Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Captain Bringdown + The Buzzkillers announce upcoming 7" EP

Well kids, one of my favorite acts out of America's hat, Captain Bringdown + the Buzzkillers have announced a soon to be released 7' EP (just in time for Record Store day titled Strikes Again! 

I want to first go on record as saying this is a damn good ep. I got it today and have given it at least 10 -12 listen throughs so far and have yet to tire of it. To put it in comparison - I listened to Against Me's Transgender Dysphoria Blues for 8 days straight and I can easily see myself doing the same with this EP from CBDBK.

This EP has 4 tracks: 1) Born to Fuck - which starts off with guitar work that's as dirty as the title and the Captain cuts in with his choppy, fast vocals - honestly - I'm old and my ears don't work well enough to figure out what the fuck he is saying but I don't mind, that's just fine, I'm one of those folks that don't have to completely understand it to dig it.
Track 2) Cellophane (the single off this EP) is definitely the track that will get the kids really bouncing in the pit. Track 3) A Dick Shin is where the kids are going to starting fucking things up and regretting not wearing thicker shoes or drinking more beer and then these crazy Canadians do what Canadians do best with their music and finish this EP off with a wonderfully executed sing-along and slosh beer on one another song titled Gooch. This could easily be the best party song of 2014 and this EP easily one of the best you will hear all year. Follow CBDBK on the facebook and other social media as well as checking back in here for more updates on the release of this. Trust me you won't be let down like we have gotten used to from a lot of that trash out of Canada (Brian Adams - I'm talking to you)

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

From Belgrade, Serbia - Gresnici

great tune - AND if you check out their website they have some free downloads available.