Thursday, November 29, 2012

We're on Bandcamp, Bitches!

Yup, it's official; we feel all legit and shit now. Finally got our comp added to Bandcamp it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD!
Go grab a copy and share the link with your buds. This is our first comp release (from way back in February) and our second is already in the works - it too will be released in February.
til next time, hosta la taco and peace out bitches.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rex 84 - You Are The Enemy - to be Released on BHJ Records December 2012

       I’m always down to hear anything new out of Rex 84 so when Stevie Bastard passed me a copy of his upcoming release You Are The Enemy I knew I’d be happy with it; and as usual I was very impressed.

     This full-length has twenty tracks totaling just over thirty two minutes of how the fuck did this come out of Kentucky. Stevie gets real busy, real quick crunching the shit out of his guitars on this one. Typical of Rex 84 these songs are short, angry and at times a wee bit shit your pants scary.  Some of the tracks on this album are mulligans of previous Rex releases. Apparently once your out of the band you’re fucking out and the tracks get re-recorded without your ass, which is fine by me as the fresher recordings have more edge to them.

The newest line-up for Rex 84 is Stevie on guitar and vocals, Spooky on  bass and backing  vocals, Token is on drums and backing vocals and Romie guests on  backing vocals.

This album makes me wonder if Stevie didn't eat GG Allin. His lyrics are crafted from genuine hate and tossed about in a gritty sauce of frustration.  It is obvious from the sound on this album that Stevie Bastard has a truly large and fearsome cock. It makes men want to be him and women want fuck him. ( I wasn't going to add that part in this review but Mr. Bastard offered to give me a handy after eating a bag of pork rinds and that is just too fucking Kentucky to pass up!)

In all seriousness though, this is another great raw power punk album from a band that is notorious for putting out albums so raw you could get salmonella just from listening to them.

Grab your copy when it comes out at BHJ Records .

Learn more about the band as well as Stevie’s other projects here.

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