Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Alan Milman Sect - New " EP Coming this winter!

The Alan Milman Sect plan to release a new 7" EP during the winter of 2013 (their first actual release since 1978) You can Pre-Order the  7" EP ON 180 GRAM Vinyl titled Cocksuckers And Motherfuckers from Scrabbly Bottom Records by clicking here.

This will also be available for download on I-Tunes through No Count Records!

I talked a bit with Alan this morning about the upcoming 7" EP - Here's what he had to say. 

ji: So, this is your first official release since, what was it, Stitches back in '78 ?

Al Milman: It's the first new Alan Milman Sect release since '78! Stitches In My Head was in '77 and Happy World was '78.

ji: Nice. And my apologies for the confusion on the previous album. I have digital copy of Stitches; hard to believe that came out when I was 8 and still stands up.  A great record that can stand up next to anything that's been released lately.

ji: Where was it recorded and who did the mastering?

Al Milman: It was written and recorded with Evan Foster on guitar who also produced it at his studio. It is being mastered in March.

ji: What was the inspiration to release this new 7"?

Al Milman: The sociological and political climate in America is begging for good punk rock!

ji: Who are you diggin' in the punk scene today?

Al Milman: I dig Ty Segall and always dig The Stooges!

ji: You got that right. Do you have plans to tour any in support of this new one?

Al Milman: Something in Seattle and we'll take it from there.The first video will be for Cocksuckers & Motherfuckers! Just wait for the record because it's coming out very soon.

ji: You got it and thanks for your time man; appreciate it.

Al Milman:  Thanks,take care!

Now that we have some of the low-down - you can listen to the  4 demos right here and you can order Alan Milman Sect 30th Anniversary CDFlotation Records

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