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Punk Aid Announce Boston Strong - A Punk Rock Compilation benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.


(SS Decontrol, Boston 1982)

During the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded, killing 3 people and injuring 264. This compilation is dedicated to the 264 wounded and to the memory of:

  • Krystle Marie Campbell, 29
  • Lü Lingzi, 23
  • Martin William Richard, 8
  • Sean A. Collier, 26 (killed in gunfire with suspects)
This international compilation was put together entirely online. A single post went from an idea to reality within minutes. The first day alone over 40 track submissions were received. DIY is alive and well, and PUNK AID has proven yet again that punk rock is a driving force that can have a positive impact on the world.

This is the punk rock scene’s dedication to one of America’s most beloved cities, and to one of the best cities in the world – Boston. All proceeds of this compilation will be donated to the Boston Marathon victims and their families.


Why is this a digital compilation? Will there be a CD version?
The production costs would be very expensive to produce a CD version with this many bands. The whole idea of this compilation is to maximize proceeds, and donate as much possible to the Boston Marathon victims and their families. In order to keep costs down as much as possible, this compilation will be a digital download only compilation. The compilation comes with a beautiful booklet in .pdf format which can be easily printed if desired. 

BANDS CONFIRMED SO FAR (more to be announced):
·        The Forgotten (USA)
·        The Adicts (UK)
·        Bastards By Choice (Colombia)
·        Vice Squad (UK)
·        The Mercy Case (Boston, USA)
·        Supreme Commander (USA)
·        Askerosamente Repugnante (Chile)
·        The Unseen (Boston, USA)
·        Destruct (USA)
·        Noi!se (USA)
·        Combat Crisis (USA)
·        Violent Society (USA)
·        Mean Streets (USA)
·        Revenants (USA)
·        Scattergun (USA)
·        Imperfex (USA)
·        The Virus (USA/unreleased track)
·        The Woodsmen (USA)
·        Topnovil (Australia)
·        The Threats (UK)
·        Evacuate (USA)
·        The Defects (Ireland)
·        The Bad Engrish (USA)
·        All Out Attak (USA)
·        The Cry (USA)
·        Moral Decline (USA)
·        The Seks (USA)
·        The Scam (Australia)
·        Disaster Stikes (Boston, USA)
·        The Scarred (USA)
·        Subculture(UK)
·        Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 (USA)
·        Tora! Tora Tora! (USA)
·        Underclass UK (UK)
·        Channel 3 (USA)
·        Dead On The Wire (USA)
·        Along The Way (USA)
·        Destruct (USA)
·        Mad Pigs (Czech Republic)
·        Boy (Czech Republic)
·        Total Chaos(USA)
·        Smash 77 (USA)
·        Hostages For Smack (UK)
·        The Heels (USA)
·        The Bondage (Indonesia)
·        Traces of Empire (USA)
·        The Briggs (USA)
·        The Oversuck (Indonesia)
·        Anti-Pasti (UK)
·        Ash Williams and the Horde (USA)
·        The Velisha (USA)
·        Outlaw Bastards (Mexico)
·        Ridzky's Departure (Singapore)
·        Psychotic Numbskulls (Australia)
·        PMA (USA)
·        The Big Problem (USA)
·        Threw (Canada)
·        4 Past Midnight (Scotland)
·        The Howlers (USA)
·        Unfair Fight (USA)
·        The Sculpins (USA)
·        Common Enemy (USA)
·        Child Abduction (USA)
·        The Intensives (Canada)
·        Rottbite (USA)
·        The Straps (UK)
·        The Enders (USA)
·        City Rats (Israel)
·        Brigade of Bridge (Indonesia)
·        The Angst (USA)
·        Bedlam Knives (USA)
·        Milf (Indonesia)
·        Secular Plague (France)
·        Destruction Made Simple (USA)
·        Piss On The Streets (Mexico)
·        The Jetbirds (USA)
·        The Beatdowns (USA)
·        The Heels (USA)
·        The Wheelz (USA)
·        Skangkots (Indonesia)
·        The Line (USA)
·        Doomed To Obscurity(USA)
·        War of Words (USA)
·        Pinkerton Thugs (USA)
·        Government Issue (USA)
·        Drug Shock (USA)
·        Done With You (USA)
·        Vox Populi (Serbia)

For Information on how to add your band to this comp. click this link.

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