Saturday, July 6, 2013

Interview with The Aristokoks

TIP Rich: So start by telling us about your band and how you came up with that crazy name.

AK: We like to consider ourselves an old-school punk rock band and at the same time almost an “anti-punk” band at the same time.  Don’t try to follow me on that, you’ll probably trip on something.  
We started in 1998 with just Judge Kok and Eddie Sex writing songs in Eddie’s small bedroom.  Once we had a few we asked some friends, Craig Pfeiffer and Chris Post, the original drummer and bassist to join along.  Played garages and had some fun then we split about a year later.  12 years later another friend, Eric, told us to put the band back together….so we did.  The rest is history.

The name came when Eddie Sex said “The Aristocrats”…Judge Kok thought for a second and then said “Aristokoks”…that was the extent of that.
What are some of the bands influences?

The bands that you can hear in our music at times that influenced us are:
The Dead Kennedy’s
The Meatmen
GG Allin
The Germs
The Sex Pistols
Black Flag

The bands that have influenced us that you probably won’t hear are:
The Screamers
Pink Floyd
Iggy Pop
Richard Hell
The Rolling Stones

TIP Rich: How do you find the Philly punk scene?

AK:When I do find it, I’ll let you know.

TIP Rich: What are some of your favorite bands to play with?

AK:Make U Suffer, Tine Tine, Animal Train, Bunny Savage, Autocracy East, Valacar, Ganto Barn, The KMX Band, The Fetals

TIP Rich: You guys got any upcoming shows or releases?

AK:Working on our second album right now that is (so far) called “Party” and our next show will be at the M-Room in Philly on June 22nd.

TIP Rich: So I hear yall put on a crazy show. What all goes in to getting ready for the insanity? What is your favorite stage prop?

AK:Lots of drinking and then some practice…my favorite prop is by far a crushed Pabst tall can.

TIP Rich: Have you ever done a tour or have plans to do a tour?

AK:Nah…if we get enough requests we will, but right now just having fun playing and making music

TIP Rich: If you could play with anyone dead or alive who the hell would it be?

AK:It’s actually 2 people from 2 different bands.  GG Allin and Darby Crash

TIP Rich: What do yall do for fun when not rocking out with each other?

AK:Drink, argue politics and poop

TIP Rich: How can people get at ya to hear and get a hold of your music?

AK:You can search us on Facebook “The Aristokoks” and we’ll be the only thing that comes up.  I tried to get the actual page address but it’s not really working…
or email us at
Keep Punk Rock alive…not with your Mohawk….but with your attitude!

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