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Secular Plague - Death For Sale - Flehmen, Realicide, & Zorch Factory - 2013

Secular Plague is a French hardcore/death rock band from Paris, France but now calling Belgium home.
Secular Plague began in 2012 as a one man venture created by Saphire, former bassist for the Parisian death rock band Sleeping Children (2003-2005). 
Saphire wrote and performed all the instruments on Secular Plague's first album a self titled 12 track released on CD format through Fleman Records and digitally via Zorch Factory Records that was very well received and quickly sold over 500 copies. Saphire enlisted the help of Randy on guitar and Dick on drums and they quickly set about recording this new album titled Death For Sale. The first track, the title track, shows us this band has heavy influences from punk and hardcore greats such as T.S.O.L, Rudimentary Peni, Circle Jerks, as well as D.I. Randy's fast, fuzzy guitars follow Saph's commanding bass and Dick's drumming pulls it all together into a tidy package that I enjoy listening to.
Death For Sale explores topics such as freedom, social norms, consumption, and animal rights and does so in a fast paced aggressive manner; these songs don't sit idly in the background of your day to day routine, they demand your respect and they very damn well earn it in short time. 


1 - Death for Sale
2 - Vicious Cycle
3 - Scapegoat
4 - Latter Days
5 - Mob Justice
6 - Abolish Bullfighting
7 - Sheeple Life
8 - Angry and Frustrated
9 - Consumerist Alienation
10 - Outcast
11 - Age of Kal

All in all this is a pretty damn good album, the vocals darkly echo over the guitars (i fucking love the guitars here), bass and drums. I'd like to catch these kids live but not sure if they have plans on an American tour any time soon. They are however about debut on stage  during the Unpleasant Meeting Festival which will take place in Paris (France) on May 11, 2013.
They will be sharing the stage with LOTS of great anarcho, punk and batcave bands.

for tickets/More info click here  

Saphire and Randy in the recording process

“Death for Sale” (Released February 6, 2013)

 “Secular Plague” (Released May 17, 2012):

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