Thursday, May 16, 2013

Murdered In A Record Shop - We Will Rise - 2013 - Self Release

Kyle Grissom

Murdered In A Record shop was born out of Tommy Patton's desire one day to do something for himself; not for a label or anyone else. The result is something truly inspiring. 
Murdered In A Record Shop's influences are The Casualties and The Distillers.
Once you hear MARS you'll get the influences REAL quick.

The first track "Juanna" comes roaring out of your speakers or (in my case) headphones.
From the first second to the last MIARS doesn't let up. You are in for a ride and they don't care if you are ready or not.

The stand out track in my opinion is "Coward" it isn't something I expected to hear from them. The growls to the clean singing caught me off guard and I raped that replay button.

The title track "We Will Rise" is awesome as well "We will rise we will fall we will stand forever on our own". Good mantra.

"Show The World" is the best lyrics I've heard in a song of a cd I've reviewed so far. "We'll march through the doors waving our guns showing the world what they have done". But, that's just a sample of the lyrically goodness that lurks inside that song.

Finally "Write Me Off" is a tale of a friendship gone bad.

So if you want something exciting invading your earholes pick up Murdered In A Record Shop We Will Rise.

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