband.com
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Biography: Music to blow stuff up and drive fast to. High-energy, heavy rock/punk, with tasty guitar riffs and melodic choruses ala The Foo Fighters. These songs tell tales of adult angst, digital-age isolation, and farm animals. Goes great with beer and hot girls.

Popular Giants is garage rock/pop-punk band from Los Angeles, California. The high-energy songs on their debut album Popular Giants, works big catchy hooks and harmonies over fat guitar riffs in the spirit of The Foo Fighters, The Ramones and Nirvana, as well as a lot of “dirty rock n’ roll” style lead guitar ripping, ala Turbonegro’s seminal album Apocalypse Dudes.

Christopher Peacock formed the band in 2011 as guitarist and songwriter to simply get back to playing the kind of “old skool” punky rock he grew up on. After going through several different singers the following year –including a stint with Kenyan R n’B-star-turned-afro-punk Richie Longomba- Christo began singing the songs he was writing as well. With the addition of punk-rock surgeon (really) Francis Cyran on bass, John Fortin’s searing lead guitar and multi-instrumentalist Mike “Choco” Criddell on drums – Popular Giants was born as an answer to the now shared question; “What the hell happened to rock?”

Not only did the band really click musically, writing songs together with a strong vision of what makes good songs: simplicity, dynamics, catchy melodies and balls - there was a shared consensus about the sound of rock records these days. In this rapidly accelerating digital age, seemingly anyone can create whatever genre of rock music they want at home on their computer, but with everyone using similar drum samples and digital guitar plug-ins, a homogenization of the sound has taken place, a “digital sound,” which could best be described as thin or “tinny,” or perhaps more accurately…lacking balls. But back before computer recording, editing and “modeling” of music was the norm, professional albums were recorded on analog tape, which produced a rich, warmer tone than most of the albums released today (The Foo Fighters’ sonically perfect Wasting Light was also recorded on two-inch analog tape). To get back to that sound, the band recorded Popular Giants on a Stevens two-inch analog tape machine from the 1970’s (the actual machine Pink Floyd used for The Wall in fact), to preserve the “fat” steamroller sound of Popular Giants live.

Play it loud.
Press Release:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Slieone Show joins The Front Army

At the very end of this episode, we will air an un-released track from The Front. The song we will play is the title track to their upcoming EP Casket. The song is un-mastered and was just recorded last week 


Friday, September 21st at 8 PM Eastern, The Slieone Show is bringing you an all new episode. On this episode, we talk to Lauren Bezold, front lady of The Front. The Front is a punk band from Casper, Wyoming. We talk to Lauren about recording, touring and even business ventures outside of the band! This is a show that you won't want to miss. 

You can find The Front on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/thefrontarm

Band s - music

Amie Bumpkin - Slieone show theme
The Queers - Tamara s a punk
The Front - Snake oil
The Smears - handcuffs and Powder puffs
Fake Boys - This is are band
The Front - Fire away

Interview with Lauren Bezold from The Front

The Front - Low income love

Interview continues

Home movies - Groundhogs Day
Sub X - Immaculate
Milksnake - My boyfriend
The Front - Corner walker
The Bugs - Dave navarro 's Goatee fucking sucks
The Sheckies - Pop punk message bored
The sheckies - Cutmarks


More (music) TBA

Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: At the Skylines "The Secrets to Life" Released 5-08-12 RoadRunner Records

By: Jack Antonio
HAHAHAHA! Yeah, that's right! Jack is back. The man they call Jack Canada has managed to escape the gallows of his former existence as a blog writer for a certain website that shall remain nameless and has transformed himself.

"If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine..."
So why am I here? A little birdie told me about a newly signed Roadrunner band called AT THE SKYLINES. They're just getting ready to launch their debut full length called "The Secrets to life". 

So, first off, why do all band names these days seem to be prepositional phrases? We'll come back to that in a minute. What you should expect to hear when you take a listen to this band is some nice face melting guitar riffage, bone crunching breakdowns, smooth as silk clean vocals, gutteral vocals to shake the foundations of hell, and shrieks that your mothers warned you about. But it doesn't stop there! The brilliance of this genre blending metalcore outfit from Huntington Beach, California is the odd left turns that they take into the realm of electronic dance pop. So, if you are into the sort of shit that BTBAM cranks out but like less prog in your soup, then ATS is just what the doctor ordered. And, like, who doesn't need a break from prog rock from from time to time??? I mean, I'm a busy guy! Sometimes I just don't don't have 12 minutes of free time to listen to a tune no matter how impressive the musicianship is! ATS has REASONABLE song lengths and enough changes in the flow to keep you from getting bored. Sorry, that's just my opinion ladies and gents!

So, back to prepositional phrases. In fact, I'm glad this band chose a prepositional phrase as a name. You see, the purpose of a prepositional phrase of this nature is to function as an adverb. Adverb style prepositional phrases tend to ask "How? When? or Where?". In this case the answer to these questions is literally "The Secrets to Life". Okay, so that was little too cheesy and overly dramatic. Perhaps a strong use of hyperbole. Just go pick up the damn album! You'll be glad you did.
I remain,
Jack "Canada" Antonio

Secrets to Life songs Lyricist: At the Skylines. Secrets to Life album 

Personnel: Chris Shelley, Mark Barela (vocals); Shawn Yates, Billy Barber (guitar); David Angle (drums). Secrets to Life CD music 

Audio Mixer: Fredrik Nordström. Secrets to Life music CDs 

Recording information: Studio Fredman, Vastra Frolunda, Sweden. Secrets to Life songs 

Illustrator: Glenn Thomas.


Punks for a Princess 1st Annual B-B-Q Saturday, September 8th

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PoDunk Punk Show 09-04-12

Right Click HERE and "Save As"
Strength Through Strife - Demo
Airing Tracks
  • Chosen Fate 1:54
  • Take Action 1:57

The Fanboys - Console Wars b/w Frag Jack Thomspon
Airing Tracks

  • Frag Jack Thompson 1:10
  • Console Wars 1:14
more on the band at facebook http://www.facebook.com/thefanboyslbny516?ref=ts

Obsessor - In Fear of the End
Airing Tracks
  • In Fear of the End 2:59
  • Aftershock 2:56
more on the band at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Obsessor/102961169801674
Purchase this cassette at tank crimes records http://www.tankcrimes.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1545

Half Price - Taking Life Seriously
Airing Tracks
  • Real Men 3:41
  • The Crack of Dawn 1:12
  • The Crack of Dawn Too 2:38
  • Buy Your Own 3:20
Album is just 12 bucks on  Interpunk.com http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=58986&
More on the Band at http://www.facebook.com/Half.Price.Band

Violent Affair - Violent Affair EP
Airing Tracks
  • No Rules, No Order 2:26
  • Obstruction of Justice 2:23
  • Call to Arms 3:17
from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma more at facebook http://www.facebook.com/ViolentAffair
Purchase at Interpunk at http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=200953&

ZipGun Bomber - Paper Airplanes EP
Airing Tracks
  • Wishing for Rain 3:55
  • Reflections 3:28
  • Chase that Feeling 2:46
Name your own price at Bandcamp http://zipgunbomber.bandcamp.com/

The Typicals - The Typicals
Pop-Punk from San Antonio
Airing Tracks

  • Couch Potato 2:32
  • You Don’t Know 2:47
  • Up and Away 2:58
  • She Knocks Me Out 1:40
Find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheTypicals
Free Album downlad on

Five Star Disaster - Five Star Disaster
Paola Kansas
Airing Tracks

  • Blame the Misunderstood 0:37
  • Last Look at the Moon 3:00
  • Nothing Important 2:02
  • Punx Dead 2:12
Find them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/5stardisaster
and Reverbnation at http://www.reverbnation.com/fivestardisaster

Regional Faction - Upcoming Album (Untitled)
Airing Tracks
  • Komodo 3:25
find the on ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/RegionalFactionfacebook http://www.facebook.com/regionalfaction

Ghosts in the Valley - ClockPuncher
Philly, PA
Airing tracks
  • Julianna 4:01
More info at http://ghostsinthevalley.net/

UGYBoNES - UGLYBoNES - Full Length (Upcoming Release)Chicago, IL Hardcore
Airing tracks
  • Boozehound 1:48
  • No Money 1:27
  • Backseat Love Making 1:27
  • Feed Me Doses 2:17
More on UGLYBones at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/UglyBonesPunk
Pick up two Name Your Own Price EPs at Bandcamp http://uglybones.bandcamp.com/

Minor Decline - The Front Nine
Oneida/Galesburg, IL
Airing Tracks
  • Punk Parade 1:41
  • 40oz. Adolescent 3:43
  • Mr. Al Quohaul 1:02
  • I.F.Y.M. 1:04
More at http://www.facebook.com/minordeclinepunk

Vitamin X - About to Crack - Tank Crimes Records TBR 09/11/12
Airing Tracks
  • Straight Back 1:20
  • Carnival of Fools 1:03
  • About to Crack 1:15
  • I Don’t Know What to Say 1:09
More info at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vitamin-X/113442678712373
and buy at tank crimes records www.tankcrimes.com

Coffin Flag - Raise the Flag Released on Basement Handjob Records
Raw Punk Rock from Kentucky
Airing Tracks
  • Wreck This Place 2:11
  • Night Stalker 1:39
  • P.R.S. 1:57
  • Satan, Inc. 2012 1:34
More info at http://www.facebook.com/coffin.flag
and at Basement Handjob records http://bhjrecords.webs.com/The Obscenities - Judge is Guilty EP
Airing Tracks
  • the Judge is Guilty 2:29
  • How Many? 1:52
Released on Chaos Records & Distro out of Scotland. http://www.facebook.com/chaosrecordsanddistro
More on the band at http://www.facebook.com/TheObscenities

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vitamin X New Album "About to Crack" Releases 9/11/12 on Tank Crimes Records

New album from Vitamin X "About to Crack" to be released 9/11/12 on TankCrimes Records  

Click here to visit Vitamin X official website
Dutch Punk Hardcore veterans VITAMIN X return with their 5th album. Lightning fast, solid tight crossover/hardcore and turbocharged thrash-filled with killer hooks and choruses. Wicked guitar solos and massive rock licks while never slowing down. Recorded by Steve Albini with cover art by John Dyer Baizley. Catch VITAMIN X on tour this fall in Europe and USA.

Website, Facebook page, YouTube Live Show in Czechoslovakia, Wiki Page 

I'm listening to this album for the 4th time now and it just keeps getting better every time i listen to it.

PoDunk Radio LOVES this album!  5 Skull and Bones to this one!
  ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ 

Punks for a Princess releases track info for upcoming compilation

Punks for a Princess Brass Knuckle Logo T-Shirt

Punks for a Princess are a fundraising group based out of Providence RI, founded after the passing of 7 year old Kaitlyn Ferra.

Punks for a Princess have raised money for a memorial, the 3 Rivers Wet Team, which is a water rescue team from New Hampshire to purchase rescue equipment.

A Wish Come True, which is a local charity in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that grants wishes to kids with life threatening Illnesses. 

And they have raised money to get cochlear implants for a little girl named Trinity, she was born deaf and the implants will help her fulfill her life-long dream of being able to hear.

Punks for a Princess is a great group of individuals determined to help make a difference.
To learn more about this organization please visit their blog or facebook page.

You can help them out by picking up a T-Shirt of a copy of their first compilation disc

Now for the track listing (in no particular order.)

BarRoom Heroes - Shit out of luck (unreleased)

Cheech - Whiskey Strength (from their upcoming release)
Death & Taxes - 40 Miles of Bad Road (unreleased)
Drunk Robb & The Shots - Brother (Unreleased)
Kilmaine Saints - Wearing of the Green
Murder State - Barfight (Unreleased)
Taxi Driver - Pride (from their upcoming release)
Scattergun - Lordy
The Beat Dolls. - Listen & Learn (from their upcoming release)
The Bruisers - Borrowed Time (Live, Unreleased)
The Doll Eyes - Getaway (Unreleased)
The Gonads - Franken Skin
The Scally Cap Brats - Take a Shot

Vice Squad - TBD
Reason to Fight - TBD (from their upcoming release)
The Mahones - TBD