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  • Monday 
        12pm - You Got Good Taste (podcast)
          8pm - Unknown Radio  (every other monday only)
          9pm - Unknown Radio  (every other monday only)
          7pm - Loud, Fast, & Shitty (every other monday - opposite weeks from UR)

          8pm - Loud, Fast, & Shitty (every other monday - opposite weeks from UR)

  • Tuesday - 
         12pm  - PoDunk Punk Show  (live)
            1pm  - PoDunk Punk Show  (live)
            2pm - Red, Black & Blue (live)
            3pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
            4pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
            5pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)            
            6pm    - Way Past Cool (podcast)
            7pm    - TimPopLive
            8pm     - Best Table In Hell (podcast)
  • Wednesday -
           3pm - Jake's Inferno (podcast)                       
           5pm  -AVAILABLE - 
           6pm  -Buddha Stole my Turntable  (live)
           7pm - No Good Music (podcast)
  • Thursday - 
           2pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
           3pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
           4pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
           5pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
           6pm    - Red, Black & Blue Radio (live)
           7pm    - Worst Case Scenario (podcast)
           11pm - Underground Nightcap (live)
  • Friday -
 • Saturday
           9pm - Black Light Revolution (live)
         10pm - Black Light Revolution (live)
         11pm - Black Light Revolution (live)
• Sunday -
           5am - Double Crown on the Rocks Records (podcast)  

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Defecation Area

While working together in a factory, Marc and Alex meet each other for the first time in 2002. Both of them had the idea of playing music in a sleazy, hot and sexy punk & roll- band. After writing lots of own songs and month of rehearsing in Alex´ small flat, they were seriously looking for a drummer to make the project perfect. A couple of friends helped out playing drums when they were recording their first 4-song-EP “No Pride, No Style, No Values” in 2004. After advertising in a local musicians- magazine, Daniel showed up in 2005 and became a fixed member of DEFECATION AREA. The first self-made album “Stiff Middle Fingers” was released in 2006. The second LP “Alkopop” was recorded by Karsten Sulewsky, the guitar player of The Richies, one of the most famous punk-rock-bands in Duisburg ever. “Alkopop” was released in 2008 including 14 alcohol- flavoured punk & roll-songs. 2010 DEFECATION AREA appeared on 2 compilations of Brown Bag Propaganda. The 4-bands-split-LP “War, Terror and Ice Cream”, featuring THE OLYMPIANS (California), SICK (Illinois), THE LIVING REJECTS (Germany) and DEFECATION AREA (Germany) was released in 2010. The band played reams of shows nationwide sharing the stages with bands like: BORN TO LOSE, BAMBIX, LA GUNS, ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK, V8 WANKERS, SS- KALIERT and many more. A repertoire up to 2 hours of fast and dirty punk rock songs always kicks the audiences´ ass. Nothing will stop them yet! 

For further info visit:  


Cheers from Germany, 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Download FREE Animal Train Tracks!!!!

and any of these fine (well, maybe not myspace) locations in the webernet!

Download our 2st 2 EP's in the discography section read reviews and sign our guestbook.
Reverb Nation

Monday, May 23, 2011

Best package EVER!

Thanks to Jim @ Repentant records and Krysta Kaos!

you like free music?

Anyone want the new Red Black and Blue Radio Show/No Sale Radio 7" comp with
WWIX, Aggressive Force, The Revilers & For The Worse?
Listen to  Tuesday 3pm est. for your chance to get 1 FREE!

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A (Very Temporary) Web Address Change

for the next few days you will need to visit in order to check out the station site. sorry for the inconvenience - i made an error adn have to fix it before will be back up and running on that domain. - but never fear - it will be back up in normal order asap and maybe even look better.!


Inquire Within

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Great News Source & Liberal/Progressive Commentary

As liberal/progressive as it gets.  Totally and refreshingly uncensored with a lot of comedic spin.

A great source for Real News.

Fuck the Networks, Fuck CNN, Fuck MSNBC, I really need to say anything regarding these fucking retards.

Democracy Now!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks Guys! Rex84 as punk as it gets!

"We are lucky enough to have guys like at PoDunk Radio to help get our name out there."
                                                                                      - Stevie, Rex84

thanks for the shout!
Punk Rock '77 thru Today: Rex84 ***New Interview***
From L-R: Carl, J.P., Chris, & (Sexy Ass) Stevie 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Send us your tits!

Get on the podunk wall of fame like this listener!

this is how you say..... WORLDWIDE BITCHES!


Upcoming Animal Train Shows

5/20 Headhunters, Austin, TX
5/21 The Parlor, Austin, TX
5/22 Wake The Dead Coffeehouse, San Marcos, TX

Rock Out ALS observes ALS Awareness Month

SEATTLE, Washington (May 11th, 2011) May is ALS Awareness Month.  ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, takes away the body’s voluntary muscle functions trapping a fully thinking and feeling brain.  The average life expectancy is 2 – 5 years and is 100% fatal.  In observance of ALS Awareness Month, Rock Out ALS is producing to rock shows in Seattle:  Rock Out ALS “Unplugged” on May 21st and PUNK-Rock Out ALS May 28th.

Rock Out ALS “Unplugged” won’t be a bunch of “sappy ballads”.  It will be an “MTV Unplugged” styled rock show and will feature 13 rare acoustic sets from the finest of Seattle’s Rock Club Scene.  Scheduled to play are Christopher Haley (Dreaded Knuckles), Supergirl featuring Joe Motor of SODO’s Club Motor, Fringe Shift, Andy Wylie (Church for Sinners), Chris Forry (Pretty Enemy), JAR of Rain, Chris Bicknell (Moneta, Devils Hunt Me Down, Hexxus), Jack Rainwater (Hard Money Saints, Momma Tried), Madison Drive, Rane Stone & JT Philips (Klover Jane), SYFT, Windowpane and Introducing Americana/Blues/Fusion Guitarist Jesse West.  The show will be at King Cat Theater on Saturday May 21st with a $10.00 Cover at the door.  Doors open at 7pm, Show starts at 8:00 with a pre-show warm up at 7:30 by Jesse West.  This show is ALL AGES with a Bar for 21+ with ID.

Punk-Rock Out ALS is at El Corazon and features some of the best of Seattle’s Street Punk:  The Greengoes, The Kamikazi’s, The Blue Ribbon Boys, Spiderface and Seattle hardcore punk legends The Bloodclots whose guitar player Maddy Matt’s brother died of ALS.  Doors open at 7pm with the show starting at 8pm.  This show will be 21 and over ONLY.  Admission is $7.00 at the door.

American Music has donated a Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) Signature “Hellcat” Fender Acoustic Guitar for the Punk show and a Fender Stratocaster to be signed by all the artists performing at the Unplugged show and will be raffled near the end of the night.  Information on ALS will be provided at both shows.  Proceeds from both shows will go to ALS TDI (Therapeutic Development Institute) who is working on a medical therapy to interrupt the progression of ALS. 

Rock Out ALS, founded in Seattle in 2007, is an organization whose purpose is to unite the music industry behind awareness and fundraising for ALS.  It produces 5 – 8 shows a year as well as other music related events.

Unlike Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Parkinson’s or Cancer, ALS is underfunded and has no effective therapies.  Generally speaking, someone is diagnosed with ALS every 90 minutes.  At any given time, there are over 30,000 patients diagnosed with ALS living in the United States; the number world-wide is estimated at around 400,000.  40% of Families with ALS are forced into poverty due to the loss of the ability to work or by the primary income earner having to stay at home to care for the ALS Patient.  Anyone can be diagnosed with ALS, no matter what Age, Race, Sex or Economic Status. 

More information on Rock Out ALS can be found at and more information on ALS and ALS TDI is at


Rock Out ALS Founder, Michael Mad Mike Miller of Woodinville WA can be reached at for pictures and further information.

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