Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the PoDunk Punk Show - 06-26-2012 - #PunkRock!

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great tunes this week from awesome punk bands. thanks to spltterhouse wreckords for the tracks from hot roddin romeos, load leveller, latex willer, bassline bums, splat rabbit records for tracks from klondike kate, and the Front, wolverine records for tracks from Johnny hotrod and the redneck zombies, and the bucaneers, human remains records sent tracks from stitch the lids, gti, and idleminds, tank crime records - municipal waste split from toxic holocaust, and municipal waste, the kremlings from denton, tx, skychief, drain pipe, zombie fight, sok and the faggots, cellblock earth, order 66, destruction eve, and secular plague

Monday, June 25, 2012


Invite your Friends! This is my first completely solo podcast for The Slieone Show at www.podunkradio.com . It will air at 10 PM EST on Monday, June 25th.

Song lineup is as follows:

Desensitised: Bad Reputation (Cover)
Husbands 'N' Knives: Domestic
Sizemores: Kenny Powers
Shark Week: Red Tarps and Green Burritos
The Cock Blocks: Ditz
New Rochelles: This is my LJ
Evil O'Brians: Even Monsters Need Some Love
He Man Woman Haters: Faded Memories
Desensitised: What was I Thinking?
Kobanes: Pizza Party!
McFlys: Come on Pretty Baby
The Promdates: Go Gorilla
Manges: Back to the Training Camp
Braceface: AWOL Girl
Scutches: Sleep Around Sue
The Zits: Flower Girl
The Zits: Surfing Holiday
Shark Week: Pizza Club Cowboys
The Bloody Muffs: Harold Camping Had a Stroke
Maid of Ace: Dickhead
Maid of Ace: Dirty Girl
Husbands N Knives: Knee Jerk Reaction
Biters: Electric Nights
Murderburgers: Sickness in my Head
The Bumpkins: You Gotta Go

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tulu ( One of The Original Queers ) Talks with Slieone

Friday night at 8 PM Eastern time


Hope to see you all in the Podunk  chat room

Catch replays there after at:  prpradio.wordpress.com

Tulu ( John Truth)

He helped write/played on a Day late Dollar Short, by The Queers
He helped write/played on The Drunken Cholos album
He is the front man for The Monsignors
He has a new project Called New Hymns by John Truth(Tulu)

Interview and music

I want cunt - The Queers
Fagtown - The Queers
Nothing to do - the Queers

Judys gone - The Monsignors
You're so pretty - The Monsignors

Wimpy goes to college -Drunken Cholos
I want chinese food - Drunken Cholos
Caught smoking pot -Drunken Cholos
I spear the rear - Drunken Cholos

New Hymns - John truth(Tulu)

Shes coming back - (Tulu) John Truth
Kristie Kristie - (Tulu) John Truth
Two Room Hospital (Tulu) John Truth
Been So cold (tulu ) John Truth
Will You marry me , Darling

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the PoDunk Punk Show! June 19, 2012

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had a lot of great submissions this week from a lot of great acts as well as submissions from two of my favorite labels.

Horn and Hoof Records sent us some stuff from the Flat Back Four, Big Ed & the Stink, Glue Ear, Oiz II Men, the Distrakted, and A Victory at Sea.

I Hate Punk Rock Records sent some really bad ass tracks from Jetty Boys, the Boys Club, Hold Tight!, and Direct Hit.

This show also features tracks from Voyage of Slaves, the Lickers, Basic Purpose, the Shidiots, Zombie Fight, Web Society, Every Day Destruction, Be My Doppleganger, the Fat Charlie Mansons, the Glory, Shaken Babies, and Ziplock.

Once again, thanks to everyone that submitted music, everyone that tuned in, all of you that will download this in the future and a special thanks to Crown Royal Whiskey! (can we get a sponsorship please?) and to Altoids for making my breath so fresh and minty for the show!

support local music!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the PoDunk Punk Show - 06-12-12 - Jack had a Birthday!

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Not gonna lie to ya kids, my 39th birthday yesterday, june 11th, threw me for a loop. - got my head all out of shape the commentary on this show my not be the best but the punk rock is pure, raw and awesome as two titties fucking each other!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rutabaga Suicide

Rutababa Suicide was first formed in 1999. After years of life events and line-up changes, they have become a 4 piece band, consisting of The Bob, Bill, Matt, and Mike. They are about to release another self-titled, full length album.

Their CD Release Party/Show is on Thursday June 21st, at 5 PM at the Gettysburg Moose Park. This is an all ages show (no alcohol).

To check out their music, and/or purchase some, go to: http://rutabagasuicide1.bandcamp.com/