Thursday, May 9, 2013

Secular Plague - Self Titled - 2012 - Zorch Factory Records

Kyle Grissom

Secular Plague is a hardcore band from France that is headed by Sapphire former bassist for the French death rock band Sleeping Children. Sapphire did all the instruments and vocals for this album he also wrote the lyrics. 
You can tell Sapphire knows the world is in a state of decay with lyrics in the song "Heal" like "Heal me heal me heal my mind" and the song "Violent World" "Violent world that we create violent world filled with hate" at least that's my take. In "The One To Blame" he says "Why must I believe what the people say?" Then he tackles the validity of actual teaching of children at schools in "School Propaganda". Secular Plague comes out swinging for the fences in this debut album. I think we're
gonna hear about them for a long time.

Download at Zorch Factory Records

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