Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nine Times Lime

Nine Times Lime. that's what i had named my show before i did my show... shouldda named it my mic is going to fuck up and ruin my show. but then you might not have listened huh? snappy artwork over there <--- ole dirty harry shooting limes.... whatever... i apologize for the way the show went down... the musics all fine and god of course, i just had the issue where i couldn't talk on my mic and that got me all pissed off and by the time i got it to working i forgot EVERYTHING that i was going to say... so there...  but whatever hey, it's all good in the end.. i did at least go ahead and remove all the dead air from this upload so enjoy of it what you can...
here's the list show - followed by the list.. dig if you will....

i hate people anti-nowhere league
skin crawl drain
meet at the end tree people
t.v. eye the stooges
radio bomb squad carbomb
black california f-units
stupid bitches fucking suck good vs. evil
i dont care against the grain
cant take that away animal train
johnny cash uk vomit
your wife switchblade justice
sally cant go to the beach the briefs
jingle fuckin bells blowfly
living in hell lost cause
fuckin lover confuse
got a match? sugar shack
hey holmes! the vandals

so yeah umm til next week... peace out bitches.


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