Thursday, May 16, 2013

Knucklehead - West Philly Oi - Untitled EP 2013 - Self Release.

Kyle Grissom

Knucklehead are from Philly. A town that loves to drink and it makes sense so does Knucklehead.
Their EP is 6 songs full of drinking and debauchery. TOTAL debauchery.

Knucklehead are skinheads and from the working class as evident by the chorus in "Perseverance".
The first track is in my opinion totally misleading. Not saying that the track isn't good I'm just saying the tracks get tons better.

In "We're Alright" they bring up the fact skinheads their skinhead roots and declare they will win the fight. (What fight is not clear) However they seem to just want to drink all night in the meantime.

Their song "My Friends" talk about how friends are family and how they stick up for each other.
The song "Paradise" is a typical night out drinking at your favorite bar.
"Tough Shit" is obviously a I don't care if you are pissed get out of my face type of song. 
Finally "Fuck The Pub" is about well the singers distaste for pubs and love of bars.

I know Knucklehead isn't for everybody, hell nothing is but, if you like a good drink (where you end up drunk and wonder what you did last night) this might just be worth a listen or two.

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