Friday, December 31, 2010

Things Two Thousand and Ten Taught Me.

2010 is but a mere sliver of time now. It tried it's damnedest to keep me down, but i pushed back and kept on keepin' on. I learned quite a bit over the last 365 days about myself, about the  state of the world and about life in general. I learned that it takes longer for an economy to recover than a bunch of Harvard educated asswipe analysts say it will. I learned that it really isn't butter (it's closer to plastic). I learned that no matter how many hard drives you fill up, you still never have enough music and I learned that when you delete all the porn, you have tons of new space to keep music. I learned that the Android is the be all, end all of mobile computing power and I learned that no matter how much you want things to be the same they never will be.
I think the most important lesson I learned this year however is that thanks to the internet you can do something that truly makes you happy and no matter how bad you are at that thing there are people out there that will like it anyway. And to those people I want to say thank you for adding a good ending to a terrible year. I'd like to thank all the good folks at real punk radio for giving me the opportunity to join in a community of like minded folks that  congregate around their computers to share the greatest achievement of mankind. Music.

May 2011 be the year you all prosper and find that happiness you're looking for, whatever that may be.
peace out bitches.

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