Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Bloody Muffs - The Fan Sampler - Released August 2012 - F.Y.M Records

When this dude is a fan - you know you're doing punk rock the right way!

"The Bloody Muffs began with an acoustic guitar, a recording program, a laptop, a microphone,  and a dream in a Jersey City, NJ bedroom in 2007. Since then, The Bloody Muffs have developed into a national touring band. Beginning with the release of Heavy Flow in 2009 right through 2012's Blue Waffle Breakfast. the band has continually pumped out catchy, fun, vulgar, funny, and solid songs" Excerpt from The Bloody Muffs "About" Section on their facebook page.

In what I personally feel is a very classy move, The Bloody Muffs decided last year to release a Fan Favorites Sampler album, a Best Of, type of thing if you will, and had the decency to offer it up as a free (Name Your Own Price) download over at Bandcamp. Consisting of 11 tracks The Fan's Sampler is a perfect display of The Bloody Muffs, who they are, have been and will continue to be.

The Bloody Muffs are a 3 - piece act comprised of Bryan Defiance-Guitar/vocs/douchebaggery, Kat Kaos-Drums/Vocs, & Jessica Carmen-Bass/Vocs.

These cats are cool, I mean real cool, like the cucumber on the other side of the pillow, cool. Their lyrics are raunchy, crude and as catchy as a bad case of herpes. It only takes a few listens of the songs on The Fan's Sampler to find yourself singing along and rooting for the underdog. Bryan Defiance has a great vocal quality, while Kat Kaos and Jessica Carmen compliment it perfectly on backing and alternating vocals.

Lyrically, these songs are superbly honest, hell, they are more than mere songs, they are tales, if you will, of partying, having a good, time, getting in trouble, fucking shit up, getting laid (or at least wanting to) and having your heart broken. These cats are singing a lifestyle and no matter how hard the lifestyle may be they have a great way of making it all seem upbeat and fun. The Bloody Muffs are like the Disney Land of punk rock music. You just can't be sad or upset about a damn thing while listening to them. Just got your heart ripped out? Pop in some Bloody Muffs, drink a few beers and soon you'll be saying "Fuck that Cunt!" and having a helluva damn good time forgetting that bitch. They bang out one great song after the other much in the same way that your grandfather banged Asian chicks during the Korean war, Often, drunkenly, and well.

They play big, tour bigger and are looking to rock your asses off for a long time to come.

Much love and respect to the punk rockers - grab a copy of this today - and remember, just because you can get it for free - don't mean that these folks don't like to eat...

I dig the shit out of this band and am honored to have them on this year's PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 2 and thank the punk rock gods every damn day for The Bloody Muffs.

The Legendary TAG WALL in The Muff Cave.
ji* - the podunk punk.

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