Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seven 7

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!  This weeks show is coming at you a full day early due to early  [holiday] deadlines at the office.

Exciting news everybody, this will be the last [unless something comes up] pre-recorded episode that will air on realpunkradio. I've finally got all of my ducks in a row, got my internet, software and computer issues all worked out and everything is in sync and harmony! This has been a very exciting day for me indeed. I'm still working a few sound [vocal] issues outs, not that the sound is bad or flawed i just like the radio effect i get in garage band and haven't figured out how to get a similar effect in the broadcast software i am using without making the music tracks suffer the dame effect. but anyway you don't give a shit do you? no, of course you dont. not one damn bit.  anyways on to the show this week, it's been another fly by the seat of my pants episode that just happened to have a theme for the first group of songs.  being drunk, getting drunk, living drunk... here's the list... enjoy.
Whiskey & Records Dear Landlord Dream Homes 2:40
Drunk Punk & Pissed Off! Animal Train Chicken Burn 1:46
Drunk & Disorderly Runnin' Riot Reclaim the Streets 12" Picture Disc 2:24
Too Drunk To Fuck Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience or Give Me 2:40
Your Ugly But I'm Drunk Good Vs. Evil Friday the 13th 2:20
Hour of Darkness Social Distortion Mommy's LIttle Monster 2:49
Outta My Skull the Queers Back to the Basement 2:01
Cop & Attitude Poison Idea Your Choice Live Series 2:22
Run Down the Saints All Times Through Paradise-Eternally Yours 2:32
Irrational Fear of Water Brutal Youth Spill Your Guts 1:46
She Played Me Like A Booger the Dirtbombs If You Don't Already Have A Look 2:00
Demona Dead Moon Strange Pray Tell 2:38
Coming In Numbers Bad Brains Rise 2:23
Dead Flowers Swingin' Utters Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass And Bones 2:06
Fat Louie UNited Mutation Freaks Out 1:09
My Thoughts Take Me Away Big D & the Kids Table Fluent In Stroll 3:47
Say It Aint So (Live) Shit Outta Luck Fuckin' Free Bay Area Ska 2:40
Radiation Boy the Uptones Fuckin' Free Bay Area Ska 4:12
Punk Rock Girl Flip the Switch Fuckin' Free Bay Area Ska 2:18
Taxi Fuckin' Free Bay Area Ska Fuckin' Free Bay Area Ska 1:57

and here's the show.

'til next time folks - take care... catch ya later.


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