Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #53 Playlist - Tune IN NOW!

#53... Being a loser sucks! So raise your glasses to all the losers in your life. Bunch of killer PUNK as usual. An unmastered track from To Live A Lie Records' Last Words from Raleigh, NC. And some fresh off the grill Assbackwards (Sac, CA) that will tear you some new earholes!!

Punkness this week...

DRI- Who Am I?
Nausea- Battened
Last Words- FL
The Queers- Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy

Assbackwards (AKA: SSA)- Beer Break
Disorder- Fast Food
Beartrap- Drop Like Flys
Against All Authority- Pestilent Existence
Glom Da!- D- Takt
Manipulation- Under The Influence
Municipal Waste- Idiot Check

Romantic Gorilla- Get A Chance
Death Rats- Sense Of Entitlement 
Citizens Patrol- Disposable
Heckle- Along For The Ride
Lab Rats- 54 Waiting
Stripmines- Peer Beating
Coke Bust- No One To Impress
Guttermouth- Don Camero Lost His Mind

Groovie Ghoulies- (She's My) Vampire Girl


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