Wednesday, December 1, 2010

radio equipment

So after pricing external mixers i gots myself the bright idea to hack my rockband mic and add an inline volume control knob to it. i've got an old stereo out in the storage room that just been begging to re-purposed for a while now and i had the spare time today seeing as i didn't have to pre-record a podcast for next week show, it being live next week and all, so i tore into the old stereo busted the volume knob out, cut the mic cable in half and thats when it occurred to me. i had no idea where my soldering iron was at. after looking around i found it, broken in the corner of the garage.
so now here i sit bare wires in hand, volume pot staring at me accusingly and the wife is in no shape to drive me into town to the radio shack.
mother fuckity fuck shittin nannys i hate the way shit goes sometimes.


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