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The Exit - Alchohol Is Plastic Consumption Review released February 2, 2006 - Self Release

ALBUM REVIEW                                                             
                            By Kyle Grissom

 The Exit, sadly, is I feel a good band but, I never heard of them before. As this is my first album review I am sad to report that I feel this will not be a good showing of what I can do. However I hope you'll bear with me people.  (Please?)

Track 1 "Do Not Mazz, You Make Me Pissed"
As with most songs on this album they are under a minute. Most in my opinion are pretty good some like this song I don't like all that much. It starts off with that nice old punk intro and the lyrics are sorta lost in the noise. I don't get the words so I don't get the message they sound angry but, as we all know just because you sound angry doesn't mean your message is angry. Let's hope the next song is better.  (Hint it is)

Track 2 "Ignore The Pressure"
The song starts with a very positive message told in countless songs "Ignore the pressure think for yourself". I love the way the guitar screeches midway through the song. It reminds me of a cool surf rock riff. Finally near the end it says "1, 2, FUCK YOU!" to the people who give in to peer pressure.

Track 3 "We Go All The Way To Nebraska"
Typical I hate this town I was raised in song. Except The Exit makes this song type feel fresh and exciting. My only bad take from this song is I wanted it to be longer. 

Track 4 "The Exit"
You know how I was saying I didn't like some songs guess what? This is one of them. 14 seconds long that's it. Again you can't really hear the words all that well atleast I can't it. 

Track 5 "Alkolås"
Possibly my favorite track off the album basically people who drink are fucking themselves. "You fuck yourselves bitch you fuck yourself". As a straight edge guy who spent many hours in high school  jamming to the complete discography of Minor Threat on loop on my Walkman you can probably assume I like this.

Track 6 "Synthesize"
9 seconds of feedback you either like it or hate it I actually enjoy it.

Track 7 "Fuck, The Spy Is Here To Get Us"
This track basically is telling us all not to trust the cops atleast that's the main message I got out of it. "You gotta think for yourself".

Track 8 "Betrunken"
Not really sure what they are trying to say a lot of the lyrics are again kinda hard to hear. However this was in 2006 technology and home recordings have progressed a lot since then. I akin this song to a lot of home recording songs of the era lots of overloading and distortion from the recorder and not enough emphasis on the vocals sounding cleaner.

Track 9 "Jesus Got The Biggest"
I love the switch from the 70's music era vocal effect to start and then the launching to the characteristic punk screams and yells back to the 70's vocal effect. Not gonna lie I agree with the singer "It's a fucking explosion" this whole album so far has been fast and hard like a explosion.

Track 10 "The Violence In VBG"
The final track is the hardest hitting off the album personally I like the heck out of it not better than "Alkolås" but, it's damn near close.

In closing feel free to check out The Exit's Bandcamp page below it is worth the 10 minutes.
Each track is fitting it has a place it has some kind of meaning just because I dislike a few track doesn't mean you won't like them. Remember always question and always experiment. Peace guys (and gals).        


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