Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meet NO! Punk Rock from San Antonio Texas

The name of the band is NO. Just N and O capitalized. We have a facebook page.  Me (Mike) and the drummer (Roland) started jamming together in July 2012 with no particular sound in mind. The only thing I did want a certain way was the lyrics and that was to keep it simple and to the point similar to Minor Threat. Anyway, he comes from a more traditional punk background (Drink, Fight Thugs, The Deceased, Filthy And The Muff Divers) and I come from a mostly hardcore punk background (Squalor, Life Ends, Reisswolf, Kill The Peace) so it was sure to be hard and fast. We started looking for a singer and a bassist. We ended up getting my old bassist (Pepe) from a band I used to play drums in called the Good Tippers. Then, we finally decided on a singer that I used to have a project with Nick (Kruds, Discretions, Scumacide). Our first show was with Negative Approach which was both nice to play with such a big crowd and weird because we didn't feel like we earned it yet. We come from a background of working our way up and didn't want to use the draw from our old bands to get an advantage, but the promoter was a good friend of ours and everything went pretty good. Anyway, I write the songs and most of the lyrics. I just bring them to practice, we bang them out, and give it our all when we get to play. We recorded the demo at my home studio, Binary Studios, and plan to start recording again really soon. We hope to tour sometime in the future and will just continue putting together songs and building an audience. Thanks for the interest.

Started July 2012
Genre Neo Classical
Members  Michael DeLeon - Guitar, Roland Solis - drums, Pepe Rivera - Bass, and Nicholas Gonzalez - Vocals.
Hometown San Antonio, Texas
Record Label Mean Bean Records/Positive Action! Records
Influences Tons of hardcore punk.
Current Location San Antonio, Texas

ji* - the podunk punk

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