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Violent Affair - Cockroach Theory - TBR September 10, 2013 - Jailhouse Records - (LP CD DIGITAL)

Violent Affair are back! Oklahoma City's Mohwaked hell raisers will be releasing a new full length album in September, titled Cockroach Theory on Jailhouse Records. The album features 12 tracks (counting an intro) and is fucking amazingly good!

Violent Affair have been around since 2009 and consist of former members of The Rippers, The Violence, The Costellos and many more. These fuckers just plain play fast fucking punk rock and not that sloppy fast that you hear out of a lot of acts out there. These kids are spot on with it. 

From the first few bass notes (when it comes to bassist Zach is true beast) of the intro, you just know this record is going to kick your ass, if you have a group of friends over when you play it - you're going to lose some furniture in the mayhem that will undoubtedly ensue. If you don't get up off your ass, fuck shit up and slosh beer around during this record you're in a coma on life support - it's the only acceptable excuse.

The track listing for Cockroach Theory is:

1.   Intro
2.   No Future
3.   Dying To Live
4.   Obstruction Of Justice/1907 (album version)
5.   Destroy Society
6.    Internal War
7.    The Cockroach Theory
8.    Do Or Die
9.    Damage
10.  Dead End Nights
11.  Tried And True
12.  Stronger Than Before

Preview the track Do or Die now!  It's a great track about living life on the road, and the restlessness you feel when you're at home vs. being out on tour. Hey, not everyone is cracked up to lead a 9-5 lifestyle or even one where you just sit around the same couple of places day after day. 

Cockroach Theory is a very well rounded album with a good quick pace, punchy bass, high gain melodic guitars, forceful vocals and incredible drumming. 
Violent Affair photo from

This album does NOT disappoint! You will NOT suffer buyers remorse! You WILL be tickled fucking shitless, and you may very well decide it's time to commit some civil disobedience.  I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that I love about V/A, is it the way that Zach's Bass guitar isn't so much making music but orgasming beneath his quick, nimble fingering? Is it the way that Dave's voice sounds like he washed a lit cigar down with a bottle of Old Crow? Perhaps it's the cicadas on meth guitar work (yes, I'm from Texas, I'll describe the sound of guitars like this if i want to - if you've ever heard cicadas on a hot Texas day, you totally get this comparison) of Jesse and DOM or just the way that Ryan sits back there behind them all beating the ever loving shit out of his drums. Surely it's the way it all comes together in the final product, I'll probably never know for sure, but I can assure you of this, I will always dig Violent Affair


You can hear the tracks Dead End Nights, Do Or Die, and Destroy Society in rotation at as well as other fine purveyors of punk rock.

Violent Affair is:

  • Dave - Lead Vocals
  • Jesse - Guitar
  • DOM THE DESTROi!!!ER - Guitar
  • Zach - Bass
  • Ryan - Drums

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