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The Enders - Ruins of Ambition - Release Date TBA - On Infested Records

If you dig hardcore punk rock the Enders are a band that you don't want to fuckin' overlook.

Ruins of Ambition Cover Art
Established in 2009, The Enders are a nationally touring Lafayette, Indiana-based hardcore punk band distributed by Infested Records and Unrepentant Records. As stated by Critical Mass Music, they play "rip your face off, slam you against a brick wall and leave you battered and bloody in the dirt hardcore!"

Comprised of Benny No-Good - guitar and vocals, Canadian Pete- bass and backing vocals, & Omar Villarreal - drums and backing vocals, The Enders have been pumping out some of the finest hardcore infused punk rock that the Mid-West has to offer for many years now.

PoDunk Radio has been a staunch supporter of this band since we took to the digital airwaves and we on't plan on kicking these boys to the curb any time soon.

The Ruins of Ambition starts big and ends big with everything in between being just as big!  From the introductory feedback in the opening track My Television, The Ruins of Ambition will get under your skin like a drug and keeps you firmly in it's grip for the next 30 minutes or so and closes out with more feedback - that's fucking punk rock, bitches!

Benny is a pretty smart cat and his intellect shines through in his lyrics, these aren't songs about teenage hi-jinks or spitting in society's face. These songs cover topics that are more real, their anger is defined, it is dissected and properly explained without being tedious or lengthy about it. The Enders bring to our attention corporate greed, consumerism, our crumbling environment/ecology (without sounding like some kind of dirty god damned stinking hippies about it), and a lot of something that I think every American has felt just flat out frustration and despair over the bullshit our government does to us every day and our (citizens) apparent inability to change a fucking thing about. This album speaks volumes about the bullshit we face every day and does it to some kick ass fucking music! The music is intense, it's angry - even without the lyrics you feel the anger in the instruments and it's fucking amazing. Blue collars and bruised knuckles sums up the overall theme of The Ruins of Ambition.  This album inspires it's listeners to become more involved in the system, it urges us to take part and become the solution rather than sit back and bitch about it the spirit of which is captured best in Song For The Working Class. I think this song is the prize winner on this album, hands down. This song speaks straight to you, to me, to everyone that busts their ass day in and day out in an attempt to make ends meet. I give these guys huge props for this song and it's message. Folks like The Enders restore a lot of my faith in my fellow Americans.

Lyrics - from

Here's another song for the American soldier

Not just the ones in military uniform
In a never-ending battle for your very survival
Tryin' to make enough to keep your family warm
Bloody knuckles wipin' back the sweat in your eyes
Punches on the clock are how you measure your life
Red-blooded grit, determination and drive
Are our source of national pride

You make the best of what is handed you

Earning everything you get is all that you can do
The future of our nation rests upon your backs
We celebrate your sacrifice
With a song for the working class

Quittin' time's the hour that the job is completed

'Just enough' is just enough to get the work done
Are you living to work, or are you working to live?
Every day it feels you're livin' under the gun
Bruised and dirty knuckles wipe the tears from your eyes
From the pain of givin' up a life so you can provide
Security through your sweat and toil
It's the source of your family's pride

You make the best of what is handed you

Earning everything you get is all that you can do
The future of our nation rests upon your backs
We celebrate your sacrifice
With a song for the working class

Be looking for The Enders to begin touring this summer in support of this album and if you happen to see they are playing in a town near you - help them get a gig in your town!

These are class act dudes with a class act album - Pre-Orders are available now at Infested Records for just $10 bucks - sure that's enough to feed an entire village in some shithole in Africa - but really, what the fuck did those skinny assholes ever do for you?

Orders will ship as soon as the pre-order fulfillment of 60 copies are ordered so what the fuck are you waiting for? GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!!

ji* - The PoDunk Punk

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