Saturday, February 9, 2013

October Crisis - Obstacles - Hardcore/Metal - 2012

And out of Toronto, ON, Canada comes this new release from October Crisis titled Obstacles

Here is a little info taken from their facebook "about me" section

Formed after 49 Daze disbanded members Benyamin Smith, Simi Abrams and Yakov Smith decided to form a new, heavier band with guitarist Aaron Biren to make the heaviest music they can possibly make. Formed in summer of 2010 no time was wasted as demos were released on myspace. Following that songs of album quality are released . With the songs off their 2011 release of "Taken From David" The band has been given the thumbs up from reviews sites and the likes of Aryeh Kunstler (who has compared the band to the Jewish Underoath). Knowing that the band can push their boundaries of their ability they released a their single Crop Circles, set the standard of heaviness for the bands sophomore effort. After the release of the song it was quickly spread around the internet it had the band be able to open up for Dimensions and Orillia death metallers Esoteric Doctrine also they were discovered by Epik Productions and had the band produce a song with them.

This was the fuel to help finish their August E.P release "Obstacles" defining what they are now and what fans should expect in the future. This is October Crisis


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