Saturday, July 6, 2013

Interview with the Beat Dolls

TIP Rich: How did ya come up with the name The Beat Dolls?

TBD: My dad was a musician, Jack Starr. He's on Norton Records. He's had music covered by Jack White, written and performed songs for Anti-Seen and local faves The Blue Flames cover one of his songs, also. He has a song called Beat Doll and Ramon from The Scary Mondelos suggested that I pick one of my dads songs for my band name and that was the best one. It's awesome, because I love talking about my dad, so the name gives me the opportunity to do that.

TIP Rich:Has Austin always been home to the band?

TBD: Yes. My very first band, SkateAroundChippy, moved from Dallas to Austin, for family, but we wound up breaking up, which gave me the opportunity to do it they way I really wanted to do it, as The Beat Dolls. None of my band members are or have ever been, I think, from Austin. I'm the only Texas-born member, but yes, The Beat Dolls. were formed here in Austin.

TIP Rich:What do you think about the punk scene in Austin?

TBD: Hmmm, well, I've got to be honest. I've never been part of the in-crowd and I'm still not. I'm not about playing with punk bands just because they are punk bands, I'm about playing with bands that I enjoy listening to and seeing perform. So, I honestly have no idea what the punk scene in Austin is like. As far as our supporters in Austin, now those people are awesome! We have supporters in Austin and around the world that support us with words, money, letters to publications, to help get our name out and just a simple little hug or a pat on the back. That's the scene we dig.
TIP Rich:So what's it like being a girl in a band?
TBD:  I guess it's like being a guy in a band? I really have never thought about it, except I guess when the guys say gross stuff and I don't want to hear it. And I guess, my band members lift and move my stuff a lot. I mean, I'm not a very big person and my arms don't wrap around some of my stuff, so I suppose that may be a bit different but, I'm just a band member, like the other guys, only shorter and smarter!
TIP Rich: How do yall go about song writing?
TBD: Well, in the beginning, Ramon from The Scary Mondelos, was my original bass player and we shared song writing duties. Mostly, he would write the music, I couldn't play guitar, and he'd write some lyrics, and I wrote lyrics. The Beat Dolls. still perform those songs that we wrote together and they are some of my favorite songs. Though, I did write the music for some of our early songs, even though I couldn't exactly play the guitar, but I mean I could make sounds on it enough to come up with a song. Now, I play guitar, so I write the songs, music and lyrics, then I take that to the guys and if they're feeling it, they come up with their parts. Sometimes, I have an idea for the drums or the bass, and I'll voice that idea and it all comes together.  We do have a song pending that Barry, wrote, so stay tuned.
TIP Rich: Got any upcoming shows?
TBD: Our next show is June 26th at Headhunters with two bands from Boston, The Union Boys, RF30 and local punks Revolt 45. We're taking a little break after that to continue the behind the scenes work that bands have to do to get their name out. It is not the fun part but it is necessary.
TIP Rich: Got any releases ya want to plug?
TBD: Hopefully we'll be recording by the end of the year, but in the meantime, our EP "Death of the Party" can be purchased at 
TIP Rich:What do you do when you're not busy with the band?
TBD: I do hair in my little suite at Jamila Salon in Austin and I have a small family, but honestly, I am never not busy with the band. I also do hair on the road with the band and occasionally at the shows. It's a lot of fun!
TIP Rich:Where can people find your stuff online?
TBD: Oh man, The Beat Dolls. are in so many places online, because we put ourselves everywhere in the beginning and have since forgotten all of those places. If you search us, we are definitely there. We are on FB,, and and we're all over youtube.

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