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Minor Decline - The Front Nine - Released 10/13/12 on BHJ Records

Minor Decline - The Front Nine - BHJ Records
If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Minor Decline yet, you're going to wind up kicking yourself in the ass repeatedly for a while after checking out this album.

The Front Nine is the first full length release for Minor Decline, a follow up to their Hippie-Crit E.P. and quite possibly one of the BEST punk rock releases of 2012; I have no qualms saying this. This is an album for practically every punk out there.

Pop-Punk? Power-Pop, Skate Punk? They fit into them all.  

Jake Thomas (guitarist/vocalist/song writer)  says "We call ourselves "Not-So West Coast Skate Punk", cause the majority of our influences came from the 80's/90's west coast skate punk band but we're nowhere near the west coast hah!", and I have to agree.

The early skate punk sound is definitely well represented here. 

The irony of all this is that these kids are rolling out of Galesburg, IL!!!!!
Recorded by Nick Nativo at The Nook Recording Studio in New Lenox, IL. and released on BHJ Records, The Front Nine starts off with a track that should be a punk rock anthem called Puke Parade. A powerful, skillfully executed track with just the right amount of everything. Jake is a lyrical master, his songs speak candidly about life and the situations pretty much everyone finds themselves in on a daily basis, whether they put themselves there or were drug into it by outside sources without making them too serious. Drinking, skating, fucking shit up, and having a good time.

This album flows smoothly from track to track and you will definitely find yourself playing it over and over again. If ever there were an album that proves it's creators deserve to be in the big leagues The Front Nine is that album and Minor Decline is that band! The instrumentals are tight, the vocals are clean, this is what hard work sounds like. 

Hands down, my personal favorite track off this album is I.F.Y.M (I Fucked Your Mom) it is the perfect fuck you to every redneck bastard you will ever encounter.

I give this album a 9/10 just because I am one of those assholes the firmly believes there is always room to improve (and because I don't have a Minor decline T-shirt [hint hint 2x])

As always, don't just take my word for it - listen to it for yourself and you'll find that you want to own a copy of this.

Minor Decline has several live shows coming up so don't miss your chance to catch them live

1/5 - Underground Rock Shop - Des Moines, IA
1/6 - The Hideout - Omaha, NE
1/7 - The Boobie Trap - Topeka, KS
1/9 - Davey's Uptown - Kansas City, MO
1/10 - Yacht Club - Iowa City, IA **
1/11 - Bloody Holly Basement - Muscatine, IA **
1/12 - Smitty's Tap - Galesburg, IL

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Press Contact/Booking agent for Minor Decline is Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas || || (309) 716-5345

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  1. Holy fucking shiat! look at this fucking album! the breakdowns in bank robber could make your grandmother cum! shit is stronger than a gosh darn ufc fighter, don't fuck with these cats, they will knock you out with their huge dicks!
    fo' real though, get this fucking album, its better than your dads famous chili