Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soto St. Go! Released 2012 on BHJ Records

Soto St. Performing Live. Photo by PapaKaster Photography.
Soto St. Go! Album Art
If you didn't learn enough about skate-punk from bands like Adolescents, Vandals, or Face to Face;  Soto St. is here to help you further your lessons. Rocking the shit out of Orange County, Soto St. is a fast paced, gritty guitar oriented band. Their full length album GO! was released on  BHJ Records back (yeah, way back) in 2012 and my apologies to the band, I let this review slip through the cracks.

From the first track We Don't Want It, We Don't Need It you pick up a vibe that reminds you of the Vandals and makes you want to pull your old Powell Peralta out of the back of the closet and maybe break a hip trying to be young again.

The songs on this album are quick, fast paced and full of an energy that I don't hear too often in punk rock these days and I applaud these guys for keeping this sound alive while still keeping it fresh.

Soto St. is: Jeff - Voxxx/ insults, Dane - Guitar/vox/ intensity, Pat - Percussive beatdown, & Dean Deal- Bass bashing. I've probably listened to this album at least a hundred times since I got it and still remains in my most listened to list on my googleator.

The bassline intro of Five Finger Fuck You is fucking stellar; It's the bass line every band wants to start their song off with and it just keeps popping about through the whole song.  

This album captures the youthful "fuck you" of punk rock roots and hints at a promising future for punk to come. I fucking love this album. If I didn't have a copy, I'd get one, quick! Fuck, it's just  8 bucks at the BHJ webstore and shipping is included (inside the U.S.)

Go! Gets 4 star treatment here at PoDunk Radio and we wish Jeff Soto and crew nothing but the best in their future as a band. AND, if you happen to be in the area they are doing an all ages show Friday the 25th along with some pretty impressive company.

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  1. Hell yeah man! Soto St has been involved with Podunk from almost our begining. Thank you Chris! Keep fighting the good fight man