Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Dead Tricks - New Single The Despicable Summer Released 2013 - Infested Records

Photo by Todd Barndollar - © Copyright 2012

Recently signed to Infested Records, The Dead Tricks have just released a new single titled The Despicable Summer, the B side of which is Serf. 

The Dead Tricks are a great band out of New York with a very distinct East-Coast sound.

Consisting of James on Vocals, Lorne on Guitar, Manya on Bass, and Larry on Drums. 

This single is evidence that this band is ready to take on more than just the east coast punk scene and deliver their brand of music to a worldwide audience. At 3 minutes, thirty-five seconds The Despicable Summer is not your typical 3 chords and we're done punk record. Side A begins with a guitar heavy intro and James jumps in with his scratchy vocals, makes me wonder if he is on the same whiskey and cigar diet as Chris Cornell. This is a great sound, the guitar work is impeccable, the bass is steady and punchy, and the beat is really catchy, expect this to get a lot of airtime over here at PoDunk Radio. The B Side - Serf (4:02) is the perfect compliment to it's reverse. The guitar work on the introduction is soft, slow, and hollow; it's hauntingly good, and then Manya jumps on the bass and points the song in a new direction, a jumpy, quick-paced direction and the song just falls into place as a great piece of musicianship. I'm really impressed with the work these guys have put into this single and look forward to hearing the full-length when it drops sometime later this year. I give this 4 out of 5 and will happily debate anyone that gives it less.

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