Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 Live Children

Neither rain, nor hail, nor snow nor flu can keep me down! Todays show was my first LIVE show! as luck would have it i was sicker'n shit. what a way to start off live broadcasting huh? aside form being sick i realized i had a few technical difficulties with my mic that i am going to have to overcome as well. but hey, what the fuck ya gonna do about it huh? spend money that's what. if you were tuning in live - i thank you and appreciate your support, if not well, there's always next week right?
hopefully while you're listening in on this weeks show you will head on over to the real punk radio store and pick up a po-dunk punk show hoodie, just in time for the cooler weather out. yeah, cuz i loves you likes that.  well, heres the list...

Shoehorn with Teeth They Might be Giants 1:13
Crazy Major Accident 4:50
One Chord Wonders The Adverts 2:37
Kill from the Heart the Dicks 3:21
Candy Man GBH 3:21
Shoot the Moon Face to Face 3:20
Pumpin' for Jill Iggy Pop 4:34
Right thru You Runnin' Riot 2:32
Glue #2 100 Watt Clock 1:31
Gamabs y Birras Lost Acapulco 2:24
At Home He's a Tourist Gang of Four 3:44
London's Burning (Polydor Demo) The Clash 2:01
i Taught you Everything You.. the Bobbyteens 2:48
You're a Jerk Wasted Youth 1:06
Reabtron Party Smut Peddlers 2:54
It's My Life the Penetrators 2:54
Just Meat Latex Novelties 3:07
I Don't Play Pretty Music Sick Pleasure 3:48
It's Such a Shame the Mojomatics 2:46
The Day Farrah Fawcett Died the Vandals 2:23

and here's the show (be sure to subscribe to it on iTunes, and give me a good rating as well, my ego could use the boost)

anyways, thanks for listening, be sure and tell your friends about the show. til next time
catch ya later.


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