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IDFK - Nude, Crude, & Non-Tattooed - Self Released December 2012

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin hasn't rocked this hard since.... well, since the LAST IDFK release, Music To Mow The F​*​#​^​ing Lawn To. 

IDFK are back bitches, and this time they mean business! Nude, Crude, & Non-Tattooed is the second full length release from this 4 piece group of cheese-heads. Coming in at just under 19 minutes with 18 tracks and utilizing partial nudity for album art these kids are definitely showing off their lighter (paler - seriously - get some fucking sun dudes.) side on this album.

The sound is BIG, like Long Duck Dong on the front lawn Big! 

IDFK started in November 2008 with Aaron and some other guys. There is some debate if Opy is an original member or not. Josh was a fan who ended up in the band, and then a few years later they met Scotty somewhere and said, "you'll do."

In case you've been living under a rock, IDFK is Aaron Smash - lead guitar; Josh Oddity - bass, vocals; Opy X - guitar, vocals Scott Stutters - drums. 

However they began, I'm glad they're here - IDFK has been a staple on my android for a couple of years now and their sophomore release is an outstanding accomplishment of their talent, drive, and skill. Each song on this album is just plain fucking fun to listen to - just like pop-punk should be AND it's CHEAP! in the words of the band  "Our stuff is cheap. We're not out to make money, we got jobs for that. We make good music that deserves to be heard whether you can pay for it or not." Which explains why you can stream it for free until you can scrounge up the six measly bucks to buy it.

My personal favorite tracks off this album are 3. Billy's Gonna Blow His Brains Out, 7. Joe Queer II, 8. Crawling Back Under My Bed, and 17. Potty Mouth. That's not meant to discount the other tracks at all, by any means. BUT, if you're in an upstart pop punk band - this is band to take your lead from. 

The boys are currently lining up dates to tour this album here are a few of the upcoming dates: (in case you're fucking stupid click the dates for full details)

Saturday, March 9th @ Reptile Palace, Oshkosh, WI

Thursday, March 14th @ Maritime Tavern, Appleton, WI

Sunday, March 17th @ Finney's Lounge ,Kenosha, WI

Thursday, March 21st @ Frank's Power Plant, Milwaukee, WI

Preview the Album here, then go buy it!!

I think you'll agree with me when i say these kids have a real hit record on their hands here and the Big Label bands just need to go ahead and hang up their instruments and get out of the way so real musicians can step up and show the kids of America how pop-punk is supposed to be done.!

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