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Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 - Midnight Mass - Cretin Records - 2012

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Album Art by: Troy City Design
I've been to Rhode Island a couple of times. 

Well, make that through; only stopping long enough to piss or shit in a gas station on my way to somewhere else. Maybe that's why I am often surprised at the quality of the music that comes out of that state. I never gave it a proper run through. Man, I really should have; maybe then I could have bought these fine gentlemen a beer, the Kraken knows they deserve it.

Tony Jones & the Cretin 3 formed back in 2008 and have apparently made quite the name for themselves in and around the RI area. They bring a rockabilly/psychobilly sound infused with a bit of punk rock to their garage rock tunes without adding too much of one nor the other to the mix and the result is something quite spectacular. Claiming influences from acts such as the Ramones, Nick Cave, Dick Dale, The Dead Boys and Jim Carroll to name a few. To put it simply,  this band just fucking rocks. Exactly what a band should do. FUCKING ROCK!

Consisting of Tony Jones: Sillyness (& Vocals), R.J. Gregory : Drums, Sean Leary: Guitar, & George Goner on the  Bass; Tony Jones & the Cretin 3 have a great sound and they have it nailed, I'd be one happy camper to catch them live some time.

Their latest release, Midnight Mass released on Cretin Records, consists of 5 tracks, why just 5 tracks you might ask, well because that's all they fucking needed to release to give you a  proper taste of what this band is about. The guitars are BIG, like fucking HUGE fuzz big. Tony has a voice that you can recognize right away, which is always a good thing when you're looking to stand out amongst  the crowd of other bands.

Midnight Mass begins with a nice deep south crunchy guitar and I'm thinking to myself, "Holy fuck, if I weren't half crippled I could totally spin my wife around the floor of a honky tonk to this!"

Second in line is Bobby's Shed, which takes the e.p. a darker turn but still has enough rock and roll spank to it to remind us that it's fun. I really dig the soulful guitar work throughout this song.
With the intro to Christine these guys take us in a whole new direction entirely and throw us nice bouncy, toe tappy kinda tune that compels you to wiggle in your seat and bob your head around - how many fucking ways can this band keep switching things up and still sound like the same band??? Mother fucker!!! Cindy Was A Terrorist takes us straight to the glory days of the pop-punk sound and now I just can't sit still anymore. I'm making my dog nervous. She isn't used to seeing me move this much. And then BAM! Mr. Goner does some neat dark, spooky shit with his bass, Sean gives us a crunch or two on the guitar into a neck slide and I'll be damned if these dues didn't just roll us into some early DC sound on the track titled Bring Out Your Dead, by far my favorite track off this e.p. It's heavy, it's dark, it's deep.

This is the most diverse sound  that I have heard out of an e.p. and I can not recommend it enough. Seriously get your clicker finger moving and get a copy of Midnight Mass as soon as fucking possible, your soul will thank you for it. 

the PoDunk Punk

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