Sunday, January 27, 2013

Union Jack Announce European Tour Dates

Feb 02 Au Monk's Café-Lille, France
Feb 12 Epplehaus-Tübingen, Germany
Feb 13 Esperanza-Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
Feb 14 Hall des chars-Strasbourg, France
Feb 15 TBA, Germany
Feb 16 Café irrlicht-Schopfheim, Germany
Feb 22 Au Maltais-Chartres, France
Feb 23 CCM John Lennon-Limoges, France
Mar 08 Le Baraka-Clermont-Ferrand, France
Mar 09 Le trokson-Lyon, France
Mar 17 Batofar-Paris, France
Apr 27 TBA-Mouscron, Belgium

Check out their abrasive Ska sound at the following links.

On Bandcamp On iTunes On Amazon

Saturday, January 26, 2013

VITAMIN X east coast/mid west USA tour May 2013

6 Th. Philadelphia, PA
17 Fr. St Vitus, Brooklyn, NYC, NY
18 Sa. Long Island, NY 
19 Su. Mr Roboto Project, Pittsburgh, PA
20 Mo. Indianapolis, IN
21 Tu. Chicago, IL 
22 We. Now that's class, Cleveland, OH 
23 Th. Buffalo, NY 
24 Fr. Boston, MA
25 S.a MDF (Maryland Death Fest)

The tour is now completed and all the shows are confirmed! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Server outage

Sorry folks, the server company that hosts PoDunk had a power outage, causing our station to go off the air temporarily.  We will have it taken care of as soon as possible.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Enders - Ruins of Ambition - Release Date TBA - On Infested Records

If you dig hardcore punk rock the Enders are a band that you don't want to fuckin' overlook.

Ruins of Ambition Cover Art
Established in 2009, The Enders are a nationally touring Lafayette, Indiana-based hardcore punk band distributed by Infested Records and Unrepentant Records. As stated by Critical Mass Music, they play "rip your face off, slam you against a brick wall and leave you battered and bloody in the dirt hardcore!"

Comprised of Benny No-Good - guitar and vocals, Canadian Pete- bass and backing vocals, & Omar Villarreal - drums and backing vocals, The Enders have been pumping out some of the finest hardcore infused punk rock that the Mid-West has to offer for many years now.

PoDunk Radio has been a staunch supporter of this band since we took to the digital airwaves and we on't plan on kicking these boys to the curb any time soon.

The Ruins of Ambition starts big and ends big with everything in between being just as big!  From the introductory feedback in the opening track My Television, The Ruins of Ambition will get under your skin like a drug and keeps you firmly in it's grip for the next 30 minutes or so and closes out with more feedback - that's fucking punk rock, bitches!

Benny is a pretty smart cat and his intellect shines through in his lyrics, these aren't songs about teenage hi-jinks or spitting in society's face. These songs cover topics that are more real, their anger is defined, it is dissected and properly explained without being tedious or lengthy about it. The Enders bring to our attention corporate greed, consumerism, our crumbling environment/ecology (without sounding like some kind of dirty god damned stinking hippies about it), and a lot of something that I think every American has felt just flat out frustration and despair over the bullshit our government does to us every day and our (citizens) apparent inability to change a fucking thing about. This album speaks volumes about the bullshit we face every day and does it to some kick ass fucking music! The music is intense, it's angry - even without the lyrics you feel the anger in the instruments and it's fucking amazing. Blue collars and bruised knuckles sums up the overall theme of The Ruins of Ambition.  This album inspires it's listeners to become more involved in the system, it urges us to take part and become the solution rather than sit back and bitch about it the spirit of which is captured best in Song For The Working Class. I think this song is the prize winner on this album, hands down. This song speaks straight to you, to me, to everyone that busts their ass day in and day out in an attempt to make ends meet. I give these guys huge props for this song and it's message. Folks like The Enders restore a lot of my faith in my fellow Americans.

Lyrics - from

Here's another song for the American soldier

Not just the ones in military uniform
In a never-ending battle for your very survival
Tryin' to make enough to keep your family warm
Bloody knuckles wipin' back the sweat in your eyes
Punches on the clock are how you measure your life
Red-blooded grit, determination and drive
Are our source of national pride

You make the best of what is handed you

Earning everything you get is all that you can do
The future of our nation rests upon your backs
We celebrate your sacrifice
With a song for the working class

Quittin' time's the hour that the job is completed

'Just enough' is just enough to get the work done
Are you living to work, or are you working to live?
Every day it feels you're livin' under the gun
Bruised and dirty knuckles wipe the tears from your eyes
From the pain of givin' up a life so you can provide
Security through your sweat and toil
It's the source of your family's pride

You make the best of what is handed you

Earning everything you get is all that you can do
The future of our nation rests upon your backs
We celebrate your sacrifice
With a song for the working class

Be looking for The Enders to begin touring this summer in support of this album and if you happen to see they are playing in a town near you - help them get a gig in your town!

These are class act dudes with a class act album - Pre-Orders are available now at Infested Records for just $10 bucks - sure that's enough to feed an entire village in some shithole in Africa - but really, what the fuck did those skinny assholes ever do for you?

Orders will ship as soon as the pre-order fulfillment of 60 copies are ordered so what the fuck are you waiting for? GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!!

ji* - The PoDunk Punk

Live at the Monkey Bar - Milwaukee, WI

Flyer designed by Meredith B. Hall

FightBack Zine releases new comp! New Year, New Music, 01/13

Our good friends over at Fightback Zine have released their latest comp.

25 tracks from some of today's best punk acts totaling in at 1 hour exactly this is a solid comp release that is a great display of the underground punk scene as it stands today.

 My only disappointment with this comp is that the tag structure was pretty much ignored,which happens from time to time, and the file format is not consistent but I'm pretty anal about my track info as well.. so.. yea, ya know...

Here is the complete track listing of the comp
  • The Path 2:18   The Enders      1 /25
  • Short Fuse   2:01   Disco Assault      2 /25   
  • Eyes Wide Shut   1:37   Direct Approach      3 /25   
  • Killing Fields   2:12   Iron Guts Kelly      4 /25  
  • Soft Skin   2:53   Soft Skin      5 /25
  • The Pope Is Dead   1:35   S.G.S.      6 /25   
  • Streets   2:34   Stand Alones      7 /25
  • Still Crazy But Not Insane   2:50   Spider Crew      8 /25
  • Break It Down   3:06   Crashed Out      9 /25  
  • Perspective   0:46   Stomping Ground      10 /25  
  • The Box   3:31   Repeat Offenders      11 /25        
  • The Woodshed   2:21   Supreme Commander      12 /25   
  • Whatevers Clever   1:24   Antiseptic      13 /25
  • Wasteface   1:55   Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups      14 /25
  • Ashland   3:43   Top Soil      15 /25   
  • Revolutions   4:05   Hostages For Smack      16 /25  
  • Rucknoi   2:28   Kombatants      17 /25
  • Ralph   2:09   The Idiots      18 /25
  • Dare to be Different   2:45   Crashed Out      19 /25
  • Hero   4:04   Silence Equals Death      20 /25  
  • Buy Me Back   3:11   Blood /My Brothers      21 /25
  • Gaddafodil   2:05   Hostages For Smack      22 /25
  • Saucer Country   2:12   Empty Vessels      23 /25   
  • Hell Bent   3:11   Reason To Fight      24 /25   
  • Cover-up   2:37   The Fanny Pads      25 /25

ji* - jacks insanity
the podunk punk

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Bloody Muffs - The Fan Sampler - Released August 2012 - F.Y.M Records

When this dude is a fan - you know you're doing punk rock the right way!

"The Bloody Muffs began with an acoustic guitar, a recording program, a laptop, a microphone,  and a dream in a Jersey City, NJ bedroom in 2007. Since then, The Bloody Muffs have developed into a national touring band. Beginning with the release of Heavy Flow in 2009 right through 2012's Blue Waffle Breakfast. the band has continually pumped out catchy, fun, vulgar, funny, and solid songs" Excerpt from The Bloody Muffs "About" Section on their facebook page.

In what I personally feel is a very classy move, The Bloody Muffs decided last year to release a Fan Favorites Sampler album, a Best Of, type of thing if you will, and had the decency to offer it up as a free (Name Your Own Price) download over at Bandcamp. Consisting of 11 tracks The Fan's Sampler is a perfect display of The Bloody Muffs, who they are, have been and will continue to be.

The Bloody Muffs are a 3 - piece act comprised of Bryan Defiance-Guitar/vocs/douchebaggery, Kat Kaos-Drums/Vocs, & Jessica Carmen-Bass/Vocs.

These cats are cool, I mean real cool, like the cucumber on the other side of the pillow, cool. Their lyrics are raunchy, crude and as catchy as a bad case of herpes. It only takes a few listens of the songs on The Fan's Sampler to find yourself singing along and rooting for the underdog. Bryan Defiance has a great vocal quality, while Kat Kaos and Jessica Carmen compliment it perfectly on backing and alternating vocals.

Lyrically, these songs are superbly honest, hell, they are more than mere songs, they are tales, if you will, of partying, having a good, time, getting in trouble, fucking shit up, getting laid (or at least wanting to) and having your heart broken. These cats are singing a lifestyle and no matter how hard the lifestyle may be they have a great way of making it all seem upbeat and fun. The Bloody Muffs are like the Disney Land of punk rock music. You just can't be sad or upset about a damn thing while listening to them. Just got your heart ripped out? Pop in some Bloody Muffs, drink a few beers and soon you'll be saying "Fuck that Cunt!" and having a helluva damn good time forgetting that bitch. They bang out one great song after the other much in the same way that your grandfather banged Asian chicks during the Korean war, Often, drunkenly, and well.

They play big, tour bigger and are looking to rock your asses off for a long time to come.

Much love and respect to the punk rockers - grab a copy of this today - and remember, just because you can get it for free - don't mean that these folks don't like to eat...

I dig the shit out of this band and am honored to have them on this year's PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 2 and thank the punk rock gods every damn day for The Bloody Muffs.

The Legendary TAG WALL in The Muff Cave.
ji* - the podunk punk.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 - Midnight Mass - Cretin Records - 2012

Photo Credit: Lisa Gourley -
Album Art by: Troy City Design
I've been to Rhode Island a couple of times. 

Well, make that through; only stopping long enough to piss or shit in a gas station on my way to somewhere else. Maybe that's why I am often surprised at the quality of the music that comes out of that state. I never gave it a proper run through. Man, I really should have; maybe then I could have bought these fine gentlemen a beer, the Kraken knows they deserve it.

Tony Jones & the Cretin 3 formed back in 2008 and have apparently made quite the name for themselves in and around the RI area. They bring a rockabilly/psychobilly sound infused with a bit of punk rock to their garage rock tunes without adding too much of one nor the other to the mix and the result is something quite spectacular. Claiming influences from acts such as the Ramones, Nick Cave, Dick Dale, The Dead Boys and Jim Carroll to name a few. To put it simply,  this band just fucking rocks. Exactly what a band should do. FUCKING ROCK!

Consisting of Tony Jones: Sillyness (& Vocals), R.J. Gregory : Drums, Sean Leary: Guitar, & George Goner on the  Bass; Tony Jones & the Cretin 3 have a great sound and they have it nailed, I'd be one happy camper to catch them live some time.

Their latest release, Midnight Mass released on Cretin Records, consists of 5 tracks, why just 5 tracks you might ask, well because that's all they fucking needed to release to give you a  proper taste of what this band is about. The guitars are BIG, like fucking HUGE fuzz big. Tony has a voice that you can recognize right away, which is always a good thing when you're looking to stand out amongst  the crowd of other bands.

Midnight Mass begins with a nice deep south crunchy guitar and I'm thinking to myself, "Holy fuck, if I weren't half crippled I could totally spin my wife around the floor of a honky tonk to this!"

Second in line is Bobby's Shed, which takes the e.p. a darker turn but still has enough rock and roll spank to it to remind us that it's fun. I really dig the soulful guitar work throughout this song.
With the intro to Christine these guys take us in a whole new direction entirely and throw us nice bouncy, toe tappy kinda tune that compels you to wiggle in your seat and bob your head around - how many fucking ways can this band keep switching things up and still sound like the same band??? Mother fucker!!! Cindy Was A Terrorist takes us straight to the glory days of the pop-punk sound and now I just can't sit still anymore. I'm making my dog nervous. She isn't used to seeing me move this much. And then BAM! Mr. Goner does some neat dark, spooky shit with his bass, Sean gives us a crunch or two on the guitar into a neck slide and I'll be damned if these dues didn't just roll us into some early DC sound on the track titled Bring Out Your Dead, by far my favorite track off this e.p. It's heavy, it's dark, it's deep.

This is the most diverse sound  that I have heard out of an e.p. and I can not recommend it enough. Seriously get your clicker finger moving and get a copy of Midnight Mass as soon as fucking possible, your soul will thank you for it. 

the PoDunk Punk

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soto St. Go! Released 2012 on BHJ Records

Soto St. Performing Live. Photo by PapaKaster Photography.
Soto St. Go! Album Art
If you didn't learn enough about skate-punk from bands like Adolescents, Vandals, or Face to Face;  Soto St. is here to help you further your lessons. Rocking the shit out of Orange County, Soto St. is a fast paced, gritty guitar oriented band. Their full length album GO! was released on  BHJ Records back (yeah, way back) in 2012 and my apologies to the band, I let this review slip through the cracks.

From the first track We Don't Want It, We Don't Need It you pick up a vibe that reminds you of the Vandals and makes you want to pull your old Powell Peralta out of the back of the closet and maybe break a hip trying to be young again.

The songs on this album are quick, fast paced and full of an energy that I don't hear too often in punk rock these days and I applaud these guys for keeping this sound alive while still keeping it fresh.

Soto St. is: Jeff - Voxxx/ insults, Dane - Guitar/vox/ intensity, Pat - Percussive beatdown, & Dean Deal- Bass bashing. I've probably listened to this album at least a hundred times since I got it and still remains in my most listened to list on my googleator.

The bassline intro of Five Finger Fuck You is fucking stellar; It's the bass line every band wants to start their song off with and it just keeps popping about through the whole song.  

This album captures the youthful "fuck you" of punk rock roots and hints at a promising future for punk to come. I fucking love this album. If I didn't have a copy, I'd get one, quick! Fuck, it's just  8 bucks at the BHJ webstore and shipping is included (inside the U.S.)

Go! Gets 4 star treatment here at PoDunk Radio and we wish Jeff Soto and crew nothing but the best in their future as a band. AND, if you happen to be in the area they are doing an all ages show Friday the 25th along with some pretty impressive company.

The PoDunk Punk

The Dead Tricks - New Single The Despicable Summer Released 2013 - Infested Records

Photo by Todd Barndollar - © Copyright 2012

Recently signed to Infested Records, The Dead Tricks have just released a new single titled The Despicable Summer, the B side of which is Serf. 

The Dead Tricks are a great band out of New York with a very distinct East-Coast sound.

Consisting of James on Vocals, Lorne on Guitar, Manya on Bass, and Larry on Drums. 

This single is evidence that this band is ready to take on more than just the east coast punk scene and deliver their brand of music to a worldwide audience. At 3 minutes, thirty-five seconds The Despicable Summer is not your typical 3 chords and we're done punk record. Side A begins with a guitar heavy intro and James jumps in with his scratchy vocals, makes me wonder if he is on the same whiskey and cigar diet as Chris Cornell. This is a great sound, the guitar work is impeccable, the bass is steady and punchy, and the beat is really catchy, expect this to get a lot of airtime over here at PoDunk Radio. The B Side - Serf (4:02) is the perfect compliment to it's reverse. The guitar work on the introduction is soft, slow, and hollow; it's hauntingly good, and then Manya jumps on the bass and points the song in a new direction, a jumpy, quick-paced direction and the song just falls into place as a great piece of musicianship. I'm really impressed with the work these guys have put into this single and look forward to hearing the full-length when it drops sometime later this year. I give this 4 out of 5 and will happily debate anyone that gives it less.

the podunk punk

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Minor Decline - The Front Nine - Released 10/13/12 on BHJ Records

Minor Decline - The Front Nine - BHJ Records
If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Minor Decline yet, you're going to wind up kicking yourself in the ass repeatedly for a while after checking out this album.

The Front Nine is the first full length release for Minor Decline, a follow up to their Hippie-Crit E.P. and quite possibly one of the BEST punk rock releases of 2012; I have no qualms saying this. This is an album for practically every punk out there.

Pop-Punk? Power-Pop, Skate Punk? They fit into them all.  

Jake Thomas (guitarist/vocalist/song writer)  says "We call ourselves "Not-So West Coast Skate Punk", cause the majority of our influences came from the 80's/90's west coast skate punk band but we're nowhere near the west coast hah!", and I have to agree.

The early skate punk sound is definitely well represented here. 

The irony of all this is that these kids are rolling out of Galesburg, IL!!!!!
Recorded by Nick Nativo at The Nook Recording Studio in New Lenox, IL. and released on BHJ Records, The Front Nine starts off with a track that should be a punk rock anthem called Puke Parade. A powerful, skillfully executed track with just the right amount of everything. Jake is a lyrical master, his songs speak candidly about life and the situations pretty much everyone finds themselves in on a daily basis, whether they put themselves there or were drug into it by outside sources without making them too serious. Drinking, skating, fucking shit up, and having a good time.

This album flows smoothly from track to track and you will definitely find yourself playing it over and over again. If ever there were an album that proves it's creators deserve to be in the big leagues The Front Nine is that album and Minor Decline is that band! The instrumentals are tight, the vocals are clean, this is what hard work sounds like. 

Hands down, my personal favorite track off this album is I.F.Y.M (I Fucked Your Mom) it is the perfect fuck you to every redneck bastard you will ever encounter.

I give this album a 9/10 just because I am one of those assholes the firmly believes there is always room to improve (and because I don't have a Minor decline T-shirt [hint hint 2x])

As always, don't just take my word for it - listen to it for yourself and you'll find that you want to own a copy of this.

Minor Decline has several live shows coming up so don't miss your chance to catch them live

1/5 - Underground Rock Shop - Des Moines, IA
1/6 - The Hideout - Omaha, NE
1/7 - The Boobie Trap - Topeka, KS
1/9 - Davey's Uptown - Kansas City, MO
1/10 - Yacht Club - Iowa City, IA **
1/11 - Bloody Holly Basement - Muscatine, IA **
1/12 - Smitty's Tap - Galesburg, IL

Check them out on the facebook and be sure to tell them that PoDunk Radio sent ya!

Press Contact/Booking agent for Minor Decline is Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas || || (309) 716-5345

the podunk punk.