Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Here to the Floor

Well, here it is Episode 10 of the Po-Dunk Punk Show! It was real, it was fun, it was real fun... after i turned my mic up that is (there is a few seconds of silence after the intro - sorry).... The exciting news is that this is the last episode using DIY equipment. That's right boys and girls mommy is getting daddy some serious studio equipment for Christmas. Seems like maybe more than just the stockings are hung around here. Fuck yeah, i just went there. Stop me!  Anyway today's show is, in my humble opinion a real dandy piece of radio programming. go on and give it the ole lissin' up!
 How bout that pin-up girl over there enh? mm redheads... yummy.

K, We Love You the Sheckies
End Game Killing Joke
Skate or Die Teenage Bottle Rocket
Judy is a Punk the Ramones
Time Will Tell Us Livermortis
Suicide Steve Against the Grain
Give Me Everything the Ills
Breaking Through Before Dishonor
Disconnect the Rollins Band
Unhappy LIfe Badger
This is Not the Real World GBH
Citizens of the World Dr. Know
I Wanna Be a Homosexual Screeching Weasel
What a Girl Can't Do Teengenerate
Girls Turn 18 Every Day the Vandals
Kiss My Machine AK-47
Emptiness is a Mule At the Drive-In

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