Saturday, July 6, 2013

Interview with Stevie Bastard of Rex 84, Coffin Flag, and Stevie Bastard.

TIP Rich: So tell us about the Rex 84 lineup. How long have you been a band and how did you come up with the name?

SB: There's Stevie bastard on guitar and lead vocals, token (aka Johnny smash) on drums and bongs, and spooky on bass, backing vox, and stunt beard on duck dynasty..we are from Princeton Kentucky, sa---lute!
Rex has been around for about 3 years now, Stevie came up wit it. Its about a proposed program that would be put into place so times of civil disobedience to track, gather , house , and ultimately neutralize imagined threats to welfare of America and its corporate masters..

TIP Rich: how would you describe your sound? What are some of the bands influences?

SB: It varies from song to song.punk is there, metal is there too, hell even some blues if you look real closely. I'm much more influenced by early hardcore punk, new wave, early metal (black Sabbath, ect) , and thrash metal than the other guys . They are from pantera, and slayer on up , more nu metal influences..but it generally gels. But everyone has their preferences..

TIP Rich:What is the scene like where you are from?

SB: Small, but getting stronger and unified every show. There's Lots of metal here. And now with us and our influence more punk bands are coming along too. I'm proud what part I (Stevie) has been able to play in its infancy..
Not a lot of clubs here, but the places that have opened their doors to us like the warehouse , terrapin station, and jj lounge have been super cool..

TIP Rich:Who are some of your favorite bands you have played with?

SB: Wow, man that's a tough one..We hate em all!.. no no ,Im kidding. Ok . well the ones we've played most with recently has been akotjumang also we are doing more with my disdain, but the folks in teenage rehab , shark week, and the kids in Memphis like SVU had been nothing but cool to us as well.

TIP Rich:Is there a favorite venue you enjoy playing?

SB: The warehouse was cool, played there recently; hell it was like 1992 last time I was through there! Bars are good for making some dough to eat, but as for the feel I like. it's always been hall shows, or house shows. Feeling the heat off people and smelling the big mac they just ate before the set. That's something special..

TIP Rich:Tell us about your other music and side projects.

SB: Well we also do a project called coffin flag with our friend romie singing. It's more metal for sure. I got my one man industrial thing I do called Stevie bastard. A one off kinda deal I (Stevie) did the fat Charlie mansons. And he's in the middle of a secret little deal but I can't talk about it but rest assured it will rock your tits off.

TIP Rich:Got any upcoming shows or releases dropping soon?

SB: June 30th  at the warehouse. July 20th at jj lounge, some other tba .
And i am working feverishly to knock out a rex,a coffin flag, and a Stevie bastard set of EPs for our new home Podunk records!

TIP Rich:So tell us about the move from B.H.J. Records to PoDunk Records.

SB: it was like any relationship, it ran its course. Im not gonna dish dirt, but I wont stay in anything that comes off toxic or less than above board. As for Podunk ive know chris Griffith ( jacks) and rich a-train for years now. If they'd had the label up in going when I was helping get bhj started id released on excited to see where things go from here.

TIP Rich:Recording? At home or in a studio what do you prefer?

SB: We try to be as diy as we can. We record at home. We aren't above a studio, but we just got the money to float that stuff. Not to mention.. THIS IS PUNK ROCK!..Most misfits, and samhain recordings quality wise sounded rough , but it gave it character..and it kicked ass. We rather have balls that gloss!

TIP Rich:Have you ever toured or have plans to do a tour? If you could go and play anywhere in the world where would it be?

SB:  We got a few plans for a south west tour out toward vegas. Most of our shows run several shows a month as work allows. Yeah I'm certainly down with a tour though. As for a place to play as of a country, Germany..My people are from there so it feels right. As of a certain club or event.. I’d love to do a show somewhere that's never heard punk..that would be killer.

TIP Rich:I know you're a fellow night owl. What keeps ya going? Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks? What is your poison?

SB: Coffee runs the bastard..that and its when my juices flow most readily..

TIP Rich: Now it's time to whore your stuff. Tell everyone where they can get their hands on your music, merch, and other goodies.

SB: With us doing the change over from bhj well, there's that, also we are coming up with new shirts as we speak, though I loath messing with merch. If I wanted to be a retailer I’d work at snot topic..also contact Stevie at we will hook you up , I also do old school homemade t shirts too.. gotta keep the spirit alive..
Thank for asking to rap with us. And thanks for all you guys have done for punk and independent music..

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