Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thirteen Towers Offer up FREE downloads of their EP "We Don't Care"

We Don't Care

Our free 6 song EP
Track TitlePrice

Arna Valley Blues [3:22] Free  Download MP3

Bumped Your Head [2:23] Free  Download MP3

Matilda [3:13] Free  Download MP3

Metro Area [2:31] Free  Download MP3

Nowhere to Go [3:23] Free  Download MP3

We Don't Care [2:57] Free  Download MP3


Thirteen Towers is a 5 piece ( 7 when horns available) punk/ska band from Fairfax VA. The year was 2007. Edson tired of playing in cover bands wanted to finally try to " do his own thing". After being in bands where peoples ego and selfishness had always derailed any endeavors to move forward. Edson recruited a group of young musicians with similar musical interest to start a band that would welcome anybody's input towards songwriting . Also bringing a positive message about life, love, social equality, with a twist of humor and sarcasm. Being a huge fan of 90s punk and 3rd wave ska he had a clear vision of what the band could sound like. Thirteen Towers was in its metamorphic state. A Craigslist ad later, Mike Yaary, aka Mikey, was onboard on drums. A drummer from Philly living in the Northern VA area working hard during the day at an awesome job, had the need to release his greatness on the pots and pans and bring a quality ska element to the mix. A partnership in songwriting was born. 

After 5 years of playing together, Edson on bass and Mikey on drums they are Thirteen Towers' only remaining original members. Singer Mike Tolbert joined the band in 2008 after the original singer Cliff Henley left for personal reasons. Mike brought with him an ability to make girls swoon with his lead vocals, bringing a level of tenderness that meshed well with punk and ska riffs that brought songs to life. After a few guitar players came and went, Thirteen Towers needed some new blood. Again using the ever popular Craigslist, 2 new guitarists were recruited. Jeff Skinner and Xavier Pena joined the band in late 2011 and have been with the band ever since, adding a polished sound to every song that Thirteen Towers ever wrote. In 2012 the grand idea to bring horns in as a new element to enhance their ska sound was hatched and brought in Chis Tolbert on trumpet. Chris has brought a true ear and a level of perfection with rich tones and soothing melodies that has made Thirteen Towers a contender in the DC punk and ska scene. They are currently working in trombone players to round out the horn section on a permanent basis.
Expect to hear great things in 2013 as they finish their recordings and continue to bring great energy to any and every performance they are a part of. Lookout for their new EP this Spring.

Upcoming Shows
May 11 Memories
 BarWaldorf, MD US

May 25 O’Shaughnessy’s 
Alexandria, VA US

Jun 22 The Electric Maid
 Washington DC,  US

Jun 29 MD Food Collective's first show of 2013
 College Park, MD US for booking


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