Sunday, August 25, 2013

Al Bundie's Army - Kenny Goes to Disneyland - 2013 Self Release

Al Bundie's Army are a punk rock/power pop act out of Saint Louis, MO. They've been rocking peoples faces off since Kenny Joslen founded the band in 2011. Kenny left the band this year and Adam Gaines filled his spot on guitar. Kenny Goes to Disneyland is more of what I've come to expect from Al Bundie's Army, short, quick paced little punk rock tunes. Added bonus! They are catchy as fuck too! 

The Current Line-Up is:

  • Sam Evans - Bass, Vocals
  • Chris Shofa - Drums
  • Adam Gaines - Guitar
  • Todd Parker - Guitar, vocals

I think it's safe to assume the title of the album reflects the loss of the bands founder. This 15 track album is filled with solid buzzsaw power chords highlighted with janky little lead guitar parts (just the way i dig 'em) 

The album begins with 16 seconds of Super Nintendo greatness A Link to the Past intro that gets blown out of the way as Brain Drain begins and shows us these kids can do pop punk and do it fucking well. I always dig an album that makes me want to get up and get my guitar around my neck, and I found myself doing it often throughout this one with boss my 6 string and my bass. I've always dug Todd's vocal abilities - he sounds like he could easily swing form good crazy to bad crazy in about 2 seconds. This is most pronounced on track 5, She Thinks My Band Sucks. They all do man, they all do - I doubt there has even been a girlfriend in history that didn't feel that way after being drug to the 3rd or 4th show - cut that down to an hour if you take her to practice.

Standout tracks on this album for me are 4, 5, 8, and 13. I seriously fucking love track 13, Second Floor, from the opening bass lines to the chugging guitars, to the super janky chorus, I dig everything about this one. I'm gonna need a lyric sheet for this one so I can properly sing it at the top of my lungs at all times until my wife points a gun in my face. I think he power pop nature of the band really takes off on this track and continues progressing right up until the end of the final track. This is a BIG album with a HUGE sound and allows for an easy escape from reality for around 27 minutes and then you can press play and escape it all again.

As usual, don't take my word for it - you can grab this album for free right now on ABA's bandcamp page (please put this on vinyl!!!)  - you'll dig it, trust me. Afterward you can also check into their other 2 releases, The Reagan Years one of the most re inventive covers EPs ever released,  and Robo-Pop

Check out Al Bundie's Army at these fine locations on the webhole

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