Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Vatican Press - The Vatican Press - Self Released - Digital - Physicals coming soon.

The Vatican Press are a highly under-rated act out of Ft. Worth, Texas. Maybe because no one really thinks pop punk when they think Ft. Worth. God Dammit world! there is more to Texas than JR Ewing and cattle! Get yourselves some culture!

I first caught The Vatican Press at the Rockatron 5000 show last year at the Wherehouse in Ft. Worth. These kids have a great live show - you have to catch them if you get the opportunity. What you hear is what you get with these guys. Their songs are just plain fun. In a time when too many punk bands are writing half-assed political nonsense these dudes are just writing tunes about girls and having a good time. Something the world needs a lot more of. Girls and good times - FTW!

The Vatican Press is:

Eddie - Guitar/Vocals
Duane - Guitar
Adam - Bass/Vocals
Jared - Drums

For a bunch of 9-5 guys, the band have been pretty active in the DFW area for the past 4 years, writing music, playing shows, and building a pretty decent fan base and are forming plans to take their act out on the road.

This 6 track self titled EP is as catchy as the flu - one listen and you'll get the fever too. 

The songs are very relatable to pretty much everyone. Who hasn't been in love? Who hasn't on occasion suffered a bit of that romantic uncertainty, or experienced the thrill of "love" at first sight? Plus it's always refreshing to hear a band sing about rejection without sounding whiny and/or bitchy about it. Track 5 Amber kind of set me back a bit. I must've listened to it three or four times before it hit me what the song was about. Eddie and crew take a really great approach to writing a song about a tragedy and not sounding preachy about it while still raising awareness to abducted children and the AMBER alert system. Kudos to you guys for this one. MAJOR kudos!

As usual, don't just take my word or opinion on how great this album is - give it a listen for yourselves and you'll agree. If you dig it you can pick it up on iTunes or virtually any other digital music retailer with physical discs coming soon, just in time for Rock-a-Tron 5000 this year slated to take place at J&Js Blues Bar in Ft. Worth. (We'll keep you guys posted on this event as we know more) If you're in the area and want to see them live get over to Lola's Saloon September the 8th.  

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