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The Fail - Sink or Swim EP - Self Released January 2013

Sink or Swim is the title of the new EP from The Fail. Drinking beer and raising hell seems to be the theme these kids were shooting for on this release and it comes through as thick as the head on a pint of ale. This release definitely Swims all on it’s own; this is classic punk rock here kids - no other genre label can lay claim to it. I grew up with UK punk like this and I fucking love that there are purists out there still cranking it out.

This is a 6 track EP of pure fun and enjoyment. It’ll get you hopping about the room in no time flat that's for damn sure. This EP puts me in mind of tightly packed pits right in the faces of the band. I hope these cats spit and vomit on the crowd - if they don’t I’m gonna be pretty upset. You can actually smell the sloshed beers and sweaty kids while this EP plays out, which only takes 14 minutes for 6 songs  but you could easily lose a good hour or so just replaying this one over and over. I personally feel the first 4 tracks are just a build up to track 5 - FML which is the snottiest, fuck you - I’m doing this shit my way and you can bugger on off if you don’t like it track on the EP.

Track 3, Paid Peanuts, is worth it’s weight as well as a song about getting back what you put in, something I think more kids in punk rock business should pay serious attention to.

20th Dec, the Holy Tree Inn aka The Cave, Addlestone, thanks to

The Fail, heralding from
Aldershot, Hampshire, UK;  is band spawned of old and new. Former members of Pop punk band
Espionage (Jack, Rustang) Former members of Aldershot's greatest Hardcore Thrash Punk band Children of the Cleg (Jack, Rik, Max). The lineup for The Fail is Rusty: Vocals Jack: 6 Strings, Vocals, Rik: 4 Strings, Vocals,  & Max: Drums. These kids have performed with some pretty big acts which include The Buzzcocks, Vice Squad, Septic Psychos, 2 Sick Monkeys, Slodgeanessabound, Oiz2Men, The Exposed, Monkish, The Fun Die Young, Harrison Wilde, The pUkes, The Flying Alexanders, Archive 45, Wonk Unit, & Trevor's Head. I think its pretty safe to say that these kids are skipping down the broken bottle and trash littered path to punk rock fame.

I’m happy as a pig in shit that this band exists and gives proper respect to the ghosts of punk rock past while shoving the future of punk rock out of the way to take the lead for others to follow. 

Grab this EP while it’s listed at Name Your Own Price and play it loudly, proudly, and most importantly, DRUNKENLY!

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the podunk punk

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