Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Glory - The Best of the Glory - LAD Records October 10, 2012

The Glory,  out of Leicester UK, formed back in the early 80’s from the ashes of several other punk bands. For reasons known only to punk bands, the band broke up, reformed, swapped members and dissolved again more frequently than dogs sniff each others asses yet, somehow, during all this turmoil the band managed to record, but not release many good tracks

Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of making Nik “Tealeaf” Lavithi’s acquaintance via his solo project dubbed “Tealeaf” and was more than delighted to discover that he, along with Timo, Gaz, and Colin were going to re-re-form The Glory. Within just a few months of the guys getting back together they were re-recording and re-issuing previously recorded tracks much to the delight of fans of the UK punk scene such as myself. 

Nik recently sent me a copy of The Best of The Glory, Released on LAD Records. I must say, I was very impressed! Everything about this album captures the spirit, the sound, and the overall greatness of early UK punk rock and Oi!. The CD contains 12 tracks. Each track is a testament of how well these guys get it. No instrument of vocal takes precedence over the others, they all just blend in a  nice muddle of sound that compels you to give it another listen, and then another, and another. This CD is more than a collection of old punk rock tunes, it is a proving ground to this bands skill and determination. 

Album Front

Album Back

I admit that with the recent resurgence of old punkers getting back together to record new albums, that I had the “Oh this will be the same old, same old bit” mentality and I am happy to report that Lavithi and company pulled this reunion together the right way.

 Kudos to you gentlemen and congratulations on this amazing release! 

I love this album and look forward to your upcoming 3rd studio release and the possibility of you guys touring the U.S. sometime soon. Whatever fortunes you find from this endeavor, you've certainly earned it.

Purchase this cd in digital format on iTunes by clicking here 

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal Train - Steel Rail Rider 7" Released September 12, 2011 on Soggy Dreams Music

First off, I’d like to state that Animal Train (formerly from Darby, PA; presently located in Austin, TX) is by far one of my favorite independent bands.  I highly respect that Rich and CJ maintain a strong D.I.Y. attitude and still manage to release records worth listening to.

Yes, this review is a over a year late, but in my defense my mailman just handed it to me along with an apology for just getting it to me. Seems he found it under the seat of his truck last week while cleaning it up. Go, Go Gadget Postal Service! Fuckers.

I was happy to find that side A begins with N.R.A. - my favorite track from Animal Train. A three minute and seventeen second ditty that explodes from the get go with thundering drums and roaring guitar work centered around gun control or the lack thereof. CJ’s vocals are classic CJ, raspy and and filled with passion and energy and i totally get off every time the band goes “OOOeeeOOOOOHH”

Off the Track is an expertly delivered  tale all too familiar with pretty much every kid in the punk scene backed by simple easy to follow riffs and the heavy drum you expect from Jeremy. 

Missed Adventures gallops onto Side B - a quick paced number with yet another good story told.

I think ending the record with Evil Behind the Wheel was a good call for AT i know from talking to Rich leading up to the recording of this album that he had been experimenting with new styles and sounds on his guitar work and I think he really nailed it on the Wah-Wah/Slide combo.

I love this band and always look forward to a new release from them. They work hard at what they do and they do it rather well. Keep Rocking, Animal Train - I see good things for you guys in the future. 

Overall - my opinion of this record is fucking great! if you don’t own it, you should. AT are damn good at making punk rock records and you need at least one of theirs in your collection and it should be this one right here. Grab a copy today and enjoy the shit out of it, I know I certainly have!

jacks insanity
Steel Rail Rider 7" - Animal Trail - Soggy Dreams Music

Powder Blue VInyl.

Track listing:
Side A

  1. N.R.A.
  2. Off The Track

Side B

  1. Missed Adventures
  2. Evil Behind The Wheel

The band lineup for this record is 
CJ - Vox
Rich - Guitar
Chris - Bass
Jeremy - Drums

Artwork by Chris Davis Album recorded at Spitshine Studios in Austin, TX.

Available for purchase at Interpunk for just $4.50 - a total fucking steal btw...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

All New Slieone Show October 19th




The Slieone show comes back to you Friday Oct 19th on 8 PM Eastern time. 

Justin Slieone along with his wife Heather and the newest member of the crack house, Kevin Oehlhof bring you an all new episode all about cops and stories from our past.Social Class drop out is the band of the week . Be sure to check them out on facebook and on air with us friday night .

We will have a ton of great music and all our normal antics!!

Be sure to poke Kevin O right here:

He loves to get poked like Jerry Sandusky does but Facebook pokes will work for the time being.

BANDS ...whom will be aired ...Songs TBA

Bands music music

Ame Bumpkin: Slieone theme

Rage Against the Machine: Fuck the Police

The Cock Blocks: Bench Warrant

Screeching Weasel: Police Insanity

Social Class Dropout: Catatonic

Social Class Dropout: Okay you can leave now

Mongrel Band Punk: Fuck Off and Die

Sidewalk Punk: I dont wanna be with you

RockAway Radio: California Sun

**Felix Baumgartner Space Jump**

The Queers: Houston We Have a Problem

Old Friends: Tattoo My Brain

No Gimmick: My Profession

Social class dropout: 6916


Social Class Dropout : Cool kids club

More Interview

Social class Dropout : Jenn and Ann

The Enders : Split Decision

Thomas D Amour (TDA) : Spike vein

The Bricktops : Bircktop bop

SEX WITH THE SLIEONES ( heather n justin )

Rex 84 ( Stevie Bastard ) : Shoot some cops

Val Ventura : Sun down California

Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 : Christine 

Justin @ Kevin Talk about cops and real life shit 

The Bricktops : Taryn is Lesbian

The Bricktops : Poser

Justin @ Kevin Talk about cops and real life shit 

The bricktops : Girlfriends mom 

More convo 

The bloody muffs : gotta go 

Band of the Week - Social Class Drop Out (formerly Kid PA)

Social Class Dropout (formerly KID PA) started as an idea between Tommy and Steve when they were playing together in Superbuick. 

The idea was to put together a band that plays the music they both loved. Fast, melodic, and fun as hell to play. Tommy had a bunch of songs written and he and Steve started practicing. But, they needed a guitar player. 

So, who do they call right away....none other than Skot Shaub. Skot also
played in Superbuick, and still plays in the amazing Testosteroso. Skot decided he wanted to concentrate on Testo, so we looked into the Superbuick treasure chest and pulled out Bruce. So with a line up of good friends that wanted to play fast melodic punk rock, KID PA was born. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Southern English Hardcore Band Lay it on the Line - New Album out Soon!


Hardcore band LAY IT ON THE LINE from Southern England have announced a free single download featuring the lead track from their current EP ‘A LESSON IN PERSONAL FINANCE’. The track ‘...AND THEY STOLE MY TV’ will be available to download online from November 12th 2012 and will include two exclusive demo tracks, which will feature on the debut album ‘CROWHURST’, to be released early 2013.

Formed from the ashes of several long term touring bands (Phinius Gage, Not Katies, Hundred Reasons and a dozen others) LAY IT ON THE LINE are an intensely melodic hardcore band who write about both fictional and factual life stories. Recent tracks look at a man’s one week descent into debt and despair in Las Vegas, to a real life story involving the murder of the headmaster at the school half of the band went to.

Only a band since January 2012, LAY IT ON THE LINE have caught the ears of Mike Davies (Radio 1) and seen a wealth of online support including Room Thirteen, Heavy Petal, American Aftermath and a lot of the underground blogs and zines. The bands debut demo ‘MIDNIGHT IN THE BELLGIO‘, set a good pace for the band, receiving well over a thousand downloads and quickly gathering a fanbase.

Having already played many shows around the UK, including supporting the likes of Ignite and Death By Stereo, the band are now working on their debut album with John Hannon (The Filaments, Suicide Bid, Babylon Whackers), lining up more live dates and preparing for a busy 12 months ahead.

Be listening for tracks from Lay it on the Line right here on! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phantom of the Black Hills - Enemy - Ratchet Blade Records - September 25, 2012

“Violence is as American as Apple Pie.” - PotBH

Phantom of the Black Hills new album Enemy - out now.
Okay, so they've spent 2 years working on it. That’s a helluva long time to work on an album. Was it worth the wait? You bet your fur covered asshole it was! The guitars are as hard and brutal as ever, the banjos, mandolins, and fiddles have become much more prominent players in this album compared to the previous two; Ghosts - 2009, and Born to Gun - 2010. 

The first two albums must’ve been dress rehearsals for this release. it’s like the Phantom & the boys (Popeye, Doc Helliday, & Deacon) picked up new quills dipped in blood to pen this new album. Lyrically more dark and intense than the previous two releases Enemy is filled with musical imagery of war, lust, death, and hell. Produced by Chopper Franklin [Bassist, the Cramps] and mixed by the legend himself Geza X [Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, The Germs, The Mau Maus]. For me this was a much anticipated release. From “Battle Cry” through to the closing track “Read My Bible” I get the impression this album has James Dickey grinning in his grave. The arrangement of the music is flawless, the lyrics are controversial as ever and I fucking love this album, just hope they don’t take two more years for the next one.... or maybe the wait will once again be well worth it.
This album is currently available for sale exclusively from the POTBH website for just $9.99 and later set for a street release date of spring 2013 on Ratchet Blade records via Nail Distribution . I don’t recommend waiting any longer than you have to, get this fucker today and let your inner hillbilly loose!