Saturday, July 6, 2013

M-13 - Nowhere 7" - 2013 Overdose on Records

By Kyle Grissom

M - 13 started out as just another hardcore band like most they last a little while then go away. However after thinking about it they decided to come back. The first thing they did was get a new drummer then record and rerecord some songs. That resulted in 2012's "13/HC" 7" self release seeing it as a success they signed to PA's Overdose On Records and this spring will release their new 7" "Nowhere".

The 7" starts off strong with "Cops Get Away With Murder / FDA"  rallying cry to wake up and take back the country. Started off by a spoken word piece and ends up in a frenzy of rousing guitars and cymbal crashes. Very reminiscent of early Hardcore songs which actually had a message.

Next the title track "Nowhere" continues the chaos definitely not for the faint but, then again if you are reading this magazine you are ready. If you are a teenager good news your parents will hate it.

Finally "Overloaded" is a slam dance masterpiece (however don't be that dick who actually hits on people). It's fast and really gets the blood pumping you listen to it and feel you could do anything and actually succeed. I can't recommend this 7" enough. I'd advise all of you reading to buy this as soon as it comes out.

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