Saturday, February 2, 2013

Galactic Cannibal - Demo Tape - Self Released - Jan. 2013

What’s better than being in one punk band? Being in two punk bands of course! Punk rock has long been a culture prone to band swapping musicians and Nick Woods gravel throated front man of Direct Hit! fame sees no reason to not jump in on the greasy sweaty pit of an orgy that is the punk rock scene with his new project/band Galactic Cannibal. Nick is on Bass here along with his brother Peter J Woods on vocals, and their friends Andy Slania, Guitar,  Ryan Bollis on Drums, and Steve Maury on Guitar.

If you’re a fan of the Hardcore Thrash sounds of
Direct Hit! you may feel like Nick and company have missed the boat with Galactic Cannibal, well, they’re just on a different boat in this band.

Borrowing more from the Pop Punk guitar stylings of the Ramones, The Queers, and Screeching Weasel. Galactic Cannibal have really done something great here with this Demo Tape. They've produced a great marriage of the intensity of hardcore punk rock and the fun nonsensical attitude of pop punk. The standard four chord progressions have been overhauled with a meatier tone, there’s more to sink your teeth into here while putting the bass lines on a poppier busier role than you typically hear in hardcore music. I think that Nick has hit the nail on the head with his approach to pop punk here and I think you’ll agree. The lyrics for the Demo Tape were written by Peter and he did a real stand up job here as a lyricist. I especially love the track Air Runs Dry, I think it’s the truest example of the talent that each member of the band have.

The Demo Tape is available as a free download (Name Your Own Price) or you can pre-order a copy of the cassette that will be available soon on HEWHOCORRUPTSINC.COM’s website.

I dig the shit out of this album and even though I am not a huge fan of cassettes, I plan to grab one just to show proper support for what these kids are doing.

Have a listen here for yourself and I think you will agree, this is some pretty good punk rock right here and is further proof that Wisconsin is going to be the next big hotbed for American punk rock.

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